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sparkly layouts

sparkly layouts

sparkly layouts

Welcome to my gallery. I am sparklygayassglitter, also known as Zedd. I like to code layouts based on songs I'm listening to so you might notice most (if not all) my layouts are named after songs. I post what I want, when I want but enjoy.

rule 01

Favorite the thread. Upvotes are not mandatory but much appreciated and loved.

rule 02

Comment the name of the layout you are using. It's the least you can do when all these layouts are free.

rule 03

Do not tweak or remove the credits. You will be blacklisted and blocked. I will also publicly humiliate your existence.

rule 04

Do not take or use parts of my layouts as your base. I have a distinct coding style and I will know  and I will hunt you down.

rule 05

If you need help editing my layouts, feel free to comment and I will help you. 

+ note

I will literally make your life a liviing hell if you break any of these rules. Do not test me.


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yooahshii01 4 days ago
using reformation! thank you!
CherryCoke 5 days ago
Using reformation ;;;;; it's breautiful
verasce 1 week ago
swampert 1 week ago
Using Reformation
TaeBird 2 weeks ago
using reformation announcement/list!
thank you uvu
sleepwalking1 2 weeks ago
using reformation, thank you!
Ateezispresent 2 weeks ago
using I like me better, thank you.
pathetique 3 weeks ago
using lowkey!
wintermoon 3 weeks ago
Using precious
MaleWifey 1 month ago
will use precious and i like you
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