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Novis Initiis
Novis Initiis
Novis Initiis
est. Oct 13, 2014 • rebranded Dec 7, 2021 • created by babyqueen
est. Oct 13, 2014 • rebranded Dec 7, 2021 • created by babyqueen
basic information
roleplay type
entertainment au.
opening date
December 07, 2021.
Member count
51 & counting.
featured date
March 09, 2022.
roleplay status
open + under revamp | not accepting
latest update Complete revamp of the entire roleplay is underway. Roleplay is currently on hiatus and will not be accepting any applications, but will accept reservations.
latest Event Events will resume when the revamp of the roleplay is complete. Stay tuned!
Park Eunwon | Lotus CEO
babyqueen | head admin
GMT -5
Leilani Dairoenkul | SDZ CEO
nihilist | co-admin
GMT +8
about us
section one • updated 07 Nov 2022
Latin for New Beginnings, Novis Initiis has been developing and evolving over the last 8 years. Here you'll find a plethora of options in the entertainment industry, from being front and center on stage as an idol to the various behind-the-scenes jobs that often get overlooked but are just as essential. the biggest thing we have always strived for here is representation and inclusivity, as well as providing people with a safe and comfortable place they feel welcome and can call home. A place they can roleplay characters that they might otherwise be unable to play without fear of judgment. all while also allowing them a somewhat realistic glimpse into what it's like to be in the entertainment industry.
At this point, there are only two official companies to choose from. However, more may be added in the future. The companies you can find in our world are Lotus entertainment and Studio Danz. you can find more information on these two companies, and any more that may get added, in the company info room under the information tab.
is the spotlight not for you? or are you perhaps too busy to keep up with the chaotic schedule of an idol? no worries, you could choose from plenty of careers like pr managers, album production members, trainers, directors, and managers. we also allow fans, reporters, YouTubers, and social media influencers as job options.
at novis initiis, there are many options available to you, so come and join our family. our numbers may rise and fall, but we'll always be a family, and you will always be welcome!
section two • updated 01 Dec 2022
general rules
Favorite the roleplay before reserving. upvotes are mandatory for a second character, but they will always be appreciated regardless. we reserve the right to reject your reservation for failure to comply with our rules and/or due to blacklisting.
before commenting your reservation, check our taken muses list which is updated regularly. if a name is not there then they are available. if you are having trouble deciding on a faceclaim, our wishlist is also updated regularly.
banned faceclaims include those that are deceased, those that have committed or are under investigation for serious crimes, those that have asked that they not be roleplayed (not to be confused with catfishing), those who are under the international age of 18, and those whose age cannot be verified. if you are unsure if your muse falls under any of these please either google or ask an admin.
all orientations, gender identities, ethnicities and nationalities including outside of Asia are welcome. this applies to both faceclaims and characters. actors, YouTubers, models, ulzzangs, and other social media influencers are welcome as long as they do not fall under the banned criteria.
to reserve, comment with the full name of your desired muse, their real-life group or occupation, and their real-life age. failure to reserve properly will result in your reservation being denied. reservations last for 72 hours with extensions available upon request for an additional 48 hours.
minors are not allowed. all faceclaims must be at least 18 internationally at the time of your reservation with no exceptions. faceclaims between the international ages of 18-21 may not have their ages altered under any circumstances. faceclaims 22+ may alter their age up or down up to 5 years, the minimum age still being 18.
ooc drama will not be tolerated under any circumstances. this includes but is not limited to bullying, passive-aggressive behavior, creating an uncomfortable atmosphere in any way, discrimination, godmodding, chasing of any kind, and bubble rping. violators of this rule will receive one warning but may receive a strike as well depending on the severity of the issue. use the safeword "green dolphin" if at any time you feel uncomfortable, this is a sign for all parties to cease conversation and switch topics.
this roleplay utilizes a 2 strike system. receiving 2 strikes for any reason will result in immediate removal from the roleplay as well as being blacklisted from the roleplay. 2 warnings for the same infractions will result in 1 strike. All warnings and strikes given will detail any infractions. warning and strike messages will not be deleted under any circumstances.
if there is an issue of any kind, speak privately and civilly to resolve it among yourselves first. however, you may reach out to an admin to act as a mediator if necessary. if you have any complaints, concerns, or issues regarding the roleplay, its characters, and/or its users, please pm the novis bot. please note that at any time, you can leave suggestions for the admins and the roleplay in the suggestion box room.
ic drama of all kinds is encouraged. all parties involved must agree to any drama and any major plot points before it can be roleplayed out. unplotted ic drama without explicit consent from all parties involved will result in a warning being given to the offending parties. do not mix ic and ooc under any circumstances. please note that While we aim to be more inclusive and allow more representation than typically seen in the real Korean entertainment industry, we still aim to be somewhat realistic so anything said or done in public (unless explicitly stated otherwise) has the potential to turn into a scandal.
keep all NSFW content in rated rooms, walls, and PMs. also, try to limit suggestive content in the ooc rooms. all triggering content must be properly labeled. this includes both ic and ooc and must be labeled on threads, profiles, and any posts in any room. failure to properly label or post appropriately will result in one warning.
the general setting for the roleplay is Seoul, South Korea, whose timezone is GMT+9 aka KST. It is your responsibility to follow this timezone whenever you're posting ic (ex. do not post good morning if it's 9 am in your ooc timezone if it's supposed to be 7 pm in Seoul). this is strictly for ic posts but does not apply to long-term threads or events as they may go past a certain time or date ooc but ic will remain within the same day or timeframe.
there is a dating ban of 2 weeks from when you are accepting into the roleplay. We do allow move-in couples, however, both parties must state you are a move-in couple when you apply for your character or the ban will apply. the ban will also apply if only one of you states your status in the application but the other does not. no exceptions.
pregnancy, adoption, and surrogacy are allowed with consent from all parties involved as well as both admin and CEO notification. please keep in mind the impact that a pregnancy or child may have on your character's career. all pregnancies will last anywhere from 7 to 9 weeks ooc, with each full week equaling 1 month in ic time. however, this time change will not affect the rest of the roleplay and is strictly so that pregnancies aren't lasting 7 to 9 months ooc. mpreg and fempreg are not allowed at this time.
if leaving the roleplay do not leave a comment. instead, pm an admin along with the reason for your departure. if you leave without notifying an admin, we reserve the right to blacklist you. regardless of if you leave on your own or are removed for inactivity, you may return to the roleplay (unless already blacklisted) up to 4 times before becoming blacklisted.
activity rules
inactivity is generally set to 14 days, however, during certain events or activity checks, may be reduced to as little as 10 days. should you go inactive, you will receive one inactivity warning and be given 48 hours to either become active or request a hiatus. both semi and full-hiatuses are available via the hiatus request room. failure to do so will result in the removal of your character.

characters with less than 20 ic posts after two weeks of joining and are not on hiatus, characters that do not meet the activity requirements, characters that post once to remove the inactive sign or keep the inactive sign from showing but do not keep active, and are not on hiatus, and characters that receive 4 inactivity warnings, will all be removed for inactivity.
at this time, we allow unlimited characters and ccing, however, this is subject to change at any time. you must keep all of your characters active. should you have more than one character, and any of them go inactive, you will first have to prove activity with your remaining characters before you can get the removed characters back. you may not have more than 3 members from the same real-life group as faceclaims as long as the group has 7+ members.
please keep in mind your ooc schedule and time management skills when choosing an occupation for your characters. idols and trainees are the characters with the highest activity requirements while other occupations have varying degrees of activity requirements, all of which can be found in the information tab. however, just like how ooc life can change, you are also allowed to change your character's occupation ic to fit your new schedule as needed.
activity is extremely important in novis initiis. we expect a general activity level of a minimum of one post a week for each character regardless of occupation. failure to comply with activity requirements may result in loss of character, hiatus from promotions, or demotion. you can find more detailed requirements in the occupations room and the duties room.
application rules
please make sure you read all of the rules as well as all of the rooms under the information tab. this will ensure you not only know how this roleplay works but also what will be expected of you should you choose to join our community as both a roleplayer and as characters in this universe. if you have any questions, please check the f.a.q room first to see if your question has been answered already. after checking all of our resources, if you still have any questions please leave a comment with your question and an admin will get back to you as soon as we can.
We reserve the right to reject your application for failure to follow the application format and rules, as well as failure to fill out the application completely with all required elements based on your chosen occupation. you will be given only one chance to fix your application before it will be rejected and your reservation will be canceled. a mobile version of both all of the rules and the application is available to you for easy access.
as mentioned before, all nationalities, ethnicities, orientations, and gender identities are welcome. as such, we will allow you to get as creative as you'd like as long as you remain respectful to the communities you choose to represent. this also applies to any physical disabilities, injuries, or mental health issues. we kindly ask that you do proper research (if you do not experience it yourself), otherwise do not attach it to your character. anybody found being disrespectful of any community will be given 1 strike.
while it is not mandatory to change the name or stage name of your faceclaim for your character, we highly encourage it. we only ask that the character name actually makes sense for the character. for example, don't give them a Japanese name if they're not Japanese or an English name if they have never lived in a primarily English-speaking country. please be mindful and respectful of the ethnicities and nationalities you choose to represent through your character. stage names are optional and can be as random as you want, though we do encourage having a story behind it especially if they are a celebrity. you may also choose to not have a stage name upon joining but gain one later on, especially if you're a trainee.
currently accepted occupations can be found in the occupation room along with a brief description and any requirements the occupation may have. however, we acknowledge that we do not know every occupation when it comes to running a company or within the entertainment industry and as such will accept other occupations not listed as long as it make sense for them to be there. note that we may put a cap on any occupation at any time to encourage applications for other occupations. also note that fans can have any occupation they want and are not limited to the occupations listed (and are actually encouraged to not take one).
there is a list of already debuted groups that you can choose from if you'd like to be an idol. please refer to the idols spots room for more information what which groups are still accepting members and what positions are available. all positions are filled in a first come first serve basis until they are full. once all of the groups are complete, if you'd like to be an idol, the only would be to first become a trainee. currently, we are accepting a select number of already debuted soloists, however this may change at any time.
as of right now, characters may choose one of the two companies currently canon, or freelance depending on their occupation. please refer to the occupations room to know which occupations must be freelance, which must be under a company, and which are allowed to choose. more companies may be added later on at the discretion of the admins. if you would like to have a company that works with one of the already offered companies, please contact an admin to discuss it with them. currently we will only accept requests from those in the cosmetic and fashion industry as those two tie in heavily with the entertainment industry. more information will be added to the company info room per approved request.
training length is mandatory for all trainees, idols and actors. you may join as a new trainee regardless of age. please keep in mind the company info as well as the group info (if applying as an idol) when choosing your training length timeframe. if you would like to have a training time outside of "the norm" please contact an admin. please note that these exceptions will be few in number and are completely at admin discretion. you may be a trainee at a company other than what is offered in the roleplay before switching, however you must name each company and how long you were a trainee there. this will count towards your total training length. the only exception to this would be actor characters who were child actors, however, these will also be few in number and completely at admin discretion.
career length is mandatory for all debuted idols. please refer to the company info to make sure your timeline for your character matches with the timeline of the company. similar to trainees, you are allowed to have a career predating the creation of the companies offered in the roleplay, but you must note the names of the companies and how long you were with them in your application. all other occupations may specify a career length if they wish, especially if they are under a company, but it is not mandatory.
audition videos are only mandatory for trainees and idols that are in a group. this is because along with the talents you put in your application, the ceo uses the audition video you select to determine line distributions as well as positions for new groups. each talent must have an audition video, although you may reduce the amount of videos by giving a video that showcases more than one talent. you must indicate which talents are being showcased, as well as who to look at if the video has more than one person. the audition video does not have to be of your character's faceclaim. this is not you claiming a double for your character, but simply showcasing the talent and the level of talent your character possesses. as such, more than one person can use the same real life artist for their character's audition video.
section three • updated 13 Nov 2022
out of character
muse name
park chaeyoung
real-life group/occupation
GMT -/+
safeword + summarize 3 rules
chara name + gain 20 points
in character
character name
may be different from muse
stage name
d.o.b + age
Feb 11 1997 + 25
check jobs list
check debuted idols
for debuted idols only
company name or freelance
training length
mandatory for trainees and idols
career length
mandatory for idols, actors and models
max 4. strongest to weakest
audition video(s)
youtube links only
2-5 sentences


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Thank you and I love you <3
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