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“Give me your sighs because I will replace them with happiness.
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basic info.
is tiring isn’t it? of constantly sighing. why has life become like this? it doesn’t seem so bright and fun anymore... or has it always been this way? and now you find yourself just mindlessly wandering, don't you? and the constant drama here and there definitely isn't making it any better… but give me your sighs, I'll turn them into something better. just a nice place to chill and hang out wouldn’t be lovely? away from all the drama that constantly chases us... that's been draining us.. even if just for a moment, let me help you forget. even if just for a moment, let me turn all your sighs into bright smiles
rules & guidelines.
Rule 01: please favorite the rp before you join, upvotes are welcomed but not necessary

Rule 02: this is a nonau so everyone are idols here. all orientations and internationals allowed. all face claims must be 20+ tho. no married, problematic or deceased faceclaims allowed.

Rule 03: please comment full name of your desired chara. reservations last for 48 hours and inactivity sign appears at one week, you have 24 hours to get rid of that or be removed. you only get a warning the first time and none the second time. admins reserve the right to deny comments. you have to reach 30 pts in two days to avoid getting kicked out.

Rule 04: you can have up to four charas, first two free, third with a blog and fourth after you reach 500pts on all. you can have two charas from the same group as long as there's 8 or more members in it. pw is to answer, who's your bias?

Rule 05: there's a dating ban of one week but moving couples are allowed, please talk to everyone and not only your lovey. marriages and pregnancies are allowed. no mpreg or fpreg, though. we won't be adding baby charas and please keep the baby stuff to your partner only, away from chats and common areas, as some people are uncomfortable with it.

Rule 06: ooc drama and general drama in chats won't be tolerated. respects all admins cause they're there for a reason, if an admin tells you to stop, stop or you'll be removed immediately for problematic behavior. I won't tolerate anyone looking to start drama, we're all here just for a good time so don't make it harder on us and yourself. that being said, don't hesitate to talk to an admin for anything, we're here to help and make it a safe environment. safe word is: golden bird

Rule 07: keep the for walls, pms or rated rooms excluding chats. please don't spam the chats with pictures or memes and give everyone the respect you want back
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full name choi beomgyu
orientation panual
password see in rules
est. 2017
coded by yxgurt


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bluehourspecial 2 days ago
choi soobin please?
tsireya 5 days ago
song yuqi pls!
chxnel 6 days ago
Yoo Shiah please?
badomens 1 week ago
hwang hyunjin, pls? :))
heizou 1 week ago
uchinaga aeri (giselle) pls!
lilbabyghost 1 week ago
Can I reserve Han Jisung, please?
bocchi 1 week ago
park seonghwa for me pls?
mypace 1 week ago
May I request Oh Sehun please?
kagaki 1 week ago
May I reserve kim chaewon?
hypeboy 1 week ago
le sserafim's miyawaki sakura and tbz's ji changmin (q) please.
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