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diamond & obsidian.
light & dark, let us find peace.
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june 11 2023
basic info.
For many centuries, the planets of Damunides and Silia have been in conflict - always battling for power and authority over each other. One wanted the natural resources and technology, the other wanted the man power and the light.

The Kingdom of Silia, or more affectionately known as the Kingdom of Light, is the planet that is slightly closer to the sun, and the land and people resemble that of the human race.

The Kingdom of Damunides, or more widely known as the Kingdom of Shadow, is a little further from the sun, and the people are more reptilian and their technological advancements are very well known.

it was not until recent years that the conflict had died down. With each planet introducing a new leader for their people, it was a time for change. The two new kings decided on coming to a truce.

To solidify this, they built the two space stations, d and s, as neutral points of communication for their peoples. Each with a similar want of moving on from the battles and conflict, a new age has begun with new trade routes and travel opportunities for the people of both planets. 

The image of the royal families have changed for the better as well. The people of both planets have had enough of the violent exchanges.

To new beginnings and peace, will everyone be able to successfully reach the ultimate truce for both peoples? Where do you belong and will you follow this new path? Will you accept of reject the other people? will you support these new royals? It's all up to you.
rules & guidlines.
1. Favourite the rp, upvote is optional.

2. this is a futuristic/sci-fi royalty au. ALL ORIENTATIONS and nationalities. maximum two (2) members of the same group per rper.

3.1st and 3rd pov ARE ALL ALLOWED, avoid one-liners.

4. all muses must be 18 and over. no banned fcs. Not gonna overcomplicate things with age. the characters in this rp are not immortal, but they do age a bit slower than what humans would (They age like humans as a child, but only age 1 year physically for every 3 human years) Refer to THE INFORMATION.

5. no ooc drama. no godmodding. go for all the ic drama you want. we are all adults here right? in saying that, this isn't a mature rp, so please stick to rated rooms, walls & pms for rated threads.

6. consent consent consent! always have the consent of all parties involved in the plot for significant plot points or changes. if it does get worse, lemme me know.

7. inactivity is set to 30 days (1 month), and you have a total of two warnings before you risk losing your character. PM or ask as an admin in the assistance room if you need a hiatus. As you can see, it is self-paced to the max lol.

8. Make sure you read the information pages, and also see the roles page if you are interested in being part of the royal court or other available roles.

9. you can choose to be a royal, but you can also just be a regular citizen.

10. there are a lot of rooms. please use them!

11. reservations last for 72hrs before they are either deleted or up for grabs for someone else to take!

12. have a profile picture and the basic info about your character on your profile within 48hrs of joining thanks.

13. relationship ban is one week, if the plot has something to do with an arranged marriage or you are a move-in couple, please ask admin seonghwa first before continuing.

you made it! the wordpass is a the reason why you chose the planet that you chose

 always remember to come to the admin if you have any concerns or questions. if you have any other roles or positions that could fit into the rp, let admin seonghwa know via comments or PM thanks :) enjoy rping!
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ooc -
fc name & age seonghwa 25
timezone gmt+10
password teehee
ic -
name & age vesryn asher 79
planet silia
civ or royal prince of x kingdom
rom- orientation homoual, etc.
brief bg 3 sentences
est. 2017
coded by yxgurt


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May I reserve Jackson Wang?
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I've been eyeing for awhile and I think I am going to try it out
could I get ryu sujeong?
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good morning! may i please reserve kang yeosang if he is still available? thank you :3
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bae joohyun please?
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Can I get jihyo and Felix? Ouo
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Could I please have Kujo Takuma?
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Could you reserve kwangmin ?
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can I have a san for my second please uwu
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sits here ♡

could i get choi yeonjun and jung wooyoung, pretty please?
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