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new beginnings.

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maple street.

event name here — [00/00/00]


Hover to Meet us!

Status : Open & accepting!
featured : 09/30/23
Genre : nonau
orientation : all
Writing : semi-lit

we now have a rules page!

• • • here at maple street we embrace the meaning of autumn.

As autumn brings us into a season of change whether that being in terms of someone's life or just the change of color in the leaves. Like most people changes can be scary and challenging, but just like the autumn transitions of one season to another or simply just the start of a New Year. The beautiful thing about it is that those changes gives us room for growth, fresh insights, and boundless possibilities.

full name & stage name(if they have):
date of birth & age:
password: (in the rules)




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wander 5 months ago
hey so sorry, was busy during the weekend ; ;
could i get mark lee back please?
losernim 5 months ago
ateez’s choi san por favor
jamjari 5 months ago
Could I have lee youngji pls
hyperstellar 5 months ago
i want to give this another try ;;
may i have hwang yeji reserved please?
wander 6 months ago
hey can i get lee heeseung and lee jeno please? thank you < 3
nekojita 6 months ago
could i get kim hyunjin please? :>
nubile 6 months ago
can i have my jennie reactivated if possible? :twiddle:
konamocha 6 months ago
I'd like to add and reserve tim henson please and thanks!
6c88b6fe2ab5647439b3 6 months ago
Byun Baekhyun pls and thanks
accendio 6 months ago
aaa, so nice to see this place up and running again! wishing you all well. ^*^
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