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◇ seo soojin 6 months ago
gidle and loona members uwu shinee's minho and onew, day6 brian kang
◇ son hyejoo 6 months ago
idk if im blind or what please bring me yuta and lee donghyuck
◆ kim jongdae 6 months ago
◆ kim jongdae 6 months ago
Wu Yifan
◆ kim jongdae 6 months ago
*send prayers* Kim Joonmyeon pwease.
◆ kim jongdae 6 months ago
◆ kim jongdae 6 months ago
◆ kim jongdae 6 months ago
◇ erika costell [h] 10 months ago
a park, resturant, pool and forest to be added please
◇ ashley choi 10 months ago
Kim Youngkwang, Lee Minki and Lee Dongwook u w u
◇ sweater fairy [choi yoojung] 11 months ago
someone bless me with doyoung or ken from vixx pls
◇ kim minji 11 months ago
i want all wjsn to be here
and my sisters
◆ lee jeno 11 months ago
dreamies or stray kids members for us to be best buds :)))
◇ sweater fairy [choi yoojung] 1 year ago
seongwoo or doyoung would be gr8
◇ kang minah 1 year ago
i wish to get my wonu back :((
◇ lalisa manoban 1 year ago
Nct dream especially renjun to be my kids ♥
◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] [A] 1 year ago
☆ I cleared the wishlist cause new year new wishES O U O


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bellesyasya 1 week ago
can i have kim chungha pls?
PinkMatcha 4 weeks ago
Park jimin pls
boomer 2 months ago
Still active?
daisuke 3 months ago
hello love - may I get seokwoo cc'ed to Kim taehyung please?
ilmatto 3 months ago
kim yeri, yeh shuhua and boo seungkwan please
50a3e7de05248de067ee 3 months ago
boop! I'll be leaving my charas and reapply with a new account.
pixels 3 months ago
hiatus until the 25th for ten and yuqi, please!
Nyanyanande 3 months ago
Could I have Kim Sejeong?
Sehunbooty 3 months ago
Hey I apologize for being inactive can I return as Park Jihyo pls ;;
insomniadreamer 3 months ago
may i have Kang Daniel for my fourth and Park jihyo for my friend heckles?
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