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uniq, so jisub, kim hyunjoong, imfact, flowsik, victon, infinite, big bang, yoon doojoon, woo jinyoung, jbj, pd101 members, kijoong, eric nam, bap, park yuri, shim jaehyung, lee minho, kim haneul, ji changwook, ace's chan and jason, astro, lee gwangmin, the rest of seventeen, loco, hash swan, drunken tiger, verbal jint, hong dabin, woo wonjae, bigone, babylon, fanxy child crew, bewhy, dayday, lee joongi, crush, dean, paloalto, junhyung, ph1, beenzino, dok2, zion t, ugly duck, punchnello, seo inguk, wanna one, ha sungwoon, jo kwangmin, kim sungwon, aoi, ruki, baekho, up10tion, ahn jaehyun, sf9, tasty twins, jung haejin, block b, stray kids, got7, knk, super junior (esp. eunhyuk and siwon), 2pm, the rest of nct, pentagon, winner's seunghoon, the rest of ikon, kard boys, dean, pentagon (esp kino),
cha hakyeon [A] 7 months ago
━☆゚ ᑌᑭᗪᗩTEᗪ
im jaebum 7 months ago
Someone to talk to~ cause my life is right now
And affection
Doesn't have to be ual, just human contact
felix lee 8 months ago
kim sunggyu 9 months ago
give me a myungsoo or a sungjong so i can smother with love
hong jisoo [sh] [A] 9 months ago
゚.+ ᑌᑭᗪᗩTEᗪ
felix lee 9 months ago
& knk esp. inseong
felix lee 9 months ago
stray kids & got7
jeon jungkook 10 months ago
Jung Haejin is a must please.
jamie 10 months ago
We have a Lee Jongsuk
nam woohyun 10 months ago
i n f i n i t e p l e a s e
choi youngjae 10 months ago
kim yugyeom 6 days ago Reply
A nice guy to just talk to
kim yugyeom 10 months ago
A nice guy to just talk to
lee seoho 10 months ago
We need Ahn Jaehyun as well.
[post deleted by owner]
hong jisoo [sh] [A] 11 months ago
゚.+ ᑌᑭᗪᗩTEᗪ
lee seonghwa 11 months ago
Jay Park!!!
kim jinwoo 11 months ago
and even you say, you like it because it's surprising
it's just too ingrained in us really
lee yoonji 11 months ago
Pretty and skinny tops actually.
Because it's surprising how much a cute and pretty guy can dominate.
yoo youngjae 11 months ago
I don't care what a top looks like as long as he can take charge~
lee yoonji 11 months ago
Minhyul will definitely feel weird if I ever to dominate him then.
I'm a skinny shortie boy
But I'm the most dominant out of my all alts
lee yoonji 11 months ago
I know appearance doesn't matter, at least for me. But those more to the manly and muscular side have hard time finding others willing to dominate them from my observation. Muscular bottoms are hot for me actually.

Up to you babe who you cc or have as a third.
lee yoonji 11 months ago
But Hoya is better if you want a switch.
It's hard to switch with Matthew I guess. He is too top in my point of view. Just an opinion though.
lee yoonji 11 months ago
I know. I was just teasing~
It's such a pity, though. We'd make a cute pair. e u e
lee seonghwa 11 months ago
Fool. I was saying it for Hoya.
lee yoonji 11 months ago
Gray you are down to be my prey? *raises a brow*
How a cute change.
When and where.
lee yoonji 11 months ago
Wait-- is Mathew one of the KARD? Because he is god like man I'd marry him.
lee seonghwa 11 months ago
That I am down for
lee yoonji 11 months ago
Have him. But he might be my next prey--
lee yoonji 11 months ago
Asdffghjkllh Hoya. I wished for Hoya before but idk as what alt lol.
lee jihoon 11 months ago
miyavi, ruki, aoi and more y jrockers-


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hakyeomma [A] 2 months ago
❀ thank you for 2+ years of memories, both good and bad.
❀ the rp is now closed
❀ no new characters, 2nds, ccs, etc.
❀ i hope you all live a long, happy, and healthy life.
- love, hakyeon / hakyeomma
kimchee-godess 2 months ago
Pyo Jihoon as a second please ?
FallenBloodyAngel 2 months ago
Could i be Kim Woobin?
xxsweetdestinyxx 2 months ago
I left Seungyoon but I still have Taemin here~
[comment deleted by owner]
SageWitch 2 months ago
Left Jiyong and Ayano, might come back one day in the far future. Just taking a break. Thank you everyone for talking to me. Please take care.
tobeloved 2 months ago
can you add and reserve Kim Taehyung for me?
Maeyeollie 2 months ago
Youngjae, Jongjin, taehyung, and kibum are leaving. It's been REALLY great, but i just don't have the time to dedicate that I used to. I'll miss you all~
Myfanwy 3 months ago
I'm really sorry for going inactive again, had some serious family issues happening.
Would it be possible to get Sanha back again please?
[comment deleted by owner]
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