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lee jongsuk 5 months ago
@park jimin Jongsuk didn't pay attention too much to details about how or when did he learn to know about the apartment location, for his mind was too focused on taking care of the pregnant man in his arms. His gut instincts flow out at this point as if he had done this before. Once he wrapped the pregnant man perfectly around the blanket like a burrito, Jongsuk gently pat his hand in reassurance that he is home safe. Not even aware what this place hold, Jongsuk gently placed a pillow right behind Jimin's lower back to make him feel comfortable, only to see Jimin's eyes retracting to something else other than him. Not fully prepare of what he wants to see, Jongsuk stubbornly stare at the latter and just sighs softly at the sound of his tiring voice echoing his ears. Jongsuk gently leans down towards Jimin's lower body as he gently took off Jimin's shoes and socks before gently guiding his body to lay down. "Why don't you take your time and rest then? I think I'll manage to do something on my own until you wake up. It's not like the pizza will come here immediately anyways."
park jimin 5 months ago
@lee jongsuk His eyes widen when he felt the other carry him with ease as he let out a small gasp out from surprise as he found his arms wrapping around the others neck. More afraid hed be dropped to be honest, as he hid his face in the others neck and his eyes squeezed shut tight. He didnt even realize he hadn't told the other where exactly he lives and he was buried in the others neck to worried hed hurt the man as well as he would drop him. Gently he breathed out when he felt that he was soon on his sofa, and he blinked. One, twice and once more as he looked at the other and then he thought to himself.

Did he tell him the code? No..
What about where his apartment was at? No...

Jimin stared at him wide eyed and he wasnt sure if he told the other before hand or not, as he was slowly growing self conscious around the other, "Ah.. maybe it slipped out of me when you brought me up." He said, although he didnt believe his own words at that and he furrowed his brows when the jacket was removed. He didnt mind the new scent, even if it had a smell of smoke for some odd reason it didnt bother him much at the moment. And soon he was welcomed with his blanket and he snuggled into it contently to be in the warmth of his blanket.

"Ah.. I am alright. Maybe I'm just emotionally tired. It was a long hour." He responded softly, as he looked at the other with his bright brown orbs and he knew there were many photos of him and Jongsuk around. More the photos from when Jongsuk proposed last time, it was his favorite photo along with a frame that was broken from months ago.
lee jongsuk 5 months ago
@park jimin Jongsuk lets a soft smile in relief that at least Jimin do possess family. At least he wasn’t completely alone, but yet why did he feel so distant around them despite being members? It was odd for him but he was merely a stranger so he remained shut. Instead he just smiled supportively, “maybe when we head back to your place you can tell me some of the names. Perhaps you can get their reaction from each name.” Jongsuk suggested. Rather than a soft reply he only felt silent, making him look towards Jimin. Seeing him close his eyes, Jongsuk slowly pulled away, almost forgetting that his face and his entire existence was literally the former lover who had broken too many promises. He wondered who was this type of guy to let this beautiful man weep for him and have the nerve to even leave him with his children. Like he said to himself, he was merely a stranger. Jongsuk sighs softly not wanting to put too much thought to it, Jongsuk quietly drove to Jimin’s place only to find himself driving this weird gut feeling of familiarity and naturally parks on the designated parking lot for homeowners. Suddenly sharp pain targeted his tender brain causing Jongsuk to grimace a bit as he quickly parked the car not wanting to endanger the pregnant man and the twins. “And we are here, i think!” Jongsuk shields his pain away with a fake smile as he unbuckles rather quickly. Seeing the latter not wanting to move an inch based on the way he longingly stares at the window, Jongsuk sighs softly. “Quickly, quickly.” He thought to himself. Without a single peep, Jongsuk went out of the car to grab his backpack along the way before he find himself carrying the snuggled pregnant man right up in his arms with ease. All the new developed muscles he had gained from his working obsession (to distract his migraine away), lifting Jimin was no problem. Carrying the sulky putty man inside the building, Jongsuk let his body instinctively walk to Jimin’s penthouse as if it was his own home and somehow manage to get inside without a struggle. “Huh weird... I guess I know where those weird number came from.” He thougnt to himself as he settle down Jimin in the big couch. Taking off his cold jacket away from Jimin (thinking he didn’t like the smell of smoke and his own cologne), and replaced with Jimin’s blanket around him. “Hey you alright?” He asked as he kneel down in front of him a bit worried.
park jimin 5 months ago
@lee jongsuk He nods softly, "True I believe they wont hurt me besides babies are supposed to bring joy to their mother right." Jimin says with a look as he peered at his stomach and felt the touch on his belly and the way Jongsuk seemed to rub his belly like it was entirely something so natural.shaking his head he looked out the window at the rain drops dripping down the window ss he felt his mood slowly go down a bit. Just this moment, it is too much for him. "Mm I'm sure I wont be alone, maybe I can ask one of my members to join me that day. It scares me still... since it's my first time, and well... he wont be there like he promised." Jimin said softly as he felt a tear fall from his eye as he quickly wiped it away, as he buried himself inside Jongsuks jacket and closed his eyes for a moment to regain composure since he was around another. "Ah.. I do still have time. Mm I had wrote a couple names down in a book at home, me and Namjoon hyung were going to pick names out. I was going to let him name the boy." He says softly as he touched his belly and he felt that his two babies calmed down knowing they must be asleep inside and it was a couple of days until he'd give birth. Or so the doctor said, it could be sooner or later whenever his babies were ready.
lee jongsuk 5 months ago
@park jimin Seeing the distraught on Jimin’s face immediately saddens Jongsuk. Gently touching Jimin’s hand, Jongsuk gave him a little squeeze of support. “It’s going to be alright, I don’t think your twins will do anything to harm you in anyway. As long as you keep yourself healthy and do some little squats, you’ll be okay. It’s not like you’ll give birth alone.” Jongsuk said reassuringly as he caress Jimin’s palm with his thumb before placing their hands back to his tummy. “Right? Babies? You wouldn’t dare do anything to harm your mommy right? After all he has been a strong angel and making you guys healthy.” He said softly as if the babies could actually talk to him. Seeing the clear path, Jongsuk naturally rest his hand against Jimin’s tummy with little rubs here and there while finally reaching their designation. Jongsuk smiles in envy at the fact Jimin is having twins with both gender on the side. Like what he would want. A boy and a girl. “It’s quite alright, you still have time until they’re born to decide. Have you decided any potential names?” He asked.
park jimin 5 months ago
@lee jongsuk "Mm they did, the doctor says they must be getting ready to get in position for when I give birth. But I'm not sure how to give birth to twins, it scares me to do it." He says softly as he felt the way Jongsuk continued to tub his large belly and it made him feel warm and good inside just something about this gesture made him happy inside and it was just hard to describe or even pronounce what he felt. A soft chuckle escaped his lips from the honks as he looked out the window before he looked at his belly, "I know the gender, one female and one male. I feel happy to know I'll have the pair, but..." He trails off as he touched the ring on his necklace and gave it a small squeeze as he shook his head before he spoke up again. "Besides it wasnt a weird question at all, you are curious is all and it's pretty normal for someone to ask." Jimin said softly, "Although I havent figured the names out for them, I have a book of names for babies but I'm stuck."
lee jongsuk 5 months ago
@park jimin Jongsuk eyes brighten up in surprise at the sudden kick against his palm and immediately look at the mother. “Did... the baby just kicked my hand?” Jongsuk asked with a bright smile. This was his first time experiencing such joyful event even if it was a baby’s kick and he can’t help but admit that now he understood why people began to gusher the thought of having babies is wonderful. Just within a simple kick made him realize how life is precious. Sensing Jimin’s comfort in letting him caress his tummy, Jongsuk continues to rub the baby’s bumps until Jimin announced yet another astonishing news. Jongsuk whip his head in surprise when Jimin says “two” causing Jongsuk to mouth drop. “Wow. That’s amazing.” Jongsuk smiles softly as he began to chuckle when more kicks began to form, only to find Jimin’s soft chubby hands guided his towards the opposite side where the kicks no longer prominent. “They’re quite energetic aren’t they?” Jongsuk smiles softly as he gently a rubs more of Jimin’s tummy. Hearing the sound of car honking at them, Jongsuk moved the car barely a foot until they were resting again before returning back fully towards to the mother, only to find a sweet genuine smile coming from Jimin. Being contagious he was, Jongsuk reciprocate the smile with his own and nods, “That’s a nice way to put it haha.. Well... erm I know it’s weird to ask this as a first question but what are the twins’ gender?” He asked a bit curious about kids.
park jimin 5 months ago
@lee jongsuk A soft dew of pink rose on his cheeks when Jongsuk rubbed his pregnant belly and he found the gesture almost nostalgic in most ways to him. As he looked at his belly and he softened because it made him slightly happy knowing he was touching his belly and as he did he felt his babies kick against Jongsuks hand. "Calm down, you two." Jimin cooes softly, before he gently placed his hand over jongsuk's to guide it over a more calm spot as he voiced gently. "Alright sounds like you are right on that, it wouldn't be good for them to get sick." He says softly before looking back at you and gives you a gentle smile, the first sincere smile Jongsuk has seen on his lips since. "Let's play then, I think it is a good idea as I am sure you must be curious about me how suddenly appeared out of nowhere in your life now, hm."
lee jongsuk 5 months ago
@park jimin Jongsuk began to tap the steering wheel with his forefinger, as they merely moving from the heavy traffic. Rather being impatient he was, Jongsuk leaned backwards toward his seat comfortably and finally man up in just spending time with Jimin. Positioning himself into a comfortable side, Jongsuk took glimpses of Jimin snuggling closer to his jacket, making him chuckle and shook his head at the other’s offer. He gently rubs Jimin’s tummy and says, “It’s quite alright, little water won’t hurt me, plus I prefer you and your baby to not get sick. We can’t afford you to get sick now would we? But I’ll take up your offer on staying at your place for a while though in an exchange.” Jongsuk smiles softly as he looks at the rain that was violently crashing down against his window. He didn’t even expect to rain so violently. If he would only knew, then he would’ve brought an umbrella with him. But then the thought of possible lightening appearing wasn’t something he was risking to take. Luckily they were getting close to the apartment. “Since we are still stuck in traffic how about we play a game? 21 questions? Just to get to know a little more of each other that way we both don’t feel awkward (not like they are) around each other?”
park jimin 5 months ago
@lee jongsuk Looking out the window as he heard the rain as he touched the window beside him, it felt cold from the rain droplets and he hummed out softly before turning to Jongsuk. "You dont like the rain? Perhaps you can stay at my place until it calms down, I'm sure by the time we finish eating it should calm down." He voiced softly, as he turned himself just a bit to get more comfortable in his seat as he snuggled into Jongsuks jacket and relaxed even more with a small hum. "Oh do you have another jacket for you when we get off?" Jimin just remember as he was inside Jongsuks jacket that he was wearing and he looked at the clothes Jongsuk wore. Making him look ten times attractive then he is, Jimin gave a small smile as he looked back to see maybe there was another jacket or perhaps a blanket or even an umbrella would be good. Perhaps-- they'd share an umbrella. The image coming to his mind as he shook it away, "I can give you your jacket back if there isnt another one. I would hate for you to get sick, Jongsuk."
lee jongsuk 5 months ago
@park jimin Jongsuk side smirk as he let out a low baritone-like chuckle as he rest his elbow against the arm rest, habitually leaning towards the arm rest with one hand on top of the steering wheel, and drive them to Jimin’s house without much thought. As he drove, he can’t help himself but rub his dry lips with his fingertips, finding this situation quite foreign. The silence that he had gotten used to had been simply replaced by the soft voice in the background. For once he didn’t crave for a cigarette (he is a heavy smoker) and just find himself just smiling to himself while the sounds of one sided conversation Jimin was having for couple of minutes. Halfway through their destination, droplets of rain began to violently pour down against the window and became the background music in their now quiet atmosphere until Jimin finished the phone call. Tilting his head awkwardly at the latter he just smile softly. “No it’s quite alright, I should be thanking you. If you hadn’t caught (kissing) me I would’ve probably be suffering in a huge traffic away from the intense rain. I am not a big fan of the rain...” he trailed off randomly to a different topic just to start something rather than an awkward silence especially with cars now stuck in traffic in front of him.
park jimin 5 months ago
@lee jongsuk His eyes widen and he felt the pink heat creep up onto his cheeks and he shook his hands in defense when the other spoke about whmsnting to see their nudes. "N- no... you got it all wrong. I just want to order our food I wouldnt dare look through your phone it is private and all." He said softly as he took the males phone and he felt there fingers graze a bit and it sent a spark through him like electricity that made him almost droll his own phone when he handed his phone to the male. Seeing as he began to dial the number for the pizza place as he saw Jongsuk finding something suitable to charge his phone as he soon put the phone to his ear to wait for them to pick up. Peering out the window before he felt they were reversing and he turned to look back at Jongsuk and his eyes stayed glued on the male it was impossible to look away, even with the soft voice on the other end of the line saying hello. Jimin was lost in a daze and seeing the males perfect features, his structure that made him look like such a god. Like he was perfectly molded and sculpted--

Get it together, Jimin!

He snapped out as he turned away and he soon continued his phone call to order the pizza with pink ears from embarrassment. Ordering one large cheese pizza with hamburger meat, as he gave the address for it to be delivered and he thanks them before he looked at the males phone in his hand. Realizing one thing, the difference in phones and the taste in background photos as well as in cases too. Softly it was sad, he turned the phone over and he felt reality once again slap him. There wasnt the sticker photo of them no more there, it wasnt his lover. "Thank you, Jongsuk." He said softly as he put the males phone down.
lee jongsuk 5 months ago
@park jimin As much as Jongsuk wanted to deny Jimin’s presence, but how can he when the young pregnant man was glowing with beauty with a good mixture of pheromones? It didn’t help the fact he was wearing /his/ jacket. He could feel his body tremble as he felt Jimin’s small brown orb eyes practically shooting adoration stares. Jongsuk tighten his grip against the steering wheel with one hand while the other rapidly plunging the address in his navigation. Thankfully, the awkward silence was immediately destroyed when the latter talked about his phone died. Loosening up his tense body, Jongsuk snorts in disbelief at Jimin’s words as he give him a teasing look. “What? You’re expecting to see my nudes or something? I highly doubt you need to see anything that is worth secretive. Here give me your phone and I’ll charge it.” Jongsuk handed his white in an exchange for Jimin’s phone. Quickly searching for a compatible charger, Jongsuk charges Jimin’s phone and began to start the engine. “Alright off we go,” Jongsuk wrapped his arm around the back of Jimin’s seat as he leans a bit close to Jimin although his full attention on the back view giving Jimin a full view of his jawline structure as he back up.
park jimin 5 months ago
@lee jongsuk The silence between them until the Male entered the vehicle he soon looked at him with his soft brown orbs before he shuffled and pulled out his phone. Gently he tapped the screen and he pressed the power button as he frowned a bit seeing as his phone was dead and he didnt even realize it. When did it? He sighed softly to show the other, "I have my phone but it's dead, would it be alright if I used yours. Unless you have something I shouldn't see on it then, it's okay I can order the food when we arrive." He voices softly, his left hand gently rubbing his belly as he cooed at the feeling of the babies kicking and he closed his eyes at one of the hard kicks. He sighs, before looking forward and he chuckled to himself as this Male reminded him of his lover.

How his lover wasnt picky as well, and the way he would also do such sweet things for him too. It warmed his heart, as he peeked to the side to look at Jongsuk and take in the details of the handsome stranger, he was handsome and beautiful, his brown orbs followed every detail of the males jaw and chin, as well as the curve of his nose.

Just perfection.

Jimin took a deep breath so he wouldnt stare so much but he couldnt help it, it was like looking at his lover as if he never left him. His right hand moved to the ring he had on a necklace and squeezed it tightly as he remembered the day he was given this ring and the smile on his lovers face. It was perfect, truly perfect and the mere memory began to ring sad tunes into his broken heart as Jimin held the ring and looked forward before he stayed silent.

Completely forgot the other asked for his address until he looked back at him, "Sorry, here let me give you my address. We aren't to far from here okay, I'd say maybe 10 or 15 minutes away, Jongsuk." He said softly, as he spoke with a tender voice and his lips gave a small yet sad smile because the place he lived in was Jongsuks apartment. How funny, right.

Once he told the other his address and he his pink plump bottom lip as he was slightly nervous to be in that home with Jongsuk. Oh the emotions and the ideas running through him as he looked at the other once again with a soft gaze.

Jongsuk, his Jongsuk. But this wasnt his man, but even if he wasnt his he was just as handsome and the Male still drew Jimins attention in attractive ways.
lee jongsuk 5 months ago
@park jimin Jongsuk's body flinched as his eyes darkened the moment he heard /that/ voice once again effecting his entire body as it was enchanted by the sound of /his/ voice. A soft, tender voice calling his name like a sweet, yet forbidden song that a siren sing to his lost lover at sea. His heart wavered as his cheeks burn in flames while his body quiver to move towards the man right before him. Taking a small glimpse of the flushed pregnant man, he can't help himself but smile at the cute image right in front of him. A beautiful angel wrapped warmly around his jacket that seem like a big blanket around the tiny frame as the angel glowed right in front of him as if their previous commotion washed away. And with the incident of them kissing and hugging, Jongsuk couldn't deny how attracted he was towards the man despite carrying a package. Without realizing his own actions, Jongsuk slowly tower the tiny man almost leaning dangerously close to him to take a better look at those eyes and luscious lips. However, Jongsuk managed to stop himself from leaning in close to the stranger before him, and gradually slips away from his side as soon as possible. Thankfully, Jimin didn't witness his foolishness just earlier. Jongsuk quickly hopped off the van before he act upon something he shouldn't do even though his body and heart wanted to unlock this strange feelings, but he knew too well that this wasn't right. Because he knew too well, Jimin was not calling for /him/ but his former lover.

Just like a cold water poured down all the escalating emotions forming in his body, it rapidly simmer down as the harsh realization became painful slap across the face back to reality. This was nothing, but merely helping a stranger not commit an unpredictable action from depression. Yes, that's right. He was just a dummy. For a brief moment, Jongsuk felt his upper lips twitch in anger at himself for almost falling a pitiful pitfall without any security despite training himself from not falling from the same trap ever /again./ Caging his tender heart once more, Jongsuk's eyes emptied the light of life and replaced it with a fogged up darkness as his soft expression hardened back to his true self-- a stoic face. During his transition of heart, Jongsuk's back was facing Jimin, not wanting the poor soul getting more sad at the fact it wasn't what he wants.

The moment he placed his hand against the car door, his body stiffen at the sweet, little joy voice calling him again about how he wants to treat him. Taking a few seconds, Jongsuk took this time to shield the coldness his body felt with his 'awkward/shy' turtle act, and turn around with a smile that hit reach his eyes, "I am not quite particularly picky with food. I'll probably just have what you're having. Hopefully your cravings isn't as bizarre as most people would say," Jongsuk smiles as he slowly closed the door, and gently lean against the window. "Plus I don't want to be rude eating something that you're not allowed to eat. This will be a good practice for me, as well." Jongsuk adds before walking towards the driver side as he settle down (finally). "Did you bring your phone?" He suddenly asked as he took out his phone from his back pocket. "We can order food while I drive us back to your place. Ah- can you also give me the address to your house? It be awkward driving and guessing where you live." He joke trying to just throw away whatever they had earlier away as possible.
park jimin 5 months ago
@lee jongsuk He nods as he looks at the other whom he helped him into the van and he felt grateful the other helped him in as he got in with a soft huff, cheeks puffing out a bit as he blinks when he felt Jongsuk oh so close. When he leaned over to buckle him in the closeness made him stop breathing as he looked into Jongsuks eyes and his own innocent ones looking at the other. Those few seconds made him feel a small little flutter that caused him to gulp, he looked down and away when the other pulled away.

"Its okay..." He mumbles, not wanting to look up because he knew his little heart was not able to take so much in one day.

Seeing him, his old lover lookalike and that closeness. It was too much in a matter of less then an hour of meeting, but he was sure one to talk when he had kissed jongsuk the moment the met. "Thank you though, Jongsuk." There he went again, the name rolling off his tongue in such a loving way, it was natural for him to say that name with so much love and care. And he wondered if it bother the other, seeing as he didnt say nothing maybe the Male didnt notice the tone he used.

Jimin hoped.

Shaking his head he spoke up, "I'm food like this, thank you. But is there anything youd like to eat or the type of pizza youd want me to order for us? It's my treat." Jimin said with a soft tone as he looked up at Jongsuk out from the big coat but he loved being in the warmth that it made him feel good. It brought on some kind of sensation that just melted over him, and the others scent was beautiful.

It is odd to call the scent of a persons beautiful, but it made him relax in a gentle way. He remembered how his lovers scent made him feel so secure and at home, it was a scent that gave him the sensation of home. But this scent made him feel warm, secure and safe with those buttery type ways.
lee jongsuk 5 months ago
@park jimin Jongsuk breath hitches as the sight in front of him. Jimin ALMOST flicker a smile? Small bubbles began to usher in his stomach as little butterflies squirm around this weird feeling. How can he be so affected by a simple almost-a-smile? Well no matter the case, it was an obvious answer to himself that he wants to make Jimin smile because of him and no one else. God for a person who is very antisocial he does attract the unusual ones, but he didn’t mind it. As he fixed his wrinkled shirt, Jongsuk took a glimpse of Jimin only to find him rather cute in his big clothing around his body, and the way he did not reject his scent made him a bit too happy. Trying to hide his radiant weird feelings, Jongsuk awkwardly stood side by side with Jimin as he open the car door for him only to stiffen at the invitation.

The uncertainty began to fog up his mind, wondering if it was really safe to go someone’s house on the first day? It was already bizarre the fact he was willing to spend some time with a mere stranger, and now he is offering him dinner? Nibbling his lower lips as he takes another glimpse of Jimin only to mentally grunt at those beautiful puppy eyes staring back at him, how can he reject him? Letting a defeated smile, Jongsuk nods timidly as he gently ruffles Jimin’s hair. “If it makes you and your baby feel happy, I would love to spend time and eat dinner with you. It’s better than being stuck at a hotel eating junk food anyways.” He utters the last part to himself. “Well then, hop to it then. You must be starving as well. I bet you were deeply into your emotions that you probably forgot to it. Let’s go Ji-“ he cuts himself off when Jimin rolled his name in such perfection that literally brought shivers back to his spine.

Ba-thump, ba-thump, ba-thump.
Jongsuk bit his inner cheeks from thinking and feeling this weird developing emotions and quickly dismiss this delusional side of himself and empty his head and heart. Like acting. However, he was a man of acting, he cannot dismiss those deep emotions within himself that despite all the mental practice of keeping it cool, his facial expression gave it away too much. A rouge color appeared on the tip of his ears as his eyes glimmers in a new light. How can a mere stranger affected him so much like this so quickly?

Clearing his throat awkwardly, Jongsuk shyly rub the back of his neck trying to shy away his emotions by avoiding those gazes. “Y-yeah... lets go take you back home.” He stutter half way. Jongsuk opened the passenger door for Jimin and extend his hand of offering. Since his car wasn’t ordinary car, but an SUV, he was afraid that Jimin had to force all the weight to climb his big car, hence why he offered his hand to him just to push all the weight towards him rather than his own body weight. Making sure Jimin was able to climb on the passenger seat, Jongsuk didn’t stop there. He walks towards closer to Jimin’s side as reach out his seatbelt and carefully yet securely wrap the seatbelt underneath his baby bump before climbing up closer to put his seatbelt on. “Are you comfortable would you like to lean backwards?” He asked not realizing their faces were inches away. “A- sorry.” He apologize as he looked the other away.
park jimin 5 months ago
@kim taehyung Yessss
kim taehyung 5 months ago
@park jimin Hyuuung
kim taehyung 5 months ago
kim taehyung 5 months ago
Hyuum mb fuuw3e
kim taehyung 5 months ago
Oh nooo
park jimin 5 months ago
@lee jongsuk Looking at up at the tall man as he spoke and almost wanted to smile but it also dawned Jimin that these two were different people. And it hurt, it hurt knowing that maybe his lover wasnt returning to him at all. So after a moment Jimin nodded, he didnt look at the other but listened to him and when he felt the other care for him wrapping him in the jacket of his it almost gave jimin a small hope.

A small sliver of hope, but he killed it off fast this wasnt his man. He repeated to himself.

"Please do, I live nearby." Jimin whispers out as he snuggled into the warmth of the males jacket and the others scent overwhelmed him making him feel enveloped in such a wonderful scent that almost soothed him completely. Jimin looked at the Male with small brown orbs, "Would you stay with me for a bit, I could order a pizza or make something for us. Since I'm sure you are probably hungry." He says softly, and he chewed on his bottom lip before he rubs his small palms together in a nervous manner and stepped forward to the other.

"Let's go, J- jongsuk..." He said the name with such a loving tone it was months that he last said the name and it felt odd to speak it but it rolled off so beautifully out of his tongue.
lee jongsuk 5 months ago
@park jimin Jongsuk cannot help himself but smile a little at Jimin’s shock expression across his face. They both knew Jongsuk’s offer was merely stupid and foolish, probably something that should never came out of his mouth, but they mutually both agree that Jimin needed his companion. No matter how sick it’s going to turn out to be, but it was better than seeing this angel right before him sink into a deep depression that lead to a deadly cause. Even if it means sacrificing little amount of his time to spend time with Jimin and make him feel comfort until he realize he doesn’t need /this/ Jongsuk and live in healthier environment.

Even if just a little.
Despite being merely stranger and have yet to know each other on personal basis... but Jongsuk was willing to do it. Plus it wasn’t like he was actually going to replace his former lover just because he looks like him! They could be friends! Nothing more....Plus this allows him to learn if this man was exactly like him! Right?

Jongsuk patiently awaits for Jimin to settle down his own decision and just casually wiping more of the neglected tears that are fighting from his face gently as he continues to sway both of their body like it’s the most natural thing to do between strangers. After few minutes, Jongsuk stood still as he quietly and intentively listen some of Jimin’s bubbles of thoughts only to smile softly at his final decision with mixture of just last desperate cling onto the past. Rather giving him an immediate answer, Jongsuk slowly removes the fringe covering Jimin’s eyes to see what he was thinking. Those beautiful brown orb eyes that was staring down in his own as it projects hope of love in return from him, and then immediately sees the transition of sadness in realization Jongsuk wasn’t /his/ Jongsuk. Guilt, sad and a spec of jealous darted in his heart, but immediately pushed away and hides it with a soft sweet smile he always plaster whenever someone is sad.

“I don’t know much about you nor the past that lingers you have with a man that looks like me, but won’t this be a great chance for us to get to know each other? I mean we might have skipped a step, but... there is always a room for friendship between us right?” Jongsuk smiles encouragingly as he softly caresses Jimin’s wet cheeks. “Please don’t say those cruel things about yourself, hmm? Your baby will hear it and the baby won’t like it. I want to do this because I want to help you even if it means just to do simple things for you. I cannot bring the love you have held dearly and hope to regain, but I want you to have a happy life. Everyone deserves another second chance, even for an angel.” Jongsuk whispers as he rub Jimin’s tummy. Suddenly he felt a cold breeze aiming towards this way and he soon realize Jimin was merely wearing anything warm. Being a gentleman he was, he unwrapped his hold from Jimin temporarily and took off his jacket only to place it around the pregnant man. “It’s getting chilly. Shall I take you home?” He asked softly.
park jimin 5 months ago
@lee jongsuk He blinked as he looked up at the other, his words slowly sinking into his mind and it made him pause when he mentioned about services. Jimins eyebrows furrowed together as he tried to pin everything together at what the other said, before he could say a word he closed his eyes. As if replaying everything the other spoke of to soak it in very well-- his services?

His services... being closer and seeing him more-
Did he want to look that more pathetic to someone who looked like his lover?

Opening his eyes as he looked at Jongsuks beautiful eyes that he adored that resembled his lovers but this time there was no love, adoration for him or towards him. Just Jimins reflection, "I am not sure, because I want to say yes but I dont want to bring a burden upon you when you dont know me and neither do I." Jimin says with a soft tone before he looked down in shame to what he was honestly wishing and didnt thinj this stranger would offer it.

He shouldn't accept it...
He really shouldn't, but would he?
Would Jimin keep seeing this man --

The answer is yes, oh yes he would.

"Then only if you are okay with it, please lend me some of your time each day. I know its selfish and pathetic of me, but i really need this to ease my heart and this pain. Just let me see you every now and then, please I promise I will try not to cause trouble in your life after this, but..." He trailed off as he bit his bottom lip and he closed his eyes.

"But.. thank you for giving me this chance, Jongsuk." He whispers soft and heartbroken.
lee jongsuk 5 months ago
@park jimin Jongsuk didn't know what to expect of Jimin's reaction. He was actually quite afraid the little man would push him off and call him a freak, or even dare to punch him because of the identical features he happen to possess and unleash the anger that the angel probably possessed. Who wouldn't? He was literally carrying a child inside of him. But to his surprise, he felt the small frame leaning closer to his warmth and with that little gesture, Jongsuk can't help but feel little hope. A little hope that the lost angel can someday revive the happiness he deserves, especially with a child in his tummy. Jongsuk didn't know what came over him but bringing the stranger closer to his chest as he sways their body slowly while finishing up the song.

After he finishes the soft melody, the awkward silence was replaced with a weird comfort sensation between the two stranger entangled into a tight embrace. If anyone was passing by, people would definitely mistake them for a couple, but for once, Jongsuk didn't really care of what the public might perceive them to be. All he wanted was to calm the angel down and slowly wash away the sadness, even if it's just embracing him like this. Slowly but surely, the sounds of tears no longer audible, Jongsuk gently pulled himself away to see a better look at Jimin, only to see those red-teary eyes darkened with an indescribable pain expression on his face. Unconsciously, he slowly lifts his hand towards Jimin's hair and gently caresses them, as he quietly listens to Jimin's soft voice as he talk about how much his lover meant to him. It saddens Jongsuk to see the angel's expression and just hold him closure while caressing Jimin's stomach while listening to him vent out his feelings, and how much he desperately cling onto whatever is left of Jimin to keep reminding the love he had for former lover, even it means spending time with /him/-- a doppelganger of himself. Jongsuk didn't think much of what it means, all he wanted to do was make this man smile even if it means a little. For sure he'll probably regret in the future, but that was later and now is now.

"Do you think it be a stupid idea if I offered my service in...accompanying you and just help you ease the pain until you are open to the new path, or will that linger you to cling onto the past? I do not like when an angel cry by themselves, especially when they're alone. If it means to reassure some security and sense of home until you find a new family?" he suddenly proposed.
park jimin 5 months ago
@lee jongsuk Feeling the warmth of the other hug him and tell him comforting words only seemed to make him want to cry more, if only this man was really his lover. Oh how he wished and prayed for his lover to return but even to this day he hasn't at all, and all Jimin is left with a broken heart and two babies on the way. His small arms wrapping around the others frame because it felt so good to be held by him -- even if it wasnt his lover but the identical features he fooled himself to give his own heart some ease and he pretended it was his lover.

Just for this moment he wanted to pretend...

"Still... I'm sorry for it all..." He voiced in a muffle as he held onto Jongsuk more and he kept his face buried into the males chest and he took into the scent. The males scent was so different, it was like the last clue to reminding Jimin this was someone different and not who he thought he was at all. Even if it shattered his broken heart he has to come to realization, his Jongsuk wasnt coming back no more.

Not ever...

Eyes opened when he heard the Male sing and he held onto the Male tightly as he was only reminded when his lover sang to him ss well, how his lover sang to their babies every night and it broke him even more.

One by one...
Jimin felt his heart shattered more and more into unidentifiable pieces ones that can't. e pieced together no more.

"Honestly you can be the only one... I've longed to have my lover so much, and even if it's not you I wouldnt want you to not appeared before me no more." He whispers enough for the Male to hear him, "My only family was him, I live alone now. I live in his place, which is all I have left as a reminder as well as this ring." Jimin spoke and looked at the other as he kept his pained gaze on the other it was so hard to look at the Male but it was good at the sametime. It eased his pain by a fraction to know he can at least see him again, even if it wasnt his Jongsuk anymore.
lee jongsuk 5 months ago
@park jimin Lee Jongsuk's heart clenched tightly in pain as he watched this beautiful man shed yet another tear rolling down a worn out face as he apologized immensely for his behavior, yet why did it feel like it was /his/ fault and not the latter? Despite not knowing each other on a personal basis, Jongsuk felt Jimin's excruciating pain by just the way the man carried himself. It felt like those tears were little daggers that slowly pierced his now aching heart for the man. It was literally a cut down the throat leaving you breathless. How can this beautiful stranger carry so much weight of pain while carrying a baby? Oh god, the thought of him being pregnant to his fiance's baby! Jongsuk could feel his breath was getting shorter and limited. It didn't help the fact this man was eyeing him desperately with a heartbreaking tone as if /he/ was the one that left the poor pregnant man.

For the first time in his life, Jongsuk was stuck. He didn't know how to release the immense pain the person was feeling, especially how identical he looked like his fiance who suddenly left and disappeared. How can he embrace the man when /his/ entire existence AND appearance reminded the young latter of his former lover? Jongsuk took a deep breath and softly sigh as he let his body instincts take over him rather than his clustered mind and immediately pulled the latter into a soft-yet-reassuring embrace. "Shhh..." He said softly just like a soft wave crashing on the shore, "Do not apologize any further, Jimin. This is not your fault. Your entire body, mind and heart are aching for the loss of another half. I understand..." He choked as his eyes began to blur with tears. Jongsuk was sensitive with people's emotions that it really affected him tenfold. And this one was really hurting him a whole lot.

A beautiful man was crying on his own in a cold fall at the beach filled with people, except he was by himself with a baby soon to come out. He couldn't imagine how painful Jimin was feeling because right now he was literally crying on behalf of him despite merely meeting the stranger less than half an hour ago. Yet the pain of the loss of love connected them together as stranger and cannot help but recollect the painful memories of his missing life onto Jimin. With those painful emotions, Jongsuk slowly hum a soft song as he gently rock the sad angel in arms and sang:

/When the tears that blind my eyes fall, I can you see clearly,
My love, don't cry. I don't know if I should take you away with me.
You still hold on to so many memories.

I close my eyes for a moment, i still love you so. I should give up, but I can't let you go. You taught me how to love. Now, how can I forget you?...

The love that you have been waiting for, I cannot have.
The promise that we made, to shed our tears together... i can see them now./ (Don't Cry My Lover By TVXQ)

"I should be the one apologizing. I...I cannot be the person that heal away your pain. I do not want to make you feel any more pain that you already carry in your heart by reminding you of your inexcusable of a fiance. A man who was a coward for leaving his pregnant soon to be a wife like this, shouldn't deserve your tears, but if you want to cry...please not when you're alone. Never cry alone...A beautiful man like you, shouldn't suffer alone." He says softly as he unwraps his arm around his small frame and gently placed his hand on top of Jimin's hand (where he is caressing his tummy) and use his other hand to wipe the waterfall of tears off Jimin's cheeks. "I know I may be the last person you want to hear say this words, and I'll promise to not appear in front of you just so you can heal away the pain, if you'd like. But at least let me take you home. I do not want you to wander alone. Let me take you home to your family..." He said softly as he gently moved the long bangs out of Jimin's face.
park jimin 5 months ago
@lee jongsuk The kiss was short but it felt like ages since he last kissed his lover, he knew his lover hated the idea of putting their career on the line but he couldnt help it. After all this time he was gone, he couldnt stop himself as Jimin had kissed him in such a huge crowd and as he felt the other drag him away he knew he was bother by it. Biting his bottom lip as Jimin wiped his tears away and soon stood before the make who spoke and seemed more confused then anyone he met.

Jimins orbs looked over the other he took in every word and emotion that flashed on the males handsome features and he soon realized the situation. And it was the reality to it all, it wasnt him. It wasnt his Jongsuk, as he stared at the male when he showed him who he was Jimin felt tears well up and fall as he looked down and spoke softly in such a broken tone.

"I-.. I'm sorry, I thought you were someone else." He sniffled, wiping his tears away quickly as he looked back at the other, "I apologize for how I acted.. you just--... nevermind." He stopped himself as he stared at the Male as he looked over every detail of Jongsuks everything was so identical, maybe because he missed his lover so much he wanted to believe this was him.

But the sad truth was, it wasn't.

"Ah... forgive me Jongsuk." He said with a slight bow since he couldnt bow so well due to his belly and he removed his cap as he looked at the other and he voiced out softly, "I'm Park Jimin, if you feel the need to take action for the kiss from earlier I'll let my manager know so he can expect a call from you. I apologize again, you resemble my fiance so much." Jimin said, his orbs holding nothing but a harsh sadness that not even being pregnant seemed to make him content to know he was holding the children of the love of his life.

"You just look like him... so, so much I couldnt help myself. I thought he returned, and clearly he had not. Forgive me again ..." He whispers softly, yet he couldnt stop looking at him, it was like seeing his lover but at the same time he wasnt and it pained him.
lee jongsuk 5 months ago
@park jimin On the midway destination his car, Jongsuk suddenly felt a firm tugged against his hoodie prevent him from keeping forward, in which made his heart dropped immensely at the thought of someone recognizing his identity. Frightened for his identity being seeped out in such crowded area, Jongsuk wanted to push the person away as fast possible, but then a soft sniffle echoed against his ears as he felt tiny arms wrapping his tall frame. He could felt soft wet substance against his jacket, realizing this man was heartbroken. Being a naive and soft-hearted person he was, Jongsuk couldn't break this man's heart any further, especially how the man seems to mistaken him for someone else.

Suddenly the hard grip loosen up from his body, making Jongsuk relax his body a bit more, wondering if the guy finally left, but then the small frame appeared right in front of him with a good surprise. Lee Jongsuk could not help but felt his breath cut short at the huge surprise that left him. A beautiful man with red-teary eyes accompanied with flushed cheeks (probably due to a lot of tears) carrying a huge stomach. Huge stomach? Oh god! Oh god! This man was pregnant. Being occupied with his own (panicking) discovery, he didn't have time to react the stranger's next action-- a bittersweet kiss. A kiss that was so soft, gentle, yet bitter with all the tears swimming in between their lips as the little frame desperately cling onto him as he called his name. After few minutes of being stuck in the middle of the beach, people began to gather around them, as they witness what they assume a drama scene, Jongsuk finally pulled away realizing how wrong and how bad this lead too, especially how career ending this would be. Quickly grasping the small stranger's chubby hand, Jongsuk practically dragged the pregnant man away from the crowd to his parked car in a desperate rush accompanied with a huge headache in confusion.

So many questions began to rush onto his head as they walked towards his car, wondering why this stranger kissed him? Why did he call his name, despite not knowing this stranger was? Was he a stalker? It can't be. The way the stranger clung onto him desperately and the sound of desperation did not scream anything like a stalker. Finally standing in front of his car, Jongsuk pulled the stranger right in front of him roughly. Jongsuk gave him a conflicted expression of-- worry, panic, and just mixture of conflicted emotions and just ruffle his hair in frustration at his misbehavior in manhandling a very pregnant man. But can you blame him? The pregnant man KISSED HIM! And CALLED HIS NAME! God he needed to smoke badly as so many things rushes in his head. It finally took him five minutes to finally relax as he stares at the sad droopy eyes right in front of him and shakily sighs only to chuckle in disbelief. "Oh god...I don't even know what to even start how /wrong/ this is.... I can't..." He finally gave up in filtering the words. "Look, I don't know how you know my name, and as much as I want to empathize your situation and hoping I'm the right guy...but I'm not sweetheart. I don't know you and I think you've mistaken me for someone else... I am not who you think I am." He rambles trying to sweetened the already heartbroken man, but how can he? Deciding not to lead this man any hope (because thats more heartbreaking) Jongsuk decided to pull his hoodie, in hopes that the little man realize he was different man. "I'm the actor Lee Jongsuk.."


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