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Lee Joonkyung 2 weeks ago
@Jungkook “Oh, that would work I have a car so we can buy al the stuff we need and don’t have to carry it all the way home.” I nod my head when you tell me you work in a grocery store. Looking at your side profile when you come over to sit next to me, I shake my head to stop myself from starring since I know it’s not polite but since I couldn’t look at you directly this was the best way to see what you were thinking. I look back at the phone seeing what you choose nodding my head in agreement. “Sounds good Pizza for tonight and whatever is leaved plus the chicken for breakfast then we can get groceries tomorrow.” I take the phone to place the order prepaying it so I don’t have to deal with the delivery man telling them to put it down in front of the door and just ring the doorbell and then leave. Then remembering that you are here now so you could have dealt with the delivery person but to shy to say something about it I just smiles. “Food should be here in 30 minutes.”
Jungkook 2 weeks ago
@Lee Joonkyung "oh man" mumbles when you say theres no food in the kitchen, but nods as theres nothing that can be done about it. hums in thought as you say to write you a grocery list, and nods for a moment.:i work at a grocery store some nights, so you can go there while I work and we can get some things" nods as I look you over once more wondering what your job is that makes you work at nigh, but doesn't question you yet. Raises an eyebrow at you as you look my way, but not look at me directly.a soft smile forms on my lips as I can understand your shyness. walks over to you, puling a chair next to you, to get a look at the app. "what to get, what to get." mumbles softly, as my eyes stare at the food pictures "oh! shall we get pizza, with chicken wings? and it may last us for tomorrow morning as well, what do you think?" questions as I look over at you, my otne soft as to not scare you off.
Lee Joonkyung 2 weeks ago
@Jungkook I nod my head letting out my breath then turn to the kitchen. “I haven’t seen any food so I think we have to get take out.” I tell you head inside the kitchen cabins to see what we have and if we have anything at all. “We might need to do grocery shopping soon. If you make a list, I can do it I only work nights and mostly weekends.” I start talking since I found something to talk about and a job to occupy myself with so I wasn’t that nervous anymore. Turning back around to you I look at the floor as soon as our eyes meet. “Food...” I clean my throat. “What you want to order?” I try again eyes still at the floor before I get out my phone to look a at the food delivery app. With a look at you shyly waving you over so we can look at it together I sit down at the table the phone in front of me.
Jungkook 2 weeks ago
@Lee Joonkyung *looks away from whatever I was looking at when I hear another voice fill the room. My eyes quickly take in your presence, as I my gives a small bow back just as you did. “Ah, I’m Jungkook, pleased to meet you” says softly, as my eyes continuing on taking in your image. From head to toe. Though I watched you intently, my head was debating what to say or do, feeling a little awkward myself, that’s how first meetings mostly went, but seeing you being shy, though your looks would say the opposite I decided to speak up. ” hey, relax a little, seeing you be nervous, makes me nervous as well. And I’m not too good with first meetings.” Confesses as I offer you a gentle smile, to soften my words much more. takes a look around us once more as my eyes settle on you once more at the end. “How about we relax over some food...? How does that sound?” Asks softly as I look at you, one of my hands going to my stomach as I could feel my stomach start to rumble in hunger, as I had not really eaten all day
Lee Joonkyung 2 weeks ago
@Jungkook Hearing the voice, I walk back to the Livingroom seeing the guy standing there. I try to open my mouth to give you an open and nice greeting but I just can’t make a sound so instead I bow my head fidgeting with my fingers shyly while trying to find the word. “Joonkyung…” I manage to say and after that the ice breaks just a little so I try to push away my shyness. “I’m Joonkyung your new roommate nice to meet you.” I give you a smile not knowing what to say next. Again, I start fidgeting with my fingers looking around the room to decide what I should say or how I just fill the silence since it was clearly up to me to talk being the first on here, I already had time to look around the place and was probably just a little more familiar with things. Scowling myself for my damn daytime shyness I look back at you still not sure what to say.
Jungkook 2 weeks ago
@Lee Joonkyung Though I wanted to arrive early to the house before my new partner arrived, I wasn't able, being occupied with school and work, though left work early to at least arrive at a decent enough time to meet him. steps inside the house, leaving my luggage by the door I go further inside the house, taking quick glances around checking the place. my feet drag themselves on the floor as I slowly end up going to the living room calling for anyone in the house "hello...? anyone here?"
Lee Joonkyung 4 weeks ago
The door was silently closing behind me when I stepped inside the room that would be my home from now on. I was first my new roommate wasn’t here jet. The room was really bright letting in a lot of light and with the white colours everywhere it looked like a clean a little sterile but still cosy place to live. Leaving my stuff next to the door I start exploring the space taking the time until my roommate would come and I would actually have to interact with a person. First thing to check was with no doubt the kitchen if there was no real place for food nothing else would work. Upon inspection I find a kitchen with a half open space design and a lot of place to put food so we were safe on that front to I turn to re look at what I saw form the entrance form a different angel. The only one bet thing was a little worrisome but the couch was looking ok enough to sleep on to so maybe I should clam that for the time being until we found a way to arrange ourselves. With that thought I started getting curious to who would be my roommate. Secretly I was hoping for someone that was easy going but not to loud so I wouldn’t have trouble to get to know him but at the same time still would be able to have some time to myself if it was getting to much.


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