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Hwang Hyunjin 6 days ago
@Kim Woojin - hyunjin being gay isn't news for even since his old high school days the idiot went around rejecting girls who came confessing to him telling them that he's not exactly straight. rumors spread fast and though he gets the same amount of attention from the same in university, the majority of them seem to be more interested in getting into his pants than actually dating; unless he's misinformed of the term, and dating actually means being friends with benefits in this timeline--disappointing; he's only turned them down one after the other. back to present, with you right before him and witnessing that earthworm wiggling eyebrows of yours again, hyunjin finds himself letting out an exasperated sigh, pulling the front of his hair back far enough for the soft strands to fall back over his forehead as if he's given up on life, what was he expecting anyway - right, so we're both gay. - hyunjin dismisses your witty remark, finding it of no particular importance as he gathers kkami back into his arms when you wordlessly head towards the kitchen, lowering his head to bury his face in kkami's crown as he follows you in step, the pup reciprocating the action with eager to his lips and it elicits a sweet chuckle from hyunjin before he thwarts himself with a clear of his throat - i was actually about to call take out, but if you insist. - sets kkami down onto the ground, leaning against the side of the fridge hyunjin gets distracted by the swift and clean flicks of your wrists as you prepare the dish, trying to not be impressed by the fact that you look like you can cook. guys who can are inevitably more attractive after all and he just hates the idea of himself falling for someone for something so trivial. let's just say he thinks life is unfair and he's jealous that you're a better cook than he is. yes, that sounds a lot more like it. he crosses his arms over his chest and keeps his eyes on the movement of your busy hands, not trusting himself to look at your face in case you're looking back at him like how you sometimes do - is it okay if we have a heavy dinner? i'm craving something hot. maybe seafood soft tofu stew...? can you make that? i'm pretty useless in the kitchen if you haven't caught on from the moment you step foot into the house. but i'll do the dishes if i have to.
Kim Woojin [A] 6 days ago
@Hwang Hyunjin / woojin crouches down to pat kkami, running his delicate fingers through the soft fur, a small smile decorating his lips as the said puppy his fingers in response, which he takes it as a approval, continues to play with kkami for a while before getting back on his feet and fixes his clothes, eyes turning into crescents as he flashes a huge smile at you, though he's screaming internally, out of all the people he could have gotten paired with, it's hyunjin, it's you and he's not really sure how he should react to it, but deep down he knows he's actually glad that it's not someone else- the way your mouth opens and closes, reminds him of a fish which's almost dead, still cute but of course, he's not gonna tell you that; he can't help the chuckle leaving his lips upon hearing your words, it's understandable that you're surprised to see him here, no one from the university would've thought he would join something like this, including hyunjin. Well that makes two of us, huh? since you're also here / says with a wiggle of his eyebrows as a playful smile takes over his features, gives you one last glance before letting his eyes wander around, examining the place with curiosity, okay it's not that bad, he can survive here for a week, even though he's not that confident to spend more time with you, 50% of him worries if you're uncomfortable to be in this closed place with him for 7 days and the other 50% worries about himself, well he will just have to go with the flow and sees how it goes, not like he has any other choice, lost in his own thought until a growl coming from your stomach brings him back to reality, blinks a few times and just stares at you for a while, before he quickly walks past you, dropping his bag on the floor and heads straight to the kitchen; so cute- is all he can think about as he cleans up the burnt eggs and the pan, quietly chuckling to himself, clears throat to suppress it then turns to look at you. Will an omelet fill that tummy up for now? then we can go groceries shopping /sets the pan aside and goes to get more eggs, starts preparing for the said dish with quick and precise movements.
Hwang Hyunjin 1 week ago
@Kim Woojin - doesn't hear the door open until kkami's attention is turned away from him, the pup, usually friendly to everyone else but its owner scurrying over to the entrance in its tiny feet; hyunjin's curious gaze follows, anticipation pulsing in his veins and he picks himself up from his initial crouching position to go after the little one - that's kkami. - says through a cough even before all smoke from the kitchen has receded, it working as a screen that conceals your features from his view and he swats at the clouds of smoke vigorously as if it helps speed up the air ventilating process; a scene from a drama is what you'd describe it, your face revealing bit by bit as the breeze from outside takes the fog with it; this is it. he's finally meeting his pair, though he mainly joined the show so he could move out from home where his dad so frequently brings back one-nights, finding love only being his secondary motive - sorry about the smoke, i kinda messed up my- - his previously squinted eyes widen two folds as they finally lay upon the small smile lighting up your face; he's staring, freezing in his spot in part disbelief and another part he's not so sure what is, but he thinks that smile of yours is a little beyond beautiful and he doesn't want to admit it - w-woojin? kim woojin?! you're gay? - the guy whom he thinks mocks him ever since they got to know each other, is gay. and he's paired with you for a week, in this one bedded studio room. hyunjin can not believe, does not want to believe but it's like kkami knows the answer to that and agrees to this set up, circling your feet like he's approving you right in front of his salad. his mouth opens and closes, no words forming so he swallows, but that doesn't bring any good results and instead reminds his stomach that it's empty, it growls audibly and that has kkami barking at him as he clutches his dumb stomach immediately, ears reddening - that wasn't me.
Kim Woojin [A] 1 week ago
@Hwang Hyunjin so this is it, huh- /mumbles softly underneath his breath as woojin soullessly stares at the hard wooden surface in front of him, it has been almost 10 minutes that he arrived but he hasn't moved an inch from the doorstep, he doesn't even know why he was feeling so nervous about it, maybe because he has to share a place with some stranger for a week, and might be even longer than that. It's gonna be alright, man /with a deep breath, woojin lightly pats himself on the shoulder before reaching out for the doorknob, then slowly and carefully entering the said place, as soon as he's inside, his gaze immediately falls onto the stuffs placed at the entrance, a sign that his pair has already arrived. oh- / eyes blinking rapidly, a flustered woojin turns to search for this person, but the first thing that comes into his sight is dark clouds of smokes coming from the kitchen, no longer feeling that nervousness as now confusion takes over. oh my-- / only then he notices someone on the floor and he couldn't even finish his words because of what's before his eyes, it's you with a puppy, jaw slightly dropping as woojin's eyes become the size of a saucer, he's speechless, not sure if he's just seeing things or it's really you, so to make sure, he slaps himself on the cheek, okay that hurts and yes you're still there. --- hyunjin / as the name leaves his lips, woojin can feel the loud thumping of his heart, and it's becoming faster with each second; to the point, he has to place a hand on top, he wants to say something but his brain completely shuts down, until he feels something soft against his leg, lowers his eyes to see your puppy curiously looking up to him and he instantly breaks into a soft smile, it totally calms him down after all that he has to take in, seriously that was one week worth of emotions he felt in last 5 minutes.
Hwang Hyunjin 2 weeks ago
@Kim Woojin don't go urinating everywhere, okay? - bringing an excited kkami along, hyunjin sets down his belongings by the entrance and lets the furball run freely in the new place once he's registered that he's alone, a soft laugh venting from his lips as he watches his pup padding away with its tail wagging happily in the air. damn was he starving from all that packing - eggs... - the only edible thing in the fridge that he finds. problem is, he's never boiled eggs let alone fry one but how bad can it possibly get? pretty bad, cause in less than five minutes, he's got the entire kitchen fogged up with smoke, kkami barking loudly at him and him coughing badly as he tries to save his burnt eggs by dumping the entire pan into the sink - kkami, hyung is a hopeless cook. - coughs as the smell of burnt eggs catches in his throat, half laughing as he crouches down to his pup in the living room, rubbing its head to calm it - let's just order takeout instead.


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ateez' mingi, please!
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Please remove the sh sign for Seunghyun
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vixx cha hakyeon please!
allgame 3 days ago
I'm going to miss this place a lot. I met a lot of great people here as taehyung but I can't keep going. I'm sorry to anyone that didn't get a goodbye. this rp family has been the best I've been apart of in my journey rping, on as many platforms that I've tried. nothing has compared to lith. thank you. I wish y'all the best.
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crush (shin hyoseob), please!
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kim wooseok for me pls?
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