Have a cup of coffee and a break.

jungwoo ( h ) 9 months ago
@Chittaphon I could come with you, or jaehyun hyung ooor doyoung hyung~ /chuckles at your words before showing you a thumbs up/ Hyung is the most talented person in this planet, but if there was one thing I would want to learn from you, it would be guuurls hiphop dance /smiles innocently at you before nodding/ yes, to the other room~ uwu
chittaphon 9 months ago
@Jungwoo you could bring one of the other members over here to have coffee with you. Show them the beauty in this cafe, it will be a nice experience for every individual. *looks over at the decoration and nods* yes yes junguwu didn't know how artistic his hyung can be too? aigoo seems like you still need much to learn about your hyungie * smiles giving you a nod* ready to check out the other room uwu? it's close by at the end of the hallway before it goes straight out to the deck.
jungwoo ( h ) 9 months ago
@Chittaphon You're making me super excited, hyung. I really want to have such an experience and now I'm able to have it all thanks to this place /walks closer to you and stares outside the window, fascinated by the never ending ocean/ So the decoration was your idea? Wow, I never know you were that artistic, hyung. I knew injun is really good with art, but I have to certainly add you to that list.
chittaphon 9 months ago
@Jungwoo yes walking every morning in here with the atmosphere smelling like fresh brew coffee * goes over at the direction at the counter facing out the window to look through the horizon staring at the never-ending ocean* it's like a painting honestly since all you see is water but its really is beautiful to watch the sun rising. Each sunrise is different each day * looks over my shoulder watching you over by the decorated wall* While revamping the place it started off bland in this cafe but I must say, my artistic self made a difference. I'm glad you find the decoration cute. It matches since we are on a ship basically.
jungwoo ( h ) 9 months ago
@Chittaphon /grins seeing you feeling happier from my words, which makes me feel happy as well/ wow, really? And there are a lot of coffee machines /chuckles, running my fingers through the decorated wall/ And the decoration is cute too, who's idea was it? /nods in agreement/ I totally agree, it would be like heaven to have such a view of the sun rising over the ocean waves while drinking coffee to freshen up.
chittaphon 9 months ago
@Jungwoo oh thank goodness you are officially convinced with me being captain. Makes me happy * eyesmiles and slips my arms away to show you around the cafe* yes this is out lovely cafe where you can just sit back and grab a cup of coffee, This is unlimited coffee so you don't need to pay for anything * nods giving you a thumbs up showing you all the coffee machine and the decoration before point out at the window* see even a nice view outside. I say this is a nice place to be at if you are watching the sunrise while drinking coffee
jungwoo ( h ) 9 months ago
@Chittaphon /chuckles then nods in agreement/ Okay, I'm convinced that you can handle it with the co-captain helping out /shows you a thumbs up then looks around the cafe/ Wow, it's really nice and cozy, hyung. Seems like this will be my new hangout place.
chittaphon 9 months ago
@Jungwoo *pouts* I am capable. Fine probably not, but I do have a co-captain to help me take care of half of you all and the ship * nods multiple time before flashing a smile* aww okay. I am more than happy to let you stay over now here we are the cafe * walks inside the entrance with you*
chittaphon 9 months ago
*sits myself down after ordering myself a matcha green tea latte, brings the straw to my lips and takes a sip reading a book about adolescents*
jisung 1 year ago
@Taeil Hyung!!!
Squished you in a tight hug
Hi taeillllllll
Let’s get some food and then we talk because we’ll food is life
Taeil 1 year ago
@Jisung /enters the cafe and looks around.
/spots you after scanning the area.
jisungie! i’m here!
/waves and walks over to you, smiling
jisung 1 year ago
@Taeil wandering into the cafe, i let my hoodie almost dwarve my body, nodding once to the barista, tapping my foot impatiently as i wait for you
taeyong [A] 1 year ago
I will have one large juniper latte please and thank you


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LeeYoungTen 7 months ago
hi can i Please request a hiatus for like,,, 2 weeks or so? if i go overboard feel free to like,,,, remove me (but i'll be active on kkt)
[comment deleted by owner]
peachygods 7 months ago
heck I forgot to ask before I applied, may I apply for haechan?
SpearBin 7 months ago
I’m ready to let go of this place.
Hopefully you will get a fresh new and more cheerful Haechan, goodbye.
MiaTasha2 8 months ago
I have a lot of stuff going on right now with school, finals, and graduation. I am going to leave this RP. It was fun while I was here!
SpearBin 8 months ago
Can you guys put Haechan on hiatus until May 12? Pls-
sweetdreams 9 months ago
Is this place alive? Cuz I might just apply as Hendery, then!
lucas__xx444 9 months ago
slap an hiatus on Lucas til 18th April. finals
peterdunwannagrow 9 months ago
Applied as Yangyang :3
TaeKook 9 months ago
Hendery,YangYang or WinWin
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