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kim seokjin 6 months ago
@lee jangjun (haha sorry about late reply )

*chuckles as i shake my head* not gonna tell, theres no fun if i say so....it better to catch you by surprised.
*smirks as I glance at you* well, you can try and shush me if you can.
*roll my eyes as shake my head* yes, yes you are.
cool, I get to eat a whole pizza t myself. *chuckles as I swing our intertwined hands back and forth*
wow..thats gona be a lot of food, ill go into a food coma. *says as I laugh* so cool though
you like having me over so that you get more food? *asks teasingly as I give your hand a gentle squeeze*
hmmm......water, juice and wine please *says with a laugh as I lean against the counter facing you, my eyes on you*
it doesn't, it can be anything. *says shrugging* oh that movie? its nice, lets watch it, I quiet enjoyed that movie.
*smiles as my lips pull away from your hand*
sall we prep the food then,or start the movie?
lee jangjun 7 months ago
@kim seokjin (Now that I'm on laptop again, I am finally catching up WOOHOOO)

Oh yeah, that reminds me, you still have to tell me the list of things that can get me punished. *I say in passing while walking out to the kitchen trying to seem nonchalant but still laughing about the thought of me being a little terror*
Yes, can too, stop arguing mister. Or else, I'mma have to get you to shush it. *I say trying to sound stern but knowing my method of getting us to shut up would probably be to make out with you which isn't productive towards the wholesome date I was determined to stick to*
*looks at you, eyes bugging out before batting at your chest* As if, I'm not extra. *I try to defend but then winks* I'm beyond extra hyung.
You get your own pizza, that's how.... *waves our hands between us* is gonna work. *lips tilted into a crooked smile* I like meat and cheese. So two pizza's so we can be lazy bums and have leftovers for the next day when we're too lazy to cook. I'll get you spicy chicken! However, I'm also getting honey garlic, sweet chicken is also really good. * my lips* So much delicious food. I like having you over. *I say brightly as I head to the fridge to pull out a pitcher of iced tea* Want some juice? or pop? Water? tea? *I ask realizing I probably sound like an interrogator and then hides my face in the freezer*
I do know Tim Burtons movies! Does it have to be an animation? Because I'm weirdly fond of miss peregrine's home for peculiar children. Have you seen it? It's one of Tim Burton's films.
*bites on my lower lip, watching in fascination as you lift my hand up, the skin tingling beneath your lips*
kim seokjin 7 months ago
@lee jangjun Eh?.that be...interesting. *hums out trying to imagine it. Though soon snaps out of it as you burst out laughing. Smikes amused by your suddenness but enjoying it nonetheless*
No we cant...and maybe. *says laughing as i wink at you playfully*
*chuckles and shakes my head at your dramatic scene, but ends up laughing* youre so extra *says laughing*
Im sure i'll enjoy it.
Hm..i like..hawaiin..and the vegetables one....but i accept anything....chicken..spicy! *grins widely at the thought*
Ohh sundaes!! Cool! Letd have some later.
*hums as i think abiut some good anime movies*
Hmm..do you Tim Burton's movies? Well..what kinda movie you wanna see?..cute.funny..sad..action..?. Or we can watch the increases...or....despicable.
*chuckles softly enjoying watch yojr acrions. Brings our linked hands up to my lips as j place a quick kiss to the back of your hand*
What will it be pup?
lee jangjun 7 months ago
@kim seokjin Oh, thank goodness. I mean, imagine if I was a little terror in waiting? *thinking a scenario in my head, I burst out laughing, shaking my head in amusement*
Yes we can? Are you trying to start a fight with me? *I ask mischievously* Our first fight already? *I muse with a little sniff* It was so perfect. *wails somewhat dramatically*
*pats your shoulder as we head to the living room and grins a bit as you chuckle* I hope you enjoy it, is there any particular kind of pizza and chicken you like? I also have the ingredients to make sundaes with tons of toppings!
*hums for a moment* Do you know any Disney movies? Or good anime movies? I know a ton but the names aren't coming to me.
*groans and tries to hide my face against your arm, nuzzling into the material of your jammies, only to squeeze your hand back gently*
kim seokjin 7 months ago
@lee jangjun Yes yes..thats one of the reasons. *says as i laugh fondly*
*rolls my eyes playfully as i just shale my head* we both cant be cute.
*says simply as i shrug*
Okay..i wont
*says as i reach out to hod your hand letting you lead me. Glances around as we walk taking in bits if your place&
Pizza..and chicken..yum~ *chuckles out as i nkd*.
Which movie did you have in mind? Anime movie?
*asks chuckling as i give your hand a gentle squeeze*
lee jangjun 7 months ago
@kim seokjin I am but that's why you like me so much, right hyung? *looks up at you with a slightly hopeful expression, my fingers playing with the sleeves of my onesie*
Why are you gonna ignore it? I can't help it that you are like that. *tiers lifting up into a cheeky little smile I can't help the confident nod* Yes sir! I most definitely am, you better not think any differently.
*holding my hand out for you when you finish dressing, I give you a shy little nod if you ask if I'm hiding before leading you to the kitchen* Now, we get the junk food out, I order pizza and chicken and we curl up on the couch and watch movies. A cute, simple and innocent date.
kim seokjin 7 months ago
@lee jangjun Oh gawd...youre such a pure hearted pup. *exclaims with a fond smile*
*rolls my eyes at your words*
Tsk..imma ignore that pup.
*chuckles*fine..youre the definition of honesty.
*laughs softly*i think you are.
*chuckles as you grab my hand pulls you up. Blinks as you quickly change into the ram onesie*
Okay...*says softly as i change into the owl onesie after youre done. Leaving the zipper till my chest. And pop uts the hood up*
Are you hiding? *asks laughing as i look you over*
Okah...whats next?
lee jangjun 7 months ago
@kim seokjin I can't, I'd feel bad. I hate feeling bad.
*whines a bit and rubs the heel of my hand against my cheek*
Sure, sure, what a cute hyung you are.
*coos at you sweetly and pats your bicep*
What excuses? I'm a picture of honesty, okay? *stares at you with wide eyes*
I'm not though. *flails my legs out behind you and grabs your hand so that I can stand up once more before finally pushing my pants off and grabbing the ram onesie and hopping into it before you can say anything else, the zipper up to my neck, and the hood over my head and face*
kim seokjin 7 months ago
@lee jangjun *laughs* you can always rebel...Pup~
*chuckles out softly a i watch you puff your cheeks*
*squints my eyes at you*
thats rude and mean.*says jokinly as i try to seem upset..but fails*
*bites my lop trying not to laugh*.. excuses. *teases*
*raises an eyebrow unfazed bh your look*
Okay...if you say so...but..it does look like your trying..staying like that..*says as i motion to your pose on the bed. My eyes scanning your body shamelessly*
Come on..so we can get in those onesies~
lee jangjun 7 months ago
@kim seokjin Of course, I am, however, I wish I wasn't always. It's fun to not do what you're told constantly, but I can't get away with it.
*sighs with my cheeks puffed up a bit only to laugh at your words*
You are though, a tiny smidge, I'm cuter, but you're still cute.
*cheeks flaming, I look away from you, lips pursed as I try not to picture it* I-I can't be held accountable for anything I say during things like that. *I manage although stumbling a bit*
*hiding my face in my blankets, I scoff and turn to give you a dirty little look*
I'm not trying to seduce you... *contemplates whether to take your hand or not*
kim seokjin 7 months ago
@lee jangjun *blinks severak times as i then laugh*my..you are a good..a very very good boy then.
*huffs and shakes my head* im definitely not cute..you are cute..im not
*raises an eyebrow at your bold words* well it was cute how you calles out for me..how you wanted more.
*teases with a playful smirk*
*blinks as i watch everything just happen. Stares at you. With eyebrows raises amused*
Wow....thats not very..seductice like you know.
*chuckles out as i extend my hand out to help you up*
lee jangjun 7 months ago
@kim seokjin Isn't it? I'm a good boy, I don't like doing things because I have the guiltiest ing conscience.
*laughing a bit, I eye you up and down*
But you're y and handsome as well as cute. You can't get away from it, you just are hyung.
*huffs a bit and rests my hands on my hips* I was not being cute when I was literally grinding my on your .
*I try to sound indignant but instead I struggle to squirm out of my pants, tripping and falling onto the bed, jeans halfway down my thighs*
You can be whichever.
kim seokjin 7 months ago
@lee jangjun Good reason not to do crimes. *chuckles amused*
Im not cute....im handsome..and y...not cute.
*laughs as I shake my head as i then poke your pout*you were being cute. Thats what.
*chuckles and shrugs* you think you can seduce me baby pup?
*,goandea at you when you take off your shirt*
Am i the owl? *asks as i take a guess, at rhe same time i rekove my shirt*
lee jangjun 7 months ago
@kim seokjin Which is why I just don't do crimes. *snorts a bit, unable to fathom having to clean up a pigsty*
You're cute hyung. *looks at you with eyes filled with adoration*
.... Wait... what was I doing a few days ago? *looks at you with wide eyes filled with confusion* I thought... *trails off as I pout a bit*
Well, I thought you might not want me to seduce you but apparently, you don't think I'm able to. *I say petulantly, only joking as I pull my shirt over my head* I hope you like them! Ones, a ram and the other is an owl.
kim seokjin 7 months ago
@lee jangjun *laughs softly* well..gou make the crime..you do the time.
*says laughing at my own 'joke' *
You? Seduce me?..are you capable of that? *asks teasingly as i shake my head , holding onto your hnd as i follow you*
*laughs upon seeing the onesies* wow.
Hm?.. we can change in the same room...im not gonna eat you up..*winks playfully as i ste pl forward to take a better look at the onesies*
lee jangjun 7 months ago
@kim seokjin It honestly does, especially when I'm the one who would have to clean it.
*groans loudly at the thought but takes your hand, lacing our fingers together and leading you towards my room*
Don't you worry hyung, I have it planned out. Don't worry, I'm not going to seduct you, I just have the onesies in here.
*I say with a little laugh, opening the door to show you two onesies resting on my bed* I'll change in my bathroom if you want the room.
kim seokjin 7 months ago
@lee jangjun *nods in understanding nonetheless*
Guess you do have a point...it just makes it more depressing having a mess. *laughs out from experience*
I have no reason to hate it.
*says patting your head* okay...what to do now hm??
lee jangjun 7 months ago
@kim seokjin *peeking at you, lips bitten red I smile as you look around and feel myself warm up at the praise*
It's because I may be a mess but I like living in a comfortable home. I don't like coming home from work to be exhausted by messes. You know? *I ask softly, a gentle smile on my face*
I'm happy you like it hyung!
kim seokjin 7 months ago
@lee jangjun *follows you to your apartment. A chuckle trying to escape my lips as i notice the shybess that seems to be taking you at the moment*
Im sure i will pup.
*says with a soft laugh and a nod as i glance around your apartment when you step to the side *
Wow...more...organized than i though it would
*says teasingly as i nudge your side gently*looks nice~
lee jangjun 7 months ago
@kim seokjin *shyly tugs you into my apartment, a nervous little look on my face as I peek at you*
I hope you like my home hyung! *stops when we reach the main living area and steps to the side so you can look at it*
lee jangjun 7 months ago
lee jangjun 7 months ago
lee jangjun 7 months ago
lee jangjun 7 months ago

lee jangjun 7 months ago

lee jangjun 7 months ago
lee jangjun 7 months ago
lee jangjun 7 months ago
lee jangjun 7 months ago
lee jangjun 7 months ago


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hakyeomma [A] 2 months ago
❀ thank you for 2+ years of memories, both good and bad.
❀ the rp is now closed
❀ no new characters, 2nds, ccs, etc.
❀ i hope you all live a long, happy, and healthy life.
- love, hakyeon / hakyeomma
kimchee-godess 2 months ago
Pyo Jihoon as a second please ?
FallenBloodyAngel 2 months ago
Could i be Kim Woobin?
xxsweetdestinyxx 2 months ago
I left Seungyoon but I still have Taemin here~
[comment deleted by owner]
SageWitch 2 months ago
Left Jiyong and Ayano, might come back one day in the far future. Just taking a break. Thank you everyone for talking to me. Please take care.
tobeloved 2 months ago
can you add and reserve Kim Taehyung for me?
Maeyeollie 2 months ago
Youngjae, Jongjin, taehyung, and kibum are leaving. It's been REALLY great, but i just don't have the time to dedicate that I used to. I'll miss you all~
Myfanwy 2 months ago
I'm really sorry for going inactive again, had some serious family issues happening.
Would it be possible to get Sanha back again please?
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