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◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] [A] 1 week ago
@◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] ...maybe its because Im not really used to you acting that way cause you tend to keep it to yourself till just recently that I still don't know how to approach you properly. That option really slipped my mind and i never felt like an idiot more than that time it dawned on me that I never tried asking you before. BUT next time would be differeNT. I hope. Just dont start dropping the leaving for a week bomb too soon before I can ask you cause my mind goes blank and I malfunction in a bad way rip. I can if I have to and I wiLl. I have the emotional adrenaline to do so. That or you can give me a sign if something is troubling you so i craddle you in my arms and be the small spoon while I ask you what's wrong. Is that a good thing... Throws myself back to you and captures your lip in deep kiss, pulling away after a while to leave small pecks all over your face and neck then down to your collarbone and the exposed skin of your chest. Sputters out gibberish as I try to rebut that but ends up with me lamely pointing at you as my face stays flushed. I am noT, stop teasing me already! Chuckles to myself when I imagine you sulking in the bedroom, expertly unlocking it again as quiet as possible so you wouldn't hear before finally taking a shower
◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] 2 weeks ago
@◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] i know. But i don't think there's a reason for you to worry about that part since i'll always come running back to you as soon as i find out that you're in that kind of state where you can't seem to approach me. i'd probably end up thinking how to cheer you up again and send you a bunch of stuff. although, it would be nice if you coax me even a little. i guess i also need a bit of assurance sometimes. can you really push me down the couch, sweetheart? do you really have the strength to pin me down? lmao. but i get it. i'll just have to tell you if something's troubling me. i'm actually surprised you manage to make me vulnerable like this. now kiss mee. hides my face on the pillow and swings my feet back and forth. why are you being too cute.. clicks my tongue when you swiftly locked the door and just plops down the bed, sulking.
◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] [A] 1 month ago
@◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] I hope by now you know that if you acted that way ill just get hurt more and prolly disappear in the face of the earth…look, bintu. As much as I respect your way of handling things I don’t want the day to end without one of us asking or saying if something’s wrong. Idk, I got traumatized by lack of communication and im not really good at handling things that concerns people I care about suddenly not talking to me and stuff. I tend to return the favor and Im not helping more by not talking to the person ever again. So yeah im actually really glad everything turned out well. Not a problem at all. Next time don’t hesitate to tell me things that bothers you. Or I push you down on the sofa and demand some explanation from you okno pmsl but Ill ask you properly. Im your wife and I married you and all of your imperfections. Got it? Good. Now lemme kiss you. Chokes and just stares at you with blood rising up from my neck up to the tip of my ears. I ge t it I get it, now stop making me blush so much already isnt this bad for me or something. Quickly locks the door as soon as I felt you let the knob go and chortles. HaH now ill take a bath
◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] 1 month ago
@◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] 'cause i feel like i'll start getting cold towards you if i stay any longer without blurting it out and i don't want that, so i wanted to deal with it alone as much as possible. but i'm glad it turned out well in the end. and since that embarrassment is out, i'll just have to tell you if something's bothering me again. if that won't be a problem? rolls my body and lays flat on my tummy before grabbing a pillow to cross my arms on top of it and rests my chin there while fondly looking at you. but i rarely even show any sign of ual interest. so i'm just reminding you that even though i'm not always initiating anything, i still yearn for you. silently sighs in relief and lets the knob go when you did. take a bath now. i'll just nap for a bit
◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] [A] 1 month ago
@◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] Hmmm I think that's the only limit..unless something else comes up in the future so ill let you know, love. You disappearing for a week wasnt the scary part for me cause I fully trust you that you'll keep your word. You disappearing for a week with a troubled mind is what's worrisome; Instead of letting me help you deal with it you push me away to deal with it alone. Do you understand now, hubby? Looks at you with a deadpanned expression before shaking my head in defeat and lets out a chuckle. Only because you basically said you're my then okay. Narrows my eyes at the door for a few moments before heaving out a sigh and lets go of the knob. Alright, you win. I wont lock the door then
◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] 1 month ago
@◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] don't worry. the thought of saying that already gives me the chill. and it's the bad kind of one rip. if i were that type of person, i would've told you that a long time ago. besides, i don't even have the right to stop you from talking to someone. it's nice to see you interact with the others anyway. especially whenever you're having fun with them. like i said, i love seeing you happy. so what other limits do i need to be aware of, sweetheart? but i was just going to disappear for a week though; squishes your cheeks before stealing a kiss from your lips. got it, jipup
retracts my hand and crosses my arms instead with my eyes closed, humming. but it's not really considered as something bad if you're already my wife, right? as your husband, i have the right to think of something inappropriate like imagining you and stuff. therefore, i'm allowed to be a . as long as it's not someone else, am i correct? smiles cheekily.
cuz....... starts sweating when I couldn't think of a valid reason... uh...... !!!... what if you slip or something! i need to make sure you're safe so if you leave the door unlock, i can immediately tend to you
◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] [A] 1 month ago
@◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] Ohhh that oooone. Tbh I dont really mind nor do I find it too much nor suffocating. Ill drop everything just to comfort you and put you at ease anytime. Unless you tell me to actually stop talking to them then...that's where we have to draw the limit, love o n o...pft just a little. You were ready to disappear on m e, that wasnt just a little, hubby. That was scary. Chuckles softly and pats your . Good, bintu...that's a deal.
Shakes my head in amusement while ignoring the heat on my whole face with a chortle. I really cant with you. Being smooth doesnt change the fact that you look like a doing that, you dork. Frowns when I couldnt seem to lock the door and glares suspiciously at you from the other side. And why, do tell me, should i not lock the door hm?
◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] 1 month ago
@◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] it's nothing important, really. don't feel bad; i was just pertaining to the other one. you know, the incident. where i got just a tiny bit affected. just a little. okno. but you get what i'm saying, right? nuzzles the tip of my nose on your forehead with a smile, eyes closed. alright. i'll tell you when that happens. but in return, you need to tell me too if you suddenly feel bothered or anything. lmao i get it. i'll tell you as soon as i can if something like that occurs so you tell me anything too, ok? hangs my head at the edge of the bed and makes a small circle with my forefinger and thumb, hovering it on my eye, keeping it locked at the spot where i spank you, a smirk on my face. let me just admire you from this distance. if i'm your honey then you're my bee. wait- runs after you and quickly turns the knob so you can't lock it. let me take the offer! okno i'm kidding. but don't lock the door e 3 e
◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] [A] 1 month ago
@◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] No. Flails. Tell meeeeeee, that sounded important. Your wife is a flop, you need to know that she'll get confuse in the midst of the said topiiiic ; n ;. Shows you a small relieved smile. Your welcome, bintu...But do tell me when its not enough alright? As long as no one is getting hurt, ill let you be selfish like this. Pmsl if you say so then i will flicl your forehead. Well ofc not i supposed bUT THIS IS WHY IM TELLING YOU TO TELL M EEEeee huffs. Yelps and turns around to narrow my eyes at you with redden cheeks. We'll see about that, h o n e y. Catch me if you can. Stops then sheepishly chuckles while scratching my head. Right, bath. Almost forgot rip. Lets go take a shower together so it will be more faster! Okno im going in first hah. Rushes to the bathroom after quickly saying that
◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] 1 month ago
@◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] oh... then let's just forget about it lmao. no. it's gotta be me. i need to be careful in order to execute my plan without a problem okno. sighs out of contentment when you continuously my hair before reaching up to take a hold of it and brings it down, guiding it to cup my own cheek, pecking your palm after. that means a lot to me. thanks, jipup. hums along with you. i think i get the gist of it. but this is more than enough. thanks for letting me be this selfish. if i do go overboard, don't hold back and tell me soon. flick my forehead if you must. i'll take IT. is it really possible not to hurt myself pmsl. but ok. i'll do my best ? before you could run out of my reach, I quickly spank your when you wiggled it to celebrate your complete escape. wait 'til i catch you again, sweetheart. you'll regret escaping from me. slips a hand inside my pocket while the other one's ruffling my own hair before a smile came stretching out of my lips after seeing how excited you are. aquarium? sure. sounds fun to me. anyway, will you still take a bath or
◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] [A] 1 month ago
@◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] Oh...pmsl...wait- what was the other one again? I dont remember you asking for anything tho rip... then shouldnt it be me who should be careful? Pmsl. Tenderly looks at you while lightly scratching your head with my fingertips. I take it back, instead of teaching you, Ill just help you not get overworked by it cause thats my role as your waifu, i support you yes. Hums as I purse my lips. Limit as in, you can only be selfish by this much, if you're getting overboard with it, I will flick your forehead. Okno not really ill talk to you about it but you get what I mean by limit now right? Well yeah ofc there will always be that but this is a bit different cause im giving you a limit so you dont hurt yourself too, do you understand what i mean, love?Chuckles softly with a short nod and kisses your nose. I will tell you when you're over the limit. Pmsl i basically guessed too so i know what you mean. Eyes widens when I suddenly sensed my upcoming doomed and lets out a high pitched laugh when it was already too late and you were already attacking me with tickles. NooooO. Thrashes around till i found a way to escape and playfully wiggles my at you when i got myself free after a while. Turns back around after you asked me, completely unaware of what you have been doing after i got off of the bed and starts bouncing on the balls of my feet with an excited grin on my face. Can we go see the aquarium??
◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] 1 month ago
@◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] not really. it's cute whenever i see you interact with someone. but you know, not to that certain point lmao rip me. i was pertaining to the other one? i am planning something. and you'll never know when i'll strike. whispers near your lips before smooching it and quietly relishes the way you caress my hair. please do teach me. leans more into your touch. a limit? what kind of limit, sweetheart? but you know, i think that's pretty normal considering the couples that i've encountered before. and, well, for me, i just want to choose someone who's worth the pain. and that's pretty much you. BUT do give me a limit if it's a must coughs loudly. scrunches my nose a little but fondly lets you be, brushing back my own at you. i'm just glad my intuition was correct cuz it's really embarrassing to assume something like that pmsl. clicks my tongue and murmurs gibberish words with my arms crossed, looking elsewhere, before turning back to look at you with another twitch of my eyebrow. free country huh... i'll show you how a free country works! swiftly locks you in my arms and starts tickling you by the waist with a chuckle escaping pass my lips. you're staying hERe. my eyes followed you in astonishment from the way you assaulted my lips and left me wanting more, 'but that can wait' i thought. coming, waifu- my upper lip and smirks in satisfaction as I follow you, wiping the corner of my lips with my thumb and its tip as well. hm? i'm not sure yet. what about you? is there any place you'd like to go to?
◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] [A] 1 month ago
@◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] Slowly blinks at you as I try to rack my brain which part of the topic are you talking about before finally voicing out my confusion. You mean having my attention solely on you when you're around? Or... Akdkd you make it sound like you're planning on doing something behind my back rip also i meant mind but yeah eyes will do pft. Softens my gaze at you as i gently start playing with your silky locks. I dont hate it, but I will teach you not to be so overworked by it- I'd let you be selfish all you want but I heard from someone if you love them you'll give them a limit cause if it gets too much they'll get really hurt more in the end so...is that okay, my love? Smiles a little and nuzzles our noses for the umpteenth time. Thanks.. your gutfeels are really something i thought id get away with that smh. Grins impishly as i do a little wiggle despite your deadpanned expression. NopE, this is a free country, ill be a weeaboo if i want rip okno. Karakatte ita dakke, senpai nyang~ okno pmsl please ship me off to greenland if you must. The corner of my lips tugs up into a small smirk then swipes my tongue on your upper lip after you did that before sliding it past your plump tiers while you're still in shock and starts twirling it around with your slick ones, pulls away after much reluctance from my part before innocently pressing a peck on the corner of your lips then starts shuffling off of you with a giggle as if nothing happened. Let's goooo, hubby, where do you feel like going?
◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] 1 month ago
@◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] with both hands, I brushed your hair in each side, tucking them behind your ears, and proceeds to cup those soft adorable cheeks of yours while keeping my gaze lock on yours. now that i think about it, isn't it too selfish of me to ask something like that from you? i really don't want to suffocate you in any kind of way. then i guess i need to be careful now? lmao. brings down my hand to your hips and circles my thumb on your hipbones, eyes closed. is it really ok for me to be this selfish. don't you hate it? i think you're really cute when you're cheesy though. it's sweet. why would i look for someone i already have? inches closer and kisses your pouty lips in a loving manner. if you really don't want to then let's throw that topic off lmao. i'm not sure but my gutfeels had a strong intuition so... my eyebrow slightly twitches despite getting a kiss from you. i really shouldn't have told you. aksjdal don't you tease mE LIKE THAT. lifts up my upper body with the use of my forearm before hooking my other hand at the back of your head to pull it and initiate a long kiss then slowly pulls away but not without nibbling your bottom lip, silently adoring your giggling fit. sounds perfect to me. do you wanna go now, waifu? or
◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] [A] 1 month ago
@◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] Huffs and puffs my cheeks at you. I was just double checking just incase, i dont want you going in another spiral like that again and not telling me. I know but i wont do it...yet, it will happen when you leadt expect it yes pmsl. Flutters my eyes close in reflex before shaking my head and rests my forehead on yours. what I meant is that even if im talking to someone else, my eyes is still preoccupied with you. You literally take up most of my attention span, more so when you're around. Flush...i guess i remember getting flushed once upon a time...the most recent one is that dare thing but like who wouldnt get flushed with that rip. You shouldnt get sad tho, no one had made me blush so much as much as you did, you're still the reigning champion... In my heart. Boom. Ive been really cheesy huh askakskajdja rip. .....i just thought maybe because...idk..you were looking for the perfect one...or sumn...huffs ē 3 ē. That third one was just a silly one, just...its really just like what you felt mkaY akfndls i dont wanna go back there.. Oh....i mean..i thought... Wasnt i being discreet about it tho? rip.. Jumps a little in our position before pulling off the blanket that's been covering us for a while now, leaving a lingering kiss on your lips after. with the senpai? Probablyyyy lmao but no really lets go on a date, hubby. This will be our first date as hubby and waifu. more ugly giggles at that and gives you fast chaste kisses on the lips till it gradually turns into lingering ones
◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] 1 month ago
@◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] chuckles a little in between your kisses, feeling rather soft already by just receiving a few couple of smooches from you. why would i even lie now when the truth is out lmao. but you do know you can bite me anytime, right? couldn't help but dip my head down to kiss both of your eyelids. you can talk to them. no worries. i'm not really forbidding you to do so lmao. it's just... whenever they manage to make you flush and all kinda... makes me sad. Lmao wasn't it obvious enough? i've been purposely avoiding any other contact with girls you know. i don't have a clue about the third one tbh. enlighten mee. hunch that you were affected by it, sweetheart. lifts up my hand and softly slides my palm down your whole face with a fond smile on my face, scrunching my nose next. i don't know if you're teasing me but you know i'd love to go on a date with you
◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] [A] 1 month ago
@◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] Bites my inner cheek to stop a smile from forming at your adorable look but fails anyway and steals a few pecks. You better not be lying, mister. I will bite you. Looks back at you with my own pair turned into crescent shape slits as i smile fondly. But no one can tho...i mean i may talk to some even if you're around but my attention will always be on you, i just dont wanna seem rude if i suddenly left them even if i badly wanna talk to you already. Leans up and kisses your forehead after. Huh...guess I judged your observation skills too quickly. My bad...i thought you really couldnt care whats happening hah rip sorry;; lmao did I spoke too soon? Okno- the third one...i think that affected me more but yeah. Pmsl hunch on what, love? Moves away again so i can look at you and pulls on your cheeks with a cheeky look on my face. Please go out with me...senpai = w =
◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] 1 month ago
@◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] furrows my eyebrows with my lips forming like a fish from the way you squished them. i'm not. you really did ease me up. i couldn't ask for more. a smile came breaking out of my lips making me cup your chin and traces the outline of your bottom lip with my thumb, eyes filled with nothing but pure love and adoration. no one can ever replace you in my heart too... maybe that's why i get kinda anxious. cuz as selfish as it sounds but, i don't want anyone catching your attention. shuts my eyes closed when you flicked and jabbed my forehead before rubbing it. but you know, i did have a hint about it. that's why everything resulted to the way they did. it's one of the reasons why it happened like that. cuz i thought, 'what if it was me' something like that. but i can't seem to grasp the third one. i knew it!ー no wait. i didn't rip. i just had a hunch about it. but you have the same effect on me though. starts patting your back in a soothing manner while rubbing it from time to time. why not?
◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] [A] 1 month ago
@◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] Squints and starts squishing your cheeks, not really believing you. Stop trying to pretend you are just for my sake. Chuckles then leaves a few kisses on your lips. Ill tell you a secret... whispers against your lips. I can't love anyone else as much as I love you, literally. Whatever happens, you'll always come first. Snorts and flicks your forehead. Dont apologize, you didnt intended to make me cry. Shakes my head and jabs a finger on the spot I flicked a few moments ago. There were two occurrences in the past two years. Well three... but point is..the first one...I just swallowed it and let it happen. Second one....i didnt really liked the second one...idk it just rubbed me off the wrong way bUT i held back...the good thing about it was that i got busy so i just used that reason to tame the ugly feeling. I felt guilty after tho... the third one...was just like your situation rn...pmsl. Im a selfish person, I dont show my possessive side cause that part of me isnt really healthy and you might get scared...but I get jealous really easily. Hence why i just suddenly lose the mood to be around back then and I go disappearing bcs how do I tell you this when you dont even know what Im saying rip. It scared me tho, you have this much affect on me..and until now you still do. But yeah...im glad this was opened up...quietly laughs while resting my cheek on your shoulder with my eyes fluttering close. Might not be the right time to ask for it, love..
◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] 1 month ago
@◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] looks directly at your eyes with a hint of guilt reflecting mine before turning my head to leave a kiss on your palm, gaze still fixated on you as I do so. i feel much better now. thanks for putting me at ease. sighs and hooks my hand on the back of your head, pulling it close so I could press my forehead against your own. i trust you. i really do.. i guess i really just turn into a mess sometimes when you're involve with something like... that. leans in and kisses your lips. i'm sorry for making you cry again. shifts my head to press another kiss on both of your eyes. but you know, i'm not always talking to anyone so what made you feel like that? anyway, what do you want me to do? as compensation for this
◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] [A] 1 month ago
@◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] Lets a few more tears slide down my cheek before taking a deep shaky breath, trying to stop myself from crying already as I feel my eyes sting and swollen already. ...I dont really know if this is accurate these are just purely speculations...but you know...I used to have that thoughts as well, actually I still do. And I think I understand why you're so troubled now...and tbh...im somewhat glad that im not the only one reacting to stuff like this. Sighs and lets my eyes close while snuggling closer if its even humanely possible and lets out a weak chuckle. You know if my assumption was right, we're both a mess. But i love this mess more than anything so I dont mind... hesitantly pulls away and craddles your face with both hands while trying to make you look at me directly in my swollen eyes. but I want and need you to do exactly what i did when I was in your shoes.... i trusted you in the midst of all those chaos inside my head so this time...i want you to trust me...
◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] 1 month ago
@◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] my gaze softens as I lock my attention to you, feeling a pang of pain within my heart when you kept crying, knowing I'm the reason behind your tears. but... sighs and cups the back of your head, brushing my thumb through your hair, keeping you close and safe in my arms, silently reassuring you that I won't go anywhere. i do want to say everything but unfortunately, i can't... it's way too selfish. it's just way off the line and i don't think i have the right to.. i just want to know how to get used to it without dragging you in this. turns my head to leave a kiss on the side of your head before stroking your hair to somewhat calm you. i'm just... grumbles and presses my cheek on the side of your head.
◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] [A] 1 month ago
@◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] Immediately bows my head and lets my hair cover up my face like a curtain as tears continues to fall even more now that you're seeing me cry, not even lifting it up as you wipe some tears away. ..... weakly hits your arm as a sob escapes past my lips and tackles you in a tight hug, locking my arms and legs around you just in case you do go disappearing still as i bury my face in your neck. I want to help you handle whatever emotion you're dealing with...just like what you did for me...cause thats how this should work...as husband and wife...you said so...i still dont know what's irritating you but if you just tell it to me properly...im not lettinG go unless you say everytHING. Wipes my tears and snot away using my arm once again as I slowly come down from my crying with little sniffles. Don't hold back on me...ill listen to every word you have to say. I wont judge or think you're being unreasonable. So please...just tell me what it is...my heart breaks whenever i see you like this and i cant even help you.... hides my face once again when i start to tear up
◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] 1 month ago
@◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] my eyes widen when I heard you weeping and quickly turns my body to face you, opening up the blanket and immediately covers you with me, hand reaching for your tears to gently wipe it away, feeling a sting in my heart. i'm sorry. i didn't mean to make you cryー please don't cry. leans down and kisses your forehead down to the bridge of your nose until I reach your lips, letting my own pair linger there. i won't disappear. i'll stay. you don't have to do more than what you're already doing for me. it's more than enough. sighs and press my forehead on your crown while caressing your cheek in a soothing manner. it's not like i wanted to disappear because i want more than those. i just don't know how to handle this emotion quite well so i wanted to. and seeing how it badly affects you irritates me. but i won't disappear ok. i'll be around. moves my hand and caresses your hair, pressing another lingering kiss on your crown.
◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] [A] 1 month ago
@◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] Feels my heart drop while my hand halts from petting your head and quietly stares at you for a while. ........
Slides myself into a lying position and buries my face against your back as my eyes starts to water while tightly clutching on the blanket. Dont disappear...please dont...I dont know what you're upset about but I wanna help ease you from whatever that's irritating you so please tell me more about it... Dont go...ill miss you badly, im already a mess after three days of not seeing you what do you think will happen after a weeK. Weeps against the blanket as i start shaking you. You dummY, if you want a date we'll have different ones everyday! Just dont disappear while you're irritated or upseT. I cant stand it....i dont know what to do without you... is me saying i love you from the bottom of my heart and trying to make those gifts extra special not enough for you yet to know I wont go loving somebody else more than I've loved you for almost three years now... sniffles and wipes my tears with my arm like a kid while locking you in place with my leg over yours. Ill spoil you more, we can just stay here for as long as you want even...just tell me everything you wanT;;;;;;;;;;
◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] 1 month ago
@◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] clutches on the soft fabric but gradually loosens my hold, letting out a quiet sigh afterward. kinda... i feel too empty... i'm irritated. sorry.. should i disappear for a week. i just can't stand seeing something..
◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] [A] 1 month ago
@◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] Pouts my lips a little and settles myself beside you, petting what I guess is supposedly your head. Im sorry, bintu...I would really love to go out with you tho...don't really know how I missed this. But...Is there anything else that's been making my hubby a bit down?...
◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] 1 month ago
@◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] hides under a blanket. forget it
◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] [A] 2 months ago
@◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] Wait why didnt I SAW This
Does your offer still stands? u n u
◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] 2 months ago
@◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] hey. want to go out on a date with me?


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