◇ oh jisoo [A] 2 weeks ago
@◆ whipped for "jithoo" [oh sehun] Hums as I nod my head with a smile etched on my face as you kiss my cheek. Mmhm, so just tell me and ill go poof in a snap. Okno. But like...close to that heh. Jumps a little in surprise but chuckles right after and lets it be. Well...you can always just tell me how you wanna be pampered? Grins happily and resumes on nestling my head back in your chest. Im really running out of ideas here and I feel like Im doing nothing for you again. No. shh. Dont say otherwise. I just feel it okay? Dont pay that too much attention, just thought I should share my...worries? To you. Gazes at you with a fond smile and slightly leans up one on my tippy toes to press a lingering kiss on your lips, pulling away after awhile only to sweetly peck your lips a few more times. Pmsl then lots of smooches it iS. Raises a brow at you as the corner of lips tilts up into a little smile. Do you mean cuddles? Cuddles are great ya know. We havent dont that in a while, kinda miss it dont you, love?
Excitedly looks around but then realizes im at the entrance of the house and turns around once I hear you walk closer and climbs back up the steps. Hunnie, is there like a little passage way down to the stream of the waterfall?
◆ whipped for "jithoo" [oh sehun] 4 weeks ago
@◇ oh jisoo felt your grip tightened a little, making me lean over your shoulder to press a kiss on your cheek. you mean you'll stay for as long as I want? lowers down my knuckles once you were done kissing it before innocently giving your cheek a pat. i was just kidding. i'm bad at making a list anyway. tightens my arm around you as I nuzzle my cheek on top of your head after you shook your head and stared at me for a moment. i promise... it really won't. it would be meaningless to celebrate it without you. pulls away just enough to lean my forehead against your own, a smile making its appearance when you started rubbing your nose on mine, before a chuckle came escaping pass my lips once you were smooching me all over my face, feeling softer the moment your kisses were lighter... my lips... kiss me on the lips. hm? nothing really happened. i just suddenly wanted to feel your lips. flutters my eyes open when you seemed to stop. well... it means what it means. i'll do more than just kissing you.
my gaze automatically followed you when you walked past me and sees you heading straight down the staircase, wandering what your reaction would be if you see the scenery there; quickly sitting up with vivi in hand when I heard you call my name. just a sec, sweetheart! immediately goes off the couch and went downstairs to follow you.
◇ oh jisoo [A] 1 month ago
@◆ whipped for "jithoo" [oh sehun] Lightly hums as I smile at our interlocked hands, slightly tightening my grip on yours for a bit. And that goes the same for me. Leaves one last peck on your knuckles with a satisfied smile, completely unaware of what's happening. If you want to, hubby. Shakes my head a little with a smile when you look down at me. It's really just nonsense, love. Issok, your answer would still be the same anyways. Quietly laughs a bit then nods my head. Yeah, I'm satisfied with your answer, hubby. Stares at you for a good few seconds before nodding my head. Mkay. You promise alright. Pecks your lips right after. And you won't, my bintu. Ill be here because it wont be a hubby day without the wifeu. Rubs the tip of our noses after and closes my eyes as I keep our forehead resting against each other with a wide smile plastered on my lips, peeking with one eye before moving my hands to wrap around your neck, puckering up my lips rather playfully and slightly pulls you down and starts smothering your face with loud smacking smooches at first before it turns more gentler and more sweet pecks. Is something the matter tho? Or did something happened? Tell me where I should smooch more, mi lubby. Slowly stops myself though and quirks a brow at you. And what would that "More" be?...
I turned to leave back to the living room once i found the kicthen and dining, all the while looking around in awe and passing by you again still on the couch until I saw a staircase leading down somewhere, out of curiosity I went down and gasped while I hold on to Dalgom then shouts for you before i can stop myself. Hunnie!!
◆ whipped for "jithoo" [oh sehun] 1 month ago
@◇ oh jisoo interlaces my fingers in between yours as well before brushing my thumb on the side of your own. i'll stay with you for as long as you want. turns my head to look elsewhere as I slightly rub the bottom part of my nose with my forefinger, a faint red appearing on the corner of my ear when you kept kissing my knuckles. maybe i'll make a list of what i want on my day... brings down my gaze to look back at you after getting a peck on the corner of my lips from you. what do you mean then? hums in understanding as I slowly nod my head. so you're satisfied with my answer, waifu? keeps my eyes fixated at yours as you cup my cheeks before deciding to settle my hands on your waistline and lean my forehead against your own with my eyes half closed, glancing down at nothing in particular. mm. i'll tell you if something's bothering me. i promise. curls the corner of my lips into a smile once I heard you adorably giggled, loving each kiss that you're giving me, kissing you myself shortly. but i don't wanna celebrate my day without you
reaches for your fringe before brushing it aside after you smooched my cheeks. really? can you smother me with kisses right now. i badly need them at the moment. if you don't, i'm afraid i might do something more...
my eyes followed you when you walked past me with an amused smile on my face before looking back at vivi again, continuing to play with him. do you think mommy got mad? should we call for her?... i think mommy's still exploring our new house. plays with vivi's paws then throws my head back to look at the direction you went to.
◇ oh jisoo [A] 1 month ago
@◆ whipped for "jithoo" [oh sehun] Lets out a quiet hum in acknowledgement to what you said, thinking of the change that already happened in these past two years and looks down at my hands while a smile softly blooms on my face after hearing your next words. I guess change isn't a bad thing all the time. As long as you're there beside me as everything else changes then I don't mind it. Smoothly slips my fingers between yours after letting you play with them and gives it a light squeeze. Yup, just tell me what you wanna do or anything you want for that matter. Like how you spoil me....but the role is switched. Slowly brings up our hands up to my lips and peppers your knuckles with fleeting kisses then nods my head. Got it, I'll take note of that then. Glances up at you with your hand still on mine and gives you a quick peck on the corner of your lips then lets out a soft chuckle. That's not what I really mean, love. But somehow I feel your answer would somewhat be the same if you did get what I mean. And yes, I would be more than okay with it, hubby. Playfully raises an eyebrow at you while I keep my body turned in a rather uncomfortable position before finally facing you properly to cups your cheeks. I already get that tho, what I mean is like, if something is hurting you then you need to tell me. Especially if it's because of me. I want to know these stuff so next time I won't do it again. Because even if you're hiding something just for my sake and happiness I can easily sense if something is wrong and that would just...trouble me more ya know? Do you understand what I mean by that now? Goes to peck your lips, each kiss lingering longer than the last and giggles a little after. I was just making sure.
Smooches your cheeks when you squinted at me, not really fazed from that. I am. But that wasn't technically a lie, you're too handsome I just wanna smother you, hunnie.
Shakes my head once you let go of my finger and tucks my finger in as I curl my hand into a loose fist while I let the blood go down from my face as I spin around to squint at you on the couch before walking past you, making a beeline to the other room with dalgom in my arms as i want to look around in the house for the first time. To be honest, this is probably the most looking expensive house Ive been into. It feels weird cause this is like triple the size of a normal house I've gone in. Maybe even five times bigger!
◇ oh jisoo [A] 1 month ago
@◆ whipped for "jithoo" [oh sehun] Nods my head happily with a cheery hum, letting the corner of my eyes crinkles as my pair turns into tiny crescents. "It is. I saw that before and wished I could get one because it's just so pretty to look at. Eh? You mean you don't know? I thought you do because of your gift and the rose..." a small smile plays on my lips when I saw you glance at then but pretends that I didn't saw it as I smile innocently at you. "Heyy- psh fine don't tell me but that was pure luck. Good thing i didnt stepped on you back there really." Grins excitedly as I tighten my arms around you and even sligjtly springs in my spot. "Finally! Now that you know go to your wall, I still have one last present for you, hubby." Continues to press quick kisses on your lips with a quiet chuckle and lets the last one linger more before pulling away. "Now go check your last gift, love. Hope you'll like it."
◆ whipped for "jithoo" [oh sehun] 1 month ago
@◇ oh jisoo automatically moves my sturdy hands down and settles them on each side of your waist once you looped your arms around my neck before gently pressing my forehead against your own while keeping my gaze fixated at yours with that same smile still playing on my lips. "i'm glad you love it. that rose... doesn't it look very appealing? by the way, what's your favorite color again? i can't seem to remember if you already told me before or not." gradually starts brushing my thumb against your clothed waistline when you asked before unconsciously eyeing your lips momentarily, diverting it back to your pair of orbs after. "who knows... maybe i do know how to waltz... but you're just as good though. perhaps, even better." lowly hums as I try and arrange those letters in my head with my gaze dropping down the floor, then immediately looks up at you once I got it. "is it 'still into you'?" reflexively returns the kiss when you pulled me down before fondly nuzzling my nose against your own. "Happy 2nd anniversary, jipup. i love you just as much, laifu..." whispers that part near your lips in a playful manner.
◇ oh jisoo [A] 1 month ago
@◆ whipped for "jithoo" [oh sehun] Nods my head with a wide smile stretching across my lips while I time my footing along with me going on my tip toes to give you a quick peck on your cheek. "I love it very much. I was smiling the whole time I was reading it and eventually teared up a little. Everything about it was perfect and touched my heart" lets out a small laugh as i let my body be guided to do a turn, letting my hand go back to its place while a softly grin at you. "I didn't know you know how to waltz? Or you really don't and that was just a lucky turn." I asked as the music nears its end but I ignored that and continued. "It's 'y-o-u'...its actually three words. And 'you' is the last word so its blank blank 'you' I'll give you a hint because I want to. It's a song that both you and I mentioned about before." stops in my place as soon as the music fades away and moves my hand to wrap my arms up around your neck before slightly pulling you down for a short kiss. "Happy Second Anniversary, Sehoney. I love you so so mucho, my lubby!"
◆ whipped for "jithoo" [oh sehun] 1 month ago
Your smile was enough to inject millions of electron in my body which made me feel quite the shockwave through my system as you stare at me with an emotional look in your eyes, gazing back at you with the same amount of love and adoration, while continuously waltzing around the room with you, not daring to stop any minute since I, myself, happened to be enjoying this eventful day as much as you are too, taking delight in having this dance with no one else but you. "that's really quite a coincidence... i like the fact that we somehow think the same at some point. we even had the same idea. wait, really? so you liked it? did it make you smile?" Without further ado, I then slowly released you in my arm and courtly guides you to take a turn before placing back my hand to where it was, a smile curling itself on the corner of my lips after that perfect twist. "so... what might those three letters be?"
◇ oh jisoo [A] 1 month ago
Beams at you after hearing that, silently feeling proud of myself and continues to lead you with our waltz, making sure all those waltz lesson back in high school never went to waste. "You think so? I was gonna go with something like a dinner at the balcony or a midnight picnic. Glad i went with this. Ain't this nice?" laughs a little and turns my head to glance at the stereo before looking back at you with the same excited gleam in my eyes. "I actually got even more excited to do this after seeing your gift. Amazing how I decided to waltz with you to beauty and the beast and your gift coincidentally relates to that too." Looks down to our feet to make sure I'm no where near to stepping on you, locking eyes with you once again after i got it cleared, this time Im looking at you with pure fondness and deep affection as the music carries out. "I really can't tell you how much I love your gift....I actually teared up a little reading it' chuckles shyly at my own confession before my expression changes into a playful one. "So...you ready to know the last three letters? No more riddles or anything, I promise" grins up to you as the music reaches up to the middle part
◆ whipped for "jithoo" [oh sehun] 1 month ago
Curiously, I decided to watch you in silence as you leave me in the center of the room with an amused little smile playing on my lips. And once you were guiding my hands on were to settle themselves, I felt my heart thumping loudly against my ribcage, knowing already what you're planning to do, yet I wasn't really against it even though I'm not much of a waltzer. Slowly, my body followed the rhythmic pattern of the music and waltz along with you in sync. Making sure that my footwork is at the right pace and timing while keeping my eyes down at your feet before bringing up my gaze to look directly at your own captivating ones, quietly adoring that grin on your face. "this is really quite a surprise... i'm... actually speechless right now." softly chuckles as I slightly shake my head and continues to waltz with you.
◇ oh jisoo [A] 1 month ago
@◆ whipped for "jithoo" [oh sehun] Shhhh
Let me be sappY
You be you and ill do what i need to do
I told you i have something for you on this special day
◇ oh jisoo [A] 1 month ago
Drags you to the center of the room with a small excited gleam evident on my eyes and a huge toothy grin on my lips, leaving you for a bit to retrieve something somewhere and comes back with a small stereo on my hand. Fishing out my phone I tap away on the screen before sliding it back in my pocket and places down the small stereo on the floor a few feet away from us before stepping closer to you as that romantic sappy tune of that one specific romantic disney princess movie plays just loud enough for us to hear. "Uh...I'll try my best not to step on your feet." With a cheeky grin I hold your left arm up, thinking you still might not know what is happening, while placing your right hand at the base of my shoulder blade and your arm up to support my arm. Places my right arm up so my hand is in yours and my left arm above the your right, blinking at you while tilting my head just a bit. "I actually don't know how to waltz cause im no romantic so...yeah" smiling widely, I took a step back and gently pulls you along with me as we start to waltz around the room and along with the music
◆ whipped for "jithoo" [oh sehun] 1 month ago
@◇ oh jisoo that's also one of the reasons why i'm eager to know the answer. 'cause i don't want to keep you up for too long. you need to get some rest soon ;
◇ oh jisoo [A] 1 month ago
Now lets do this
Before i chicken out
◇ oh jisoo [A] 1 month ago
@◆ whipped for "jithoo" [oh sehun] Pmsl issok, i just need to grab your attention somehow because i might pass out and you wont get that prize, love.
◆ whipped for "jithoo" [oh sehun] 1 month ago
you should get a day off. and by that i mean, you should relax your body
don't do anything else but rest. your body really needs it ;
◆ whipped for "jithoo" [oh sehun] 1 month ago
@◇ oh jisoo i got too immersed arranging the letters. sorry about that, jipup. so what is it, sweetheart?
◇ oh jisoo [A] 1 month ago
Rip my side hurts
My everything hurts
◇ oh jisoo [A] 1 month ago
@◆ whipped for "jithoo" [oh sehun] Bintuu bintuu
◇ oh jisoo [A] 1 month ago
Let me just re read that
Jb c
◇ oh jisoo [A] 1 month ago
Weeps with vivi in my arms
Your dad is so cheesy
Im literally crying
◇ oh jisoo [A] 1 month ago
I just wanna love him rn
◇ oh jisoo [A] 1 month ago
Is he donE ALREADY
◇ oh jisoo [A] 1 month ago
What is this
◇ oh jisoo [A] 1 month ago
◇ oh jisoo [A] 1 month ago
Let me cry cause i wanna read it now
But im scared to be too soft rn
◇ oh jisoo [A] 1 month ago
I probably just have a cold
But rip
◇ oh jisoo [A] 1 month ago
◇ oh jisoo [A] 1 month ago
Its my house too anyway


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