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park jinyoung 3 months ago
/sighs softly to myself as i place my bag down on the end of my bed, eyelids falling shut as i take a moment to shrug off my leather jacket and hang it up
/running my hand through the front of my hair i open my bag and put away a few of the things from inside, my camera last as i hold it
/sitting down on the edge of my bed with the item in my hands, i begin looking through the photos on the little screen, looking at landscapes, buildings, flowers and people passing by that i've captured all day
/glancing back i crawl across my bed to put the camera on the lower shelf above my bed, leaving it there before i lay down on my back
/squirming around i pull my phone out my pocket before checking it and seeing no notifications, leaving me to leave it on the side and look out the window beside my bed
/tucking my arm over my head i lay there quietly, flicking the radio on after a moment and opening the window just a bit, only half listening to the talk show that fills the otherwise silent, lonely apartment
cha hakyeon [A] 3 months ago
@park jinyoung late but huZZAH your home !


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Maeyeollie 1 day ago
Youngjae, Jongjin, taehyung, and kibum are leaving. It's been REALLY great, but i just don't have the time to dedicate that I used to. I'll miss you all~
Myfanwy 3 days ago
I'm really sorry for going inactive again, had some serious family issues happening.
Would it be possible to get Sanha back again please?
FallenBloodyAngel 4 days ago
Im torn between Yongguk and lee Jongsuk...

Could you add Lee Jongsuk please?
[comment deleted by owner]
divertissement 2 weeks ago
may i reserve kang daniel?
chankyu10 3 weeks ago
Can I get Lee donghae please
Mayako 1 month ago
a&r wanna one's park jihoon!
4Ever2Cool 1 month ago
Can I reserve EXO Xiumin?
Wintertwilights 1 month ago
weeps sorry for being inactive again. Life caught up. Could i get mingyu back, junhui would like his character back too but he’s a little busy so if you don’t mind, could you help keep him too..? Thank you
YouDidWell 1 month ago
Alma and Holland are back and dont need the semi-hiatus anymore, thank you ^^
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