Suho Kim - Peacekeeper (β) [A] 7 months ago
@Lee Hoseok (β) /chuckles softly/
Well, baking is my hobby actually. Yes, I'm still teaching in college but somehow I feel like maybe I can share what I make with others.
/smiling softly as my eyes are looking at the worker who is doing the introduction/
I have few baker that I hired and they're the one who baking the cakes, cookies and pastries according to the recipe that I taught them.
/kisses Hyunwoo's head and smells his scent a bit/
I hope so.
/looks at you and smiles slightly, looking to the stage back/
It's starting~
Suho Kim - Peacekeeper (β) [A] 8 months ago
@Lee Hoseok (β) /leading everyone to the little arena that is not far from the tunnel, walking with Hyunwoo to the end of isle since that is the only available area to sit, chuckles when Hoseok forces me to sit on his other side, lifting Hyunwoo up and making him sit on my lap/
Yeah, I do. I just opened the bakery few months ago.
/laughs softly/
It's not something you have to wow, Hoseok.
/blushing at your words and shaking my head, smiles slightly at you/
Well, unfortunately, I don't have a mate.
Suho Kim - Peacekeeper (β) [A] 8 months ago
@Lee Hoseok (β) /chuckling softly at the scene in front of me where you're giving instructions to the kids, waiting for you guys before we move to the place where the show will held/
Well, yeah. I'm have a cafe small bakery here in mainland. Sometimes, I travel here because of work.
/smiles at you/
Actually, I'm a lecturer in the only university we have in the island.
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Suho Kim - Peacekeeper (β) [A] 8 months ago
@Lee Hoseok (β) /smiles back at you and nods my head, knowing the kids will love to see this show/
Alright. I'll wait here.
/watches you leave and looks down at Hyunwoo/
We wait for your friends and teachers, okay?
/pats his head gently, humming softly while looking around to see the beautiful sea and creatures, turns my head to you and smiles/
Good. I know the way and you all just follow me,okay?
/walks with Hyunwoo as talking with you/
I know about this performance because the worker here tell me about it
Suho Kim - Peacekeeper (β) [A] 8 months ago
@Lee Hoseok (β) Ah, I see. That's good if you have a lot of rest for the past two weeks. Just don't overwork yourself, okay?
/smiles at you and nods my head, shaking our hands/
Nice to meet you too, Hoseok-shi. I hope we can be friends.
/Hyunwoo tugs on my sleeve again, pulls my hand away and looks down at him/
/he wants us to continue with the walking as he wants to see more/
Alright. I think we need to walk again.
If I'm not mistaken, we can watch the performance from the dolphin and sea lion today.
/looks at you and smiles/
The kids will be excited about it
Suho Kim - Peacekeeper (β) [A] 8 months ago
@Lee Hoseok (β) Two weeks? They're still newborn and you already follow this trip?
/looks at you in surprise, nods my head when you explain why/
But, you still need to rest a lot for you to recover from it.
/looks at Hyunwoo and smiles at him, holds his hand and stands up/
Ah, I see.
/smiles at Sungjoo before I look at you, realizing something/
Oh God! My bad.
I should introduce myself to you. I'm Kim Junmyeon but most people know me as Suho
/extending my hand to you for handshake/
Suho Kim - Peacekeeper (β) [A] 8 months ago
@Lee Hoseok (β) I understand that.
/smiles at you and moves closer to the stroller when you point to the babies, kneeling down so that I can see their face, smiling widely when I see the twins/
They're so cute~
Hey, Mari and Kwangho!
/holds their small hand gently and looks up at you/
How old are they?
/turns to look at the boy and smiles at him, chuckling softly/
Extended kids? Why?
/reaching my hand to the boy as smiling sweetly at him/
Hello, cutie. What's your name?
Suho Kim - Peacekeeper (β) [A] 8 months ago
@Lee Hoseok (β) /smiles softly at the other before nods my head and follows you, listening to you when you tell me that about Hyunwoo, looks at him/
Well, I wonder about that too.
I don't know why but kids can warm up to me fast. Even the kids in the orphanage that I lived before.
/smiles when Hyunwoo points to shark as calls me to get my attention/
Woah, it's a shark.
/he giggles and looks back at me, ruffling his hair gently when we arrive to a group of kids and teacher, placing him down on the ground/
Go to your friends.
/looks at you and sees you check the little ones in the stroller/
Your kids?
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Suho Kim - Peacekeeper (β) [A] 8 months ago
@Lee Hoseok (β) /smiles softly at you/
Yeah. Maybe we passed by each other before.
/looks up at you and nods my head/
Yeah, he wants me to join you guys.
/Hyunwoo smiles widely at me and looks at you, standing up back properly/
Oh, really?
/looks down at him when he seems happy to know that you let me join, picks him up and carries him/
So, let's go then?
Suho Kim - Peacekeeper (β) [A] 8 months ago
@Lee Hoseok (β) /answers the boy when he asks me about the fish he sees, smiles to see how cheerful he is when he is surrounded by the many fishes/
/looks up from him when I hear someone call his name and sees he comes towards us, thinking that this person must be his teacher/
You're welcome and it's nothing.
/smiles at you, blinks my eyes and nods my head, by that time, your scent hit me/
Ah, yeah...if you mean by that.
/looks down when Hyunwoo tugs on my sleeve, kneeling down/
Yes, sweetie?
/he whispers something before I smile/
Well, you need to ask your teacher first if he allows me to join you and your friends.
/ruffling his hair lightly/
Suho Kim - Peacekeeper (β) [A] 8 months ago
@Lee Hoseok (β) /Suho decided to go to aquarium to spend his day since he is on a leave today. He wanted to take a short break from his work and had a time for himself. He smiled widely when the sea breeze hit him, the smell of the salty sea and the sound of birds chirping and flying through the sky when he's on the ferry. Once he arrived and entered the aquarium, he smiled again at the beauty of below the sea. He walked slowly to go to the tunnel when he saw a small boy was staring at the small aquarium all alone. He wondered why he's alone so he came closer to the boy/

Hey, little boy. What are you doing here all alone? Where's your parents?
/asks the boy and he tells me that he comes here with his friends and teachers, looks around to see if there any other kids with the same uniform he wears but there's none/
Let me help you find them, okay? I'm Suho. What's your name?
/smiles at him and holds his hand, walking him through the tunnel to find his friends and teachers/


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