kim jaeyoung [A] 1 day ago
@kim seongjung yes, baby, i love them a lot. perfect for valentines day
snickers after yuo take the bite, opening my mouth, and popping the rest of it in there
mm~ it tastes good too !! you did well, baby
smiles to myself, enjoying how close we are, dipping my head to nuzzle your hair, and brushes my thumb across your cheek
mm, i think so too. its, the perfect place for a classy honeymoon, right?
kim seongjung 1 day ago
@kim jaeyoung hehe do you like them? i thought they'd be something nice nd soft
grins and leans forward to take a bite, nodding a little
mhm sharing! 's pretty good though, sweet
leans against you, listening to your heartbeat with a content little hum
ooh france sounds nice. i've always wanted to visit! it's the city of love after all~
kim jaeyoung [A] 1 day ago
@kim seongjung uwaaa~ baby! theyre so cute!
takes one out the box and holds it up to your lips
ah ah, you eat half, then ill eat half, okay?
wraps my arms around your head, hugging it up to my chest and nuzzles into your hair with a big grin
youre the prettiest boy in all the world, baby, the prettiest
mm. well, everything with you is perfect, honestly
hm? i think it would be nice, to go, somewhere classy and romantic, like france
kim seongjung 1 day ago

@kim jaeyoung kisses back happily before holding up a box
i got you these!
ducks my head shyly at the compliment and laughs
ah hyu~ng~, you're gonna make me get all shy nd stuff! but i'm glad you think so, i want to always look pretty for you
right? it's perfect then
grins and swings our hands lightly
where do you wanna go for a honey moon, ahjussi?
kim jaeyoung [A] 1 day ago
@kim seongjung ahhh, happy valentines day, baby boy.
cups your cheeks with both my hands to give you a big special kiss
you'll always look pretty, seong baby. you look pretty every single moment of everyday.
mm.. i think so too, they always say spring is good for couples.
holds your hands and bounces them up and down
spring honey moon will be really romantic
kim seongjung 2 days ago
@kim jaeyoung I'm always glad to hear that hehe. Oh! And happy valentine's day hyu~ng!
grins up at you happily, leaning against your side
Mm you think so? I'd want to look super pretty for you. That sounds so fun~ I think spring weddings are good luck too
kim jaeyoung [A] 2 days ago
@kim seongjung of course you can! it cheers me up too, to see you
smiles warmly from the kiss, leaning in to press our cheek together lightly, and holding onto your hand tightly
oh, youd look beautiful in flowers. i cant wait to see it. we'll have the prettiest spring wedding ever, promise
kim seongjung 2 days ago
@kim jaeyoung i appreciate it! i know i can always come to you for cheer up cuddles hehe
leans up to press a soft kiss against your cheek, lacing our fingers together
yes! all the flowers would be so pretty and i could wear them as part of my outfit. and ahjussi would look like a prince! it's like a spring wedding.
kim jaeyoung [A] 3 days ago
@kim seongjung i hope so.. and im here to.. help you feel better, or distract you, or whatever you need !
looks into your eyes, sighing gently as i let myself get lost in them
of course. classy boys should have a classy wedding. ah? it would be, a wedding in a garden with loads of flowers would be super nice if the weather is good. and youd be. the prettiest fairy boy.
kim seongjung 3 days ago
@kim jaeyoung i probably will,, hopefully, ehe. if not at least i don't have to deal with many assignments for the next week
grins up at you before humming lightly, still idly playing with your fingers
mm-- i want it to be classy but not too stuffy you know? ooh! maybe kind of like those faerie themed weddings, those are really pretty. but really any wedding where i get to marry hyung is good heh
kim jaeyoung [A] 3 days ago
@kim seongjung oh no oh no, i hope you feel better soon, and you did super well for getting through it
inhales deeply, looking down at you with a warm smile, relaxing my hand for you to play with
mmm~ what kind would you like, baby boy?
kim seongjung 3 days ago
@kim jaeyoung i hope so! i wasn't feeling great the past few days but i had to get it together! so i hope i did well
hums lightly, resting my head on your shoulder and plays with the fingers of your free hand
i want to do that too~
laughs shyly
and i wanna get married to ahjussi too
kim jaeyoung [A] 4 days ago
@kim seongjung i know you did!! you did so well!!
rubs my hand on your tummy softly, and presses my lips up to your cheek
mm~ i want us, to, do many things together
and, get married, like we said we would
kim seongjung 4 days ago
@kim jaeyoung laughs at all the kisses and clings to you
i tried my best!!
mm yes! teacher is giving us a small break from assignments right after midterms so i have a bit more free time hehe
kim jaeyoung [A] 4 days ago
@kim seongjung ahhhh~
wraps my arms around you and presses kiss to your face over and over
you did super well!!!!
will i get to have more time with my baby boy again now?
kim seongjung 4 days ago
@kim jaeyoung tugs your sleeve and makes my way into your lap
i'm done with midterms!! yay!!
kim jaeyoung [A] 5 days ago
@kim seongjung youre doing super great!!!
im super proud of you!!
and super excited to have soft times together !!
kim seongjung 6 days ago
aaaa only one more midterm before i;m done
kim jaeyoung [A] 1 week ago
@kim seongjung presses a soft kiss to your forehead, and nods my head
im super proud of you, then
i rested, and ate, and washed today
and i feel nice and calm
kim seongjung 1 week ago
@kim jaeyoung yes and i just ate lunch too so now i am Very Full
did you rest well and eat ahjussi?
kim jaeyoung [A] 1 week ago
@kim seongjung mm, thats still very good
im glad you ate lots and slept lots
you did really well!
kim seongjung 1 week ago
@kim jaeyoung i didn't take a nap but i had a big dinner then slept lots hehe
kim jaeyoung [A] 1 week ago
@kim seongjung mm~ ill try to still be here for you, if you want a snuggly nap later
gently traces my fingertips up and down you back in calming motions
hmm.. its okay.. but make sure you have a proper meal at least once a day, and make sure you drink enough, too
kim seongjung 1 week ago
@kim jaeyoung mm a nap with ahjussi does sound very tempting-- maybe after my last class
laughs a little, looping my arms around your torso loosely
you do~ and i appreciate it. mm i had coffee and sweet bread for breakfast, and i had some chips for lunch. that probably counts
kim jaeyoung [A] 1 week ago
@kim seongjung come here baby, you can sleep, youre allowed, i want you to get enough rest, okay?
rocks you in my arms softly, pressing gentle kisses to your head
i hope i can do the same for you, baby boy... mm, i ate earlier.. did you?
kim seongjung 1 week ago
@kim jaeyoung i've been so lazy lately though so i had to catch up on lots of work, and i still have to work on my thesis.... i just wanna lay down and sleep aaa.
closes my eyes and breathes out slowly, relaxing against you
mm i'm glad i'm able to pick your mood up a bit~ have you eaten?
kim jaeyoung [A] 1 week ago
@kim seongjung you need to do just your best and that it super good and im proud of you
squishes your waist and presses my lips to your cheek, holding them there, before resting my head against yours
ive been okay. a little sad, but managable. seeing you makes me feel soft and happy though~
kim seongjung 1 week ago
@kim jaeyoung need to be doing more than my best to get ahead :< heavy sighs
clings to you and rests my chin on your shoulder
this boi loves you very much and misses you and hopes you've been well
kim jaeyoung [A] 1 week ago
@kim seongjung wraps my arms aruond you and snugs you up super close
youve been doing your best, and ahjussi is super proud of you and loves you very much and misses you a lot
kim seongjung 1 week ago
@kim jaeyoung lays across you
i hate midterms season


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