multiple div with text over it

from this tutorial

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moonkitten 1 week ago
moonkitten 2 weeks ago Reply All
USING ch4nge small THANK YOU
moonkitten 3 weeks ago
USING ch4nge small THANK YOU
qilinsprance 3 weeks ago
Using ch4nge (ver. small) on aff (username moonjellyfish), thank you
RoseThornArchive 3 weeks ago
Using koi, thank you
weishen 3 weeks ago
using reflexive, thank you!
gotohellu 1 month ago
Using ch4nge, thanks
ELFminnie 2 months ago
Using ch4nge. Thanks!
Bowrair 2 months ago
using glimpse of us, thanks!
icedpeachtea 2 months ago
using ch4nge, thank you!
keyboardsmash 2 months ago
using sos!
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