shojou rei.

the cover art of 'shoujo rei' by mikito-p. two japanese school girls standing face to face in between two blue and white railway gates. the girl on the left has long hair and a dark shadow cast on the floor. the girl on the right has short hair, but there is no shadow where she stands.
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本能が狂い始める 追い詰められたハツカネズミ 今、絶望の淵に立って 踏切へと飛び出した

そう 君は友達 僕の手を掴めよ そう 君は独りさ 居場所なんて無いだろ 二人きりこの儘 愛し合えるさ―。

繰り返す フラッシュバック・蝉の声・ 二度とは帰らぬ君 永遠に千切れてく お揃いのキーホルダー 夏が消し去った 白い肌の少女に 哀しい程 とり憑かれて仕舞いたい

本性が暴れ始める 九月のスタート 告げるチャイム 次の標的に置かれた花瓶 仕掛けたのは僕だった

そう 君が悪いんだよ 僕だけを見ててよ そう 君の苦しみ 助けが欲しいだろ

溺れてく其の手に そっと口吻(kiss)をした―。 薄笑いの獣たち その心晴れるまで 爪を突き立てる 不揃いのスカート 夏の静寂を切り裂くような悲鳴が 谺(こだま)する教室の窓には青空

そう 君は友達 僕の手を掴めよ そう 君が居なくちゃ 居場所なんて無いんだよ

透き通った世界で 愛し合えたら―。

繰り返す フラッシュバック・蝉の声・ 二度とは帰らぬ君 永遠に千切れてく お揃いのキーホルダー 夏が消し去った 白い肌の少女に 哀しい程 とり憑かれて仕舞いたい

透明な君は 僕を指差してた―。
shoujo rei.
shoujo rei.
desuwa! [A] 1 year ago
↪ please favorite the thread first!
 ↪ do not touch, tweak, delete, or manipulate the credits
 ↪ do not use part of the layout as yours
 ↪ please comment before using!
desuwa! [A] 1 year ago

to change the song, double click the triangle. the part that says "JW3N-HvU0MA" can be replaced with a different youtube video by copying the latter half of its url.
   ↪ i should use 'LSNbP9D98ZQ' in place of "JW3N-HvU0MA"
   ↪ these also come after the equal sign in all youtube videos if you are copy and pasting from a desktop browser
desuwa! [A] 1 year ago
oh! this is for public use! i think it's simple enough and not y, mostly so yeah
desuwa! [A] 1 year ago
didn't want to sleep, and i had a song stuck in my head, so i decided to make this. it's a simplistic layout, with just like. one big block of text. honestly? i think it's one of my favorites layouts i've made on the gallery so far. concept was the railway gate, but i couldn't have been bothered to make like 87 different individual rectangles alternating with blue and white. so i made a tiny box with a thick solid border, and slapped a tiny box with a dashed border on top.

the song featured is a fanmade mix of mikito-p's 'shoujo rei'. the mixer, CREIFU, combined the karaoke streams of shu yamino and shxtou. i haven't been able to stop listening to this . this took me like an hourish to make?? 2/10 on the difficulty scale, just for the little bit of problem solving that i had to do with the rail gate. other than that, it was smooth sailing.


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