glimpse of us.

glimpse of us
desuwa! [A] 11 months ago
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desuwa! [A] 11 months ago
i wanted to test out a youtube music player and honest to god? didn't think it would work. this is the first time i tried to figure out how to embed a music player into a layout at all. i had no prior experience doing it with soundcloud so it took a bit of learning. but i think i got it down now. it was a double learning experience because i had to learn how to make triangles and around with borders.

overall difficulty: 5/5
time taken: ~half of a luxiem collab + supa reading + 4 replays of 'glimpse of us'


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emptyhead 5 days ago
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hobibuu 1 week ago
using reflexive. thank you so much, it's perfect <3
seulgae 3 weeks ago
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acuteassmess 3 weeks ago
using break my heart again + love the new main layou < 333
fullsunflower 4 weeks ago
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unfreeze 1 month ago
using shojou rei!! ♥
babiedollie 1 month ago
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