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opening events!
opening events and activities for the guests at falling inn love, how pairings will work + when to be expecting them.
Hello everyone and thank you for coming to join us at Falling Inn Love! We hope that everyone so far has been enjoying your time here, and if there is anything you need then don't be afraid to bring it to your admin team!
For the first order of action we will be doing a bonding event for the guests at the inn! It is going to be a penpal event! So please read below the rules of the penpal event to make sure everything is clear!
01. Half of the charas will have the opportunity to write a letter to an anonymous person. In the letter you can put things down like, what made you want to come to the inn, a little bit about yourself, but you can not put your name on the letter or anything that will blatantly give you away! The letters will be submitted to [penpal] admin chara.
02. The admins will then send out the letters to the other half of the charas on the rp, and those characters have to respond, telling about theirselves and why they came, they are also not allowed to state any information given out to them.
03. You are not allowed to discuss contents written in the letters in the chatrooms, so if you wrote it in the letter yourself be sure not to repeat it later!
04. You are given four days to figure out your penpal with the anonymous information given to you! You will send your guesses in the the [penpal] admin, and we will let you know if you are correct or not! When both are figured out, you will then be able to discuss things and keep it going through yourselves, if you wish!
[Sending first letter] jisung, sungjae, taehyung, hyejin, grace
[Recieving first letter] vachirawit, changkyun, hyuk, heeyeon, sana

In the four days these we will be hosting other events and have a specific game each day to help keep people active, and have some fun while we wait for pairs! So read below for the schedules and the rules (if any) to the games!
Day One - Truth or Dare!
We will start things off simple with a truth or dare game between anyone and everyone who wants to participate. This game can be held either in the sns chatroom or the lounge area of the hotel!
Day Two - Archery
Every character is given a bow and a quiver of arrows (10c) and they are welcome to go out to the archery range to test your skill! roll a doce to see if you make it or not! You can do this alone or with a friend!
Day Three - Two Truths and a Lie
Another simple way to get to know your fellow guests! Feel free to play this game all day long in the sns chat room or even the lounge if the inn!
Day Four - Diving Ring Contest
This is another game you can do with a partner! In the lake there is a great spot that isnt too deep for people to dive and allows a great game! Feel free to bring your friends and start a game, there are five rings per person! Roll the dice to see if you get the dive rings or not!

These games are open for everyone to do at any time, but the times the admins will be pursing are those days! For the dice games, thats when we can find out the winner! You will all be notified when it happens!

As for the pairings, we are aiming them to come out Wednesday the 22nd! Pairings will get events and games of their own to build a bond between them and have a good chance to get to know each other without the initial awkwardness of a first date! So please look forward to the future announcements!

This friendly event runs through Friday - Monday! Please comment below that you have read this, and feel free to include questions that you may have!


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