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 tantrum jeon 1 minute ago Reply 


when you started as a #LOYAL jhope stan than crash landed in the 'ah it i'll stan them all' lane
the pain
the strUGGLE
mein kampf
jeon jungkook 3 minutes ago Reply
when the s see each other

chittaphon leechaiyakul [sh] 25 seconds ago Reply 

microwave loves you too
angelcode 1 week ago Reply Replies 

you : i love my username
you in a hood : change it
you : but i just said i -
you in a hood : do it, ho

finesse 4 minutes ago Reply Replies 

reasons to stan hoseok:
1. you just should
2. it's a life requirement

cowchop [A] 1 minute ago

maknae line is always taken :((
[ breathes at rp ]
rp: lol no maknae line for yoU
me: aw man
rp: what was that
rp: you're a also no hyung line for you

♥ Taehyung 45 seconds ago Reply

♥ Jseph 1 second ago Reply
tae is vkook hoe #0.5
bc i'm the other half to the vkook hoeness
s mac ke d

together we are the ultimate vkook hoe
we c o m p l e t e each other