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jennie kim
my main muse, but also a popular one amongst rpr. mostly nonau but aus if she fits!
bae joohyun
used to play her all the time! muse for her is either 0% or 100%. mostly for aus.
yoo shiah
my back up muse when most are taken! mostly for nonaus, but aus if she fits!
song yuqi
another back up muse when most are taken! mostly for nonaus, but aus if she fits!
kim jiyeon
muse for bona is either 0% or 100% also! mostly for both nonaus and aus!
jang yeeun
a new muse i've been trying out! mostly for nonaus for now, but aus eventually too!
hwang yeji
also a new muse of mine! mostly for nonaus!
choi yewon
muse for arin is also either 0% or 100%! mostly play her for nonaus!
kim jiu
a muse of mine that i barely play, but when i do, i love it! mostly for aus!
im nayeon
muse for nayeon is also either 0% or 100%! mostly for nonaus!
chong elkie
a new muse! used for both nonaus and aus!
olivia hye
new muse for me! since she's still really young, no mature themes for her. but, depending on the rp, i'll use her for aus! for now, mostly nonaus though!
jeon heejin
a new muse! used for both nonaus and aus! not gonna lie, she's more on the softer side!
hi, angelcode here! been on this site for many years now, have made and lost friends here but still thriving and writing! uh, i'd like to say i'm very welcoming, though most my characters always seem like they're itching to fight LOL. other than that, i don't mind making friends - more people to love!
my muses are strictly female, though mamita is persuading me to attempt a male muse LOL. my muse list isn't limited to those listed, i literally receive muse for others like lightning, but i generally try to stick to those i have down. they're heteroual, but if it happens, it happens. i'm also gmt -7, and typically don't like writing novella if a majority of it is just purple prose. it makes me . . . lazy, hehe. i don't necessarily do pm rps but wouldn't mind trying! any other rp related inquiries can be handled privately!
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on jun (sh) 20 seconds ago Reply 


That's angelcode for you 
Her amazing c&p skills are on point
n baekhyun Ⓜ 1 minute ago Reply 
we all know angelcode has the best cp to ever exist :')
un baekhyun 18 seconds ago Reply
bae joohyun 28 seconds ago Reply
ilovebaekhyun pls dont hurt his honey mocha self bc i will roar

e luda 1 minute ago Reply
'sook 22 seconds ago Reply'

angelcode c&p skills lvl 1234567890
ng jaehyun 56 seconds ago Reply
i cri over angelcode's c&p skills
phon leechaiyakul 17 seconds ago Reply
i love angelcode <3
n jeonghan 25 seconds ago Reply 
" onghan "

angelcode, everyone-
nie kim 2 minutes ago Reply
when you can recognize someone without looking at their un because of their cute c&p ; u ; c oughs at angelcode
m jiwon 1 minute ago Reply
my precious
eonghan 2 minutes ago Reply
meng jia 24 seconds ago Reply
angelcode still my bae no matter how much she ccs
eok 58 seconds ago Reply 
lee sunmi [A] 15 seconds ago Reply
i laugh everytime i see angelcode's cp skills istg
unha [A] 9 seconds ago Reply 
angelcode's cping is my favorite type of cp
moto yuta aka owner of berta plschangemyname 2 minutes ago Reply
'g jaewon'

angelcode is that u
oohyun aka i am not sweet but actually is 3 seconds ago Reply
500th to blurry, minimalism & angelcode
u girls rock my world, kiddos ♡
eon 8 seconds ago Reply 
angelcode, trademark c&p skill
y tran 8 seconds ago Reply 
zene sounds really adorable
oto yuta 31 seconds ago Reply
han jeongjoo 14 seconds ago Reply
angelcode is angelic like her username
eyong (h) 3 minutes ago Reply 
proud angelcode cp disciple bye
51 seconds ago Reply 
eunha. 1 minute ago Reply
mobile is hard shush kook ;; u ;; besides my c&p is nothing compared to the
true queen of cp...angelcode
phon leechaiyakul 1 minute ago Reply 
boopy has a special place in my heart but coraline scared me as a kid om fg
o Junhoe 1 day ago Reply History 
now how to live without you i got used to your presence
Koo Junhoe 1 day ago Reply History 
independent* d a m it
Koo Junhoe 1 day ago Reply History 
i was a perfectly dependent guy now im needy
Koo Junhoe 1 day ago Reply History 
why do you do this to me i became needy
Koo Junhoe 1 day ago Reply History 
oh darn you're offline 
sprawls my limbs on your wall
N。 28 seconds ago Reply

ehun 11 minutes ago Reply
Pinky 16 seconds ago Reply
you love your boopy ; u ;

who s a i d !!!
ehun 40 seconds ago Reply History 
i love you, boopy.
g sicheng 1 minute ago Reply

cp skills always on point c':
yu 30 minutes ago Reply 
uyu 29 minutes ago Reply 
m namjoon 20 seconds ago Reply
code you are my penguin
aeyeon 58 seconds ago Reply
s quints at eunha's c&p skills
is this angelcode i see?
tozaki sana 'literal sanshine' [A] 38 seconds ago Reply
who needs to check the profile when it's right there in the c&p
na 'literal sanshine' [A] 15 seconds ago Reply
jung eunbi 1 minute ago Reply 
i m not su re sure 
man y ma ny ne om u pe ople ha ve very v er y ba d cp sk il ls too ho ho

but you're special
nwoo 2 minutes ago Reply
um arin do you need help copying and pasting
yu 1 minute ago Reply
wonu bc that's angelcode
hui 20 seconds ago Reply
'bc that's angecode'
c r i e s
 [A] 33 seconds ago Reply
angelcode's c&p is a1
i 29 seconds ago Reply
angelcode's c&p brings me so much joy tbh
phon leechaiyakul 'lala's knight' [A] 43 seconds ago Reply
minatozaki sana 'literal sanshine' 1 second ago Reply 
choi seungcheol 'ice cream s.coups' 1 second ago Reply 
lowkey i love boopy too much that if she asked me to do something i'd i m media tely do it
i 55 seconds ago Reply
doesnt know anyone but anglcode
loves angelcode
ahyun 8 seconds ago Reply
but t hat sounds like something angelcode would d o
r emind me what happened to ur club penguin acct
min 2 seconds ago Reply
ina [A] 37 seconds ago Reply
im dahyun 21 seconds ago Reply
the angelcode club penguin st ory is my fav i never not cri
cess!jin 2 seconds ago Reply
kim wooseok 6 seconds ago Reply
a ngelcode? aNGELCOLD : ( 

i admit i kinda laughed
ncess!jin 45 seconds ago Reply
i appreciate boopy so much
m yugyeom 24 seconds ago Reply 
angelcode being joohyun would be nice but don't we have a joohyun doe
eungwan 1 minute ago Reply 
i'd love to see your c&p skills again, queen. ilyt ya know that.
seungwan 13 seconds ago Reply 
jeon jungkook [A] 19 seconds ago Reply
angelcode x -skillet ever since i saw them on my rp pancakes i really ship istg---
eunji 2 seconds ago Reply 
took a c&p for me to figure that out
g eunji 16 seconds ago Reply 
ng eunji 23 seconds ago Reply 
lee chan 2 seconds ago Reply
tmw u can guess arin is angelcode bc of c&p
ark lee 1 minute ago Reply 
when you c&p like angelcode
phon ten 15 seconds ago Reply 
c&p skills angelcode your disease is spreading lmao babe.
ng sicheng 1 minute ago Reply
the angel to my code ♡
ingyu 54 seconds ago Reply 
baby u r my angelcode-
wenhan [A]  2 seconds ago Reply 
when was angelcode hmong
thew kim Ⓜ 1 minute ago Reply
byun baekhyun Ⓜ [A] 1 second ago Reply

kim taehyung Ⓜ 7 seconds ago Reply
i have been reduced to
w kim Ⓜ 32 seconds ago Reply
kim taehyung Ⓜ 37 seconds ago Reply
damnit angelcode

i love this
tthew kim Ⓜ 1 minute ago Reply
you better not make any blog posts angelcode
soo Ⓕ 8 seconds ago Reply
kim jiyeon Ⓕ 27 seconds ago Reply
ungwon Ⓜ 2 minutes ago Reply

i lob angelcode's c&p
lgate 3 hours ago
smooches the copy pasting master tbh
rk yeeun 38 seconds ago Reply 

angel code is my actual daughter so y'all better treat her right or I'm going to go "kill bill" on your asses

noh 12 seconds ago Reply

jeon somin 9 seconds ago Reply
g yoonoh 40 seconds ago Reply

[ sweats ]

it ok anglecode 
i know it u so i accept it

oohyun 4 seconds ago Reply 

you know a while ago in this rp someone c&p jungkook's name and it came out like ungkook and i immediately went angelcode and it wasn't you and they were like ??? and i was like e //// e sorry

ang yixing [A] 12 seconds ago Reply 

angelcode miss i-have-smol-thumbs

e joohyun 12 seconds ago Reply 

angelcode's kard memes are the bEST ;; i lov

ng yixing [A] 1 minute ago Reply 

buys boopy all the grape fruit snacks

nwoo 2 minutes ago Reply 

squints bc thats angelcode 

ungho 1 minute ago Reply 

jeon wonwoo 15 seconds ago Reply

welcome to angelcode's realm, where no copy/paste is left untouched

ho 8 seconds ago Reply 

im nayeon 'miss smol thumbs' [A] 11 seconds ago Reply
i feel viCTIMIZED

im nayeon 'miss smol thumbs' [A] 18 seconds ago Reply
its too big for my hand

im nayeon 'miss smol thumbs' [A] 29 seconds ago Reply
that was like
before i got a new phone and

how cute

oungho 32 seconds ago Reply 

smooches the victimized thumbs

xing [A] 36 seconds ago Reply 

pats your thumbs

g yixing [A] 20 seconds ago Reply 

seo youngho 1 second ago Reply 
im nayeon 'meme with smol thumbs' [A] 28 seconds ago Reply
i can never be in a room with beepy and colgate

xing [A] 31 seconds ago Reply 

jeuphoric and angelcode both being admins = conflict

ngho 7 seconds ago Reply 

im nayeon 'meme with smol thumbs' [A] 11 seconds ago Reply
tell mother na ture to back oFF MY E UN HA


eyong 'loyal tree!lay' 32 seconds ago Reply 

kim chungha 6 seconds ago Reply
myoui mina 'sandy aka texas' 1 second ago Reply 
hang seungyeon 'doodlebob' [A] 1 second ago Reply
zhang yixing 'spongebob' 1 second ago Reply 
kim chungha 1 second ago Reply 
myoui mina 'sandy aka texas' 1 second ago Reply 
myoui mina 'sandy aka texas' 1 second ago Reply 
kim chungha 14 seconds ago Reply 
lee taeyong 'loyal tree!lay' 7 seconds ago Reply
myoui mina 'sandy aka texas' 13 seconds ago Reply
zhang yixing 'spongebob' [A] 3 seconds ago Reply
angelcode your writing is lovely now stfu

natozaki sana 'mrs. puff' 33 minutes ago Reply 

i temporarily have a new phone so im sorry if i cp like angelcode

sa m. 1 minute ago Reply 

might change my un from vibana to angelcodeual bcs babe.

gkook j. 2 seconds ago Reply 

i love angelcode's c&p
it's contagious sometimes but i love still

hon leechaiyakul ᵐ 1 second ago Reply

u know her from her cp skills

woo ᵐ [A] 8 seconds ago Reply

when i c&p i always make sure i mess up if its from angelcode <3

ngkyung ᶠ 52 seconds ago Reply

angelcode's c&p always make my day a little aaaaaa k yoot

n taeil 13 seconds ago Reply

that c&p screams angelcode and i was right hh

min 6 seconds ago Reply

when angelcode says "huzzah" it always makes my day :")

g yibo 38 seconds ago Reply

min yoongi 26 seconds ago Reply
im used to her c&p skills

s mother nature [A] 6 seconds ago Reply 

stan angelcode, love angelcode

ang eunbi [A] 1 minute ago Reply

yoo jungyeon [ sh ] 2 seconds ago Reply
park woojin 5 seconds ago Reply

aehyun 6 seconds ago Reply
all the people in this room are very special to me
baehwa, devilcode, toothpaste, skillet srsly
idek how we met and idek how tf we started to socialize but yeah
ty for accepting me and idek ty for being my friends?

seokjin ★ 47 seconds ago Reply 
w. viian [A] 16 seconds ago Reply
me in the stall : oh yUP YUP ITS STARTED 
svttv : SHUT UP

me: oh
angelcode; oOOOH SAY CAN YOU SEEE !!!

jimin ☆ 5 seconds ago Reply 
angelcode has me triggered af

nghan 16 seconds ago Reply 
w. viian [A] 1 minute ago Reply
eonghan 2 minutes ago Reply 
all her plants have went through death in some form of way

is on verge of tears how do you know - i don't even know you but youre acting like you know me and my plant caring skills im

; i suddenly don’t know vivi, jennie, or angelcode

inhales uhm, intuition? but i bet you’re — a great plant nanny ?

eokjin ★ 38 seconds ago Reply 
k. jennie [A] 50 seconds ago Reply
if this was jennie in character
she'd be more vulgar and threatening, angelcode is just confused

even as angelcode u r vulgar and threatening
svttv is quaking

mark ★ 4 seconds ago Reply 
k. seokjin ★ 21 seconds ago Reply
i can hear angelcode screaming in my ear rn

mark ★ 55 seconds ago Reply 

atthew kim. [A] 30 seconds ago Reply
swats boopy with a pillow

mina. 11 seconds ago Reply
we all aspire to be like you, boopy angel—

ngkyung [A] 32 seconds ago Reply
kim jiwoo 43 seconds ago Reply 
I've missed angelcode in rpr
she's cute
can we keep her 
plskim jiwoo 43 seconds ago Reply 
I've missed angelcode in rpr
she's cute
can we keep her 
plskim jiwoo 43 seconds ago Reply 
I've missed angelcode in rpr
she's cute
can we keep her 

ai anna 1 minute ago Reply
you rp irene so swell, i am trash

kino Dec 6, 2017 19:23:16 Reply History 

wHenEVeR i SeE an aNgeL i tHinK “wOw bUt YouRe nOt aNgelcOde”

sukino Dec 6, 2017 19:19:34 Reply History 

whenever i see someone do an incomplete c&p i think of u

insoul 2 minutes ago Reply
jennie kim 43 seconds ago Reply
im 5'1

5'1", feisty, & ing gorgeous

egria naynayeon im [A] 29 seconds ago Reply
ebal don't touch my name 10 seconds ago Reply 
what does angelcode look like

like an angel

ungcheol 51 seconds ago Reply
flavitico gabriel danielisio kang [A] 21 seconds ago Reply
angelcode the angel of my rpr life

chan 12 seconds ago Reply
kim dahyun 27 seconds ago Reply
kim jennie 9 seconds ago Reply
meng jia4:59:18 PMReply
i am so freaking happy i met angelcode. she always brightens my day whenever we see each other again

ai anna 1 minute ago Reply
you rp irene so swell, i am trash

woo 22 seconds ago Reply
angelcode m*king out,,,,,no, she's too pure for that
she can only hold hands !!

nayeon [A] 35 seconds ago Reply
jeon wonwoo 3 seconds ago Reply 
kim mingyu 1 second ago Reply

woo 46 seconds ago Reply
is it a bird? is it a plane? no! it's angelcode's legendary and cute c&p hdfjdkfd

jisoo 1 second ago Reply 
w. viian [A] 2 minutes ago Reply
[] im in a singie mood, pray for colgates ears

//i'm still deaf from the last time i was in a call with angelcode

uhua y.9:06:50 PMReply

ded i shouldnt be joining any new rps atm 
but also me: see angelcode as one of the admins
me: reserves chara

hiah ᶻᵉʳᵒ ᵗʷᵒ 37 minutes ago Reply

angelcode is literally
the cutest ;; u ;;

inghao ᵗʰᵉ⁸3:40:57 PMReply

Tag: bona to my minghao ✎ Tag

yunjung ˢᵉᵒˡᵃ 15 seconds ago Reply

if u dk angelcode then r u even living

ihyun ᵐᶦᵐᶦ7:32:47 PMReply

c. yerim ᶜʰᵒᵉʳʳʸ10:32:25 PMReply
Gasps a poly

a poly but its literally angelcode and carp dfshjf

jin ᵇᵃᵇʸ 1 minute ago Reply

we adore angelcode in this house

ihyun ᵐᶦᵐᶦ 27 seconds ago Reply

angelcode? all i know is
"elcode reply"

njung ˢᵉᵒˡᵃ4:25:53 PMReply

s. changbin7:24:08 PMReply
i rmbr angel code couldn't do c&p properly

literally the greatest thing she’s known for


sook ʸᵉᵒʳᵉᵘᵐ 38 seconds ago Reply

✽ ╱ k. yohan [A]6:27:01 PMReply
k. hyunjung ˢᵉᵒˡᵃ7:26:51 PMReply
s. changbin7:26:43 PMReply
p. jimin00:26:42Reply
k. sonam7:26:26 PMReply
angelcode i freaking love every inch of her

k. sonam7:26:26 PMReply
angelcode i freaking love every inch of her

k. sonam7:26:26 PMReply
angelcode i freaking love every inch of her

k. sonam7:26:26 PMReply
angelcode i freaking love every inch of her

k. sonam7:26:26 PMReply
angelcode i freaking love every inch of her

onam 19 seconds ago Reply

k. hyunjung ˢᵉᵒˡᵃ 29 seconds ago Reply
l. jinsook ʸᵉᵒʳᵉᵘᵐ7:27:41 PMReply
angelcode only deserves good things uwu

mjoon。 [A]12:33:35 PMReply

angelcode who
i only know angelhtml

eulgi ᵐʷ⁶⁰¹12:51:12 PMReply

young ᵖᵈ [A]21:50:33Reply
y. shiah ʳˡ⁹⁰²12:50:21 PMReply
unwoo ʳˡᵒ [A]12:46:42 PMReply
angelcode is iconic tho

onwoo11:12:15 PMReply

angelcode is a war zone

nghao ᵗʰᵉ⁸ 1 minute ago Reply

s. hyejoo ᵒˡᶦᵛᶦᵃ ʰʸᵉ 34 seconds ago Reply
angelcode fights anyone

nghao ᵗʰᵉ⁸11:18:52 PMReply

i love angelcode 
when she doesn't hate me :)

echu3:38:39 AMReply

i lov the angel of codes

omo11:41:22 PMReply

hee 1 second ago Reply
angelcode and her mark tuan love

aeyoung2:59:45 AMReply

akjdks angel you’re such a cute user and I love all your charas but I was scared to talk to u and idk why amdjsbbdn

nsol [A]3:10:45 AMReply

i dont want to sleep becuz i always get my muse at like in 4am for whatever reason, and angelcode apparently not gonna be here for the next two days so im tryna jus :)

ansol [A]8:41:11 PMReply

ur not allowed to play yooa we won't make that reservation for u

rk [A]‎5‎:‎36‎:‎41‎ ‎PMReply
m. mina5:36:31 PMReply
me: minding my own goddamn business
baepsae: like my mark dp?
me: tf????
me: yeah
huhua ᵍʳᵉᵉⁿ ᶜᵃᵇᵇᵃᵍᵉ11:42:44 PMReply

u guys, yesterday was somin's ooc birthday wish her if you havent jksj

nnie ʰᵒᵒᵐᵃⁿ 2 minutes ago Reply 

angelcode usernim happy belated bday <333

yunjung ʷᶦⁿˣ 2 minutes ago Reply 


yeom kim。 [A] 52 seconds ago Reply

[] i didnt even have to look for user to know arin's angelcode

NPIMOOK [A]2:50:27 AMReply

i love u anglecode pls

sohee4:05:09 PMReply

its angelcode uwu i love

i momo‎4‎:‎40‎:‎38‎ ‎PMReply
[] overall,,, angelcode is ruthless
eeun‎4‎:‎47‎:‎55‎ ‎PMReply
[] angelcode? more like devilcode
ai momo‎10‎:‎48‎:‎15‎ ‎PMReply
[] angelcode really blasting 2PM rn
ai momo 11 seconds ago Reply

[] me: let’s take blackpink’s... oh wait - that’s your character!!
me: it’s okay you can talk to your own character 
angel: it’s okay it happens

im yugyeom3:57:35 AMReply

yes it angelcode LAMDODMDK

ˢ⁰⁴ ; min yoongi3:56:57 AMReply

wtf is that angelcode

izzaisdope 4 minutes ago

angelcode isn't allowed from play yooa

yeon6:13:43 AMReply

[] i cant see arin as someone different. i only know angelcode arin

ehun1:53:24 AMReply

[] i make anglecode cry all the time :/

jeon jungkook1:53:13 AMReply

[ ] ok now make angelcode cry

hoseok。4:43:52 AMReply

unfortunately yooa's my mom i cant commit because like she adopts everything she sees

we hansol。 4 minutes ago Reply

:3 daddy shiah <3

doyeon k.3:54:25 PMReply

flashback to when i watched finding dory in spanish
ihy angelcode

 k.9:11:21 PMReply


» jinyoung p.9:11:20 PMReply

ANGLE AS A MAN?????????????

» jennie k.9:11:19 PMReply

» chungha k.12:11:05 AMReply
angel why do u always have to be women you'd be such a good boyfriend


chungha12:18:11 AMReply

if only angelcode could play namjas,,,,,,

jaebum1:29:29 AMReply

sighs... molky and angle never welcomes me...

ewon8:58:37 PMReply

this is me when im excited but user angelcoDE SHUTS ME DOWN

chu- dispATCH‎10‎:‎06‎:‎16‎ ‎PMReply
bae joohyun10:06:07 PMReply
me: my girlfriend, confirmed?
eun‎10‎:‎06‎:‎41‎ ‎PMReply
my brain : angelcode? more like devilhack
soo‎11‎:‎01‎:‎21‎ ‎PMReply
jung jaewon2:01:08 AMReply
no [A]‎11‎:‎17‎:‎09‎ ‎PMReply
COMM : angel? where?
g mino [A]‎11‎:‎28‎:‎58‎ ‎PMReply
me: /rambles to angel in hmong
angel: u-uh... annyeong.. hasey O??
okjin ★8:27:57 PMReply

[ ♡ ] angelcode is furiously typing next to me and hitting me!

ebum‎3‎:‎53‎:‎19‎ ‎PMReply
y. jeonghan 44 seconds ago Reply
angelcode kicked me out of my house and stole my wife and kids shake my head
onghan‎3‎:‎56‎:‎16‎ ‎PMReply
im gonna decorate all my profiles and say angelcode h8 club
seok‎3‎:‎56‎:‎11‎ ‎PMReply
angelcode is ok I guess
aebum‎3‎:‎56‎:‎09‎ ‎PMReply
1. angelcode bullying pizzaisdope
eok‎3‎:‎56‎:‎38‎ ‎PMReply
like I can tolerate angel... she’s cool... doesn’t know how to code or fly but ok...
onghan‎4‎:‎34‎:‎05‎ ‎PMReply
angelcode: i doNt dAncE on i T
also angelcode: heehehhheheheh posts dance covers on her story
ok‎4‎:‎35‎:‎08‎ ‎PMReply
her: I don’t dance wtf u talking about
her story: says otherwise
an‎4‎:‎35‎:‎03‎ ‎PMReply
angelcode: tired hollaaaaaaa < video of her dancing >
hun ★ [h]8:23:16 PMReply

I see angel code as a pea

ongin2:48:33 AMReply

Random but you should play yuqi again so you ca bully Noah.

ean 3 minutes ago Reply 

bullying me before i even joined the rp

l. sean 3 minutes ago Reply 

smh @ angelcode

omo ★ [A] 8 seconds ago Reply 

nayeon and jennie, with 10k+ and boyfriends: am i a Joke to u

oyeon‎10‎:‎42‎:‎49‎ ‎PMReply
[] angelcode: dating everyone in the rp
also angelcode: don't you dare date you hoe
g yein10:27:35 PMReply

angelcode been my homie ever since we almost ed in another rp

ng yuqi10:27:13 PMReply

angelcode n i are homies

eonhye1:37:17 AMReply

nayeon: i want my baby brother to knock his head on the desk so he sleeps
also nayeon: i’m gonna babysit Three Whole Babies

onghan 22 seconds ago Reply 

angelcode would never jump out from the window

but jennie is a feral animal

 mino [A]12:44:17 AMReply

JENNIE: it wasn't THAT scary
also jENNIE:

ong Yukhei [A]2:51:39 AMReply

angelcode why arent you yuqi I wanted you to guys with your deep voice.

Jungklown 55 seconds ago Reply

Kim Jennie5:11:33 AMReply
since when did angelcode gay

Seokjin 1 minute ago Reply

wow angelcode just yells at everyone

Jaebum2:19:01 AMReply

anglecode is obsessed with mark tuan that’s why

eokjin 1 minute ago Reply

it's angelcode whaddya expect

ehun [A]9:12:51 PMReply

I love yeeun the most when she’s
1) blind
2) pregnant
3) crying

Hyunjin11:17:50 AMReply

i just realized yeeun is angelcode. baby you're the angel in my life remember. ;;;

ahye2:28:38 AMReply

jung jaewon10:28:22Reply
if u make it xxangelcodexx it almost sounds like a 14 y/o gamer girl on myspace

aeyong [A]4:46:03 AMReply

i remember this is angelcode that doesnt sleep

 yuqi 34 seconds ago Reply

angle as yooa makes me think of deviancy yooa and that whole robo parts thing

nghyun 9 minutes ago Reply

angelcode mami

ungkook [A]12:50:54 AMReply

i'd wanna lov angelcode one day

eoyeon12:51:00 AMReply

angelcode is so cute

ihyo12:57:17 AMReply

angel: im not a sinner

also angel/nayeon: yeah so for jimin's birthday we're ing

young1:10:47 AMReply

i associate boopy w jennie

 jongin2:14:11 AMReply

ive never seen a namja angelcode

nghwa4:00:21 AMReply

me and angel, unofficial after 10 years: w , , w wi ll k yo iuu ff f final l y bebe mm inenes

qiong4:02:31 AMReply

eri the fastburn w angel the slowburn

ungha12:53:15 AMReply
i forget im in charge of making sure angel isnt violent
ng4:04:16 AMReply

yooa for the years ive known u your c&p habits r still the same

kun 59 seconds ago Reply

yooa has baby hands and a big screen

hyo4:11:27 AMReply

omg i appropriated angelcode culture

haeyoung [A]9:57:53 PMReply


kim mingyu [A]9:57:49 PMReply

I'm gonna bully jiyeon into changing her username.

momo [A] 25 seconds ago Reply

change your username to tinyfingers or babyhands anglecode

eokjin 12 seconds ago Reply

usernames for angelcode: tinypaws, midgetdigits, chickenfingers

on ᵉ8:45:48 PMReply

me kkting angel is just me yelling at her

k ᵉ8:45:57 PMReply

anglecode never replies to my kkt msgs

onghun10:29:12 PMReply

dw we arent dating i plan to court angelcode properly

ngyu ❜ ᵖᵉʳʳʸ [A]7:45:12 PMReply

only angelcode deserves rigHTS

ingyan ❜ ᵉˡᵏᶦᵉ8:30:56 PMReply

ah yes, the infamous angelcode cp

onwoo ❜10:49:22 PMReply

is angelcode tsunning eri twice(2) amazing

ungkook ❜ ᵈᶦᵖˢʰᶦᵗ10:49:45 PMReply

angel on kkt: i’m Laughing

junhoe ❜ ʲᵘ⁻ⁿᵉ11:56:31 PMReply

jennie kim ❜12:56:24 AMReply
n soonyoung ❜ ʷʰᵒʳᵉˢʰᶦ11:56:15 PMReply
me: hey
jen: hey
me: wait a min why r u up
jen: wait a min why r u up

unwoo ❜2:40:28 AMReply


unghyun ❜ ᵇʳᶦᵃⁿ6:16:35 PMReply

[] wait but seeing skillet and angelcode in the same rp is taking me back to 4 years ago

ugyeom ❜4:50:47 AMReply

We were sitting on this one cliff together
Then i went aight time to jump and you panicked super hard
So i pushed you off lMAAO
But it turned out you can fly so theres that

ungsoo ❜7:09:56 PMReply

idk what shes "angel"code for

myungsoo ❜7:10:10 PMReply

more like demoncode.

hnny s。 [A]8:42:16 PMReply

imagine getting love like that from angelcode
couldn’t be me

eyeon k。8:54:22 PMReply

jennie have i ever told you about how much i love it when you call chanyeols pachan

yeol p。 17 seconds ago Reply

I wish I had the energy like jennie does to crank out replies

ngyu [A]12:26:13 AMReply

bruh can you imagine all of angelcode's charas just swinging at you
i'd be scared for once

okjin6:00:58 PMReply

'the chronicles of angelcode'
should be a netflix docu series

eokjin6:44:47 PMReply

say: talking about boopies

yunjin3:05:15 AMReply

angelcode sleeping before 5am

eokjin3:12:03 PMReply

you cant not know elkie on this site mino

yukhei [A]2:07:59 AMReply


mingyu [A]2:08:17 AMReply

comes in to threaten angelcode

inatozaki sana [A]3:07:40 AMReply

someone hire angelcode for ur next assassin