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about the rp


Just a Y place we created, hoping to be a place where kids can stay active, and already have a main plot of a university life. we focous mainly rp-ing in on the walls so rooms will be added upon request. we want our kids to enjoy uni life, meet friends,stay active, fall in love and do the assignments, so, come and join us. you won't regret it. And our head student JAEJOONG (JAE) is looking for a independant, chic and hard-to-get tiffany!. but everyone else is also welcome in his heart espeacially if your as cute as chorong. oh and needs a guy pal like hanbyul and lay to go around and pick on the newbies. come and join and experience the best rp fun. 


New Kids:

chanyeol,kris,eva,seolhyun & nana

New teachers: sojin








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vespertine 5 years ago
Sojin left, sorry ;;
88433e6477c984f9daee 5 years ago
taeyeon left.
shoujo 5 years ago
baekhyun left.
Kpop_Queen 5 years ago
Eunji left sorry
Thewayyoulie 5 years ago
Jessica left, sorry ;)
YunBear 5 years ago
Hot Nerd-yeol and Kris have left. Sorry and thanks for the awesome time we had here~
taehyunged 5 years ago
jimin left, sorry D:
iceydeath 5 years ago
Applied as Yura
ignite 5 years ago
minhee left. :c thanks for having me here!
Burning91Rose 5 years ago
Sorry Dara left
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