❀ܓ a summer night's dream ~ est. 060917 ; first event going on, join the fun!

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a summer night's dream
an rp based on shakespeare's play a midsummer night's dream and on nordic folklore. summer makes everything magical, right? cue love potions and spells to find out who's the one for you.
the rules

1. as always favorites are necessary and upvotes are very much appreciated. 2. we have zero tolerance for bullying and ooc drama. please tell an admin if something like this occurs and we'll handle it. 3. This rp is for males only, however internationals are allowed. 4. this is an au rp, meaning that you're not idols here. 5. the password is your favorite flower. 6. a dating ban of 150 points and a marriage ban of 600 points. marriages and mpreg are allowed but keep in mind some people are not comfortable with mpreg. 7. and all that good stuff is welcome but please keep it in rated r rooms, walls and pms. 8. second characters are allowed after 200 points. 9. if you have any concerns or inquiries don't be afraid to ask any of the admins! when going on a hiatus please inform us about that as well. 10. after seven days of inactivity the ugly sign will pop up after your name. you will be warned and given 48 hours to get rid of it.
the application

the admins


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daddyslittleprincess 1 year ago
sehun left, sorry and thank you!
andalasia 1 year ago
Baekhyun has taken his leave, but thank you for having me!
kiraszz 1 year ago
jongsuk dropping, thanks for the stay ♥
maxie1202 1 year ago
Hey! Could you add and reserve Choi Siwon?
TY-Track 1 year ago
Thanks for having me

- Jongin —> Jongout
neotokyo 1 year ago
Yamada left, life is catching up with me;;
TheSmolChim 1 year ago
jimin dipped
baby-groot 1 year ago
can gray get a semi hiatis until july 2nd?
atarashii 1 year ago
sungjong is leaving
kingkobra 1 year ago
Ooooo is im jaebum available
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