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welcome to dead roses, a layout gallery owned by dudu-kun. all the designs and codes belong to dudu-kun. dudu-kun is a self-taught coder who treats rpr/css more as a hobby, therefore the syntax of the code can be a little messy. dead roses usually offers simplistic layouts as it's the aesthetics of the owner. not accepting requests. 

only rules :
1. don't steal the code / design
2. favourite + comment if using


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DanielUchiha 1 day ago
using blue
acuteassmess 1 week ago
using pinku < 3
lovelikeyeolxygen 2 weeks ago
using peach, thank you
stationary 1 month ago
using serenity, thank you!
Wonhosmantitti3s 2 months ago
using prince
lovelikeyeolxygen 2 months ago
using hmmmm. <333
orionsbelt 2 months ago
I'll be using ars. Thank you for sharing!
peekaboo 2 months ago
using Beau, thank you!
savage-bunbun 3 months ago
using kakao too, heh. thank you <3
savage-bunbun 3 months ago
using subtle, thank you!
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