『  ♔。』◦◦●《 ❝ DARK SOULS ❞ 》●◦◦ ∞ ᴋᴀʀᴍᴀ ᴅᴏᴇsɴ'ᴛ ғᴏʀɢɪᴠᴇ ➳『 ᴏᴘᴇɴ × ᴀᴄᴄᴇᴘᴛɪɴɢ 』

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There is a legend in the country of Elysia that around two hundred years ago, after seeing the pain and suffering of the commoners, slaves, and servants, a great shaman issued a curse over the vile beings that had dared spill blood on the Maker’s homeland. Being connected to the earth, he could hear the desire for revenge in the howling of those wronged spirits. Upon feeling their agony, he promised when the day that he uttered the curse aligned with the Spring Awakening, a night on which spirits are allowed to roam freely and meet their kin, they would be allowed to rouse in powerful bodies and avenge their former selves. As the fated night approaches, those tormented souls already walk amongst the population. Their minds are riddled with hazy memories of their past. Once they enter adolescence, they’re plagued with nightmares, flashbacks, and an unfading sensation of déjà vu. Along with their vague recollections, they have been gifted incredible powers. While those dark souls walk with the weight of their past looming over their heads, their reborn killers are oblivious of their crimes, living peacefully amongst the innocents. That is, until the upcoming Spring Awakening will finally align with the anniversary of the Shaman’s curse and will bring clear remembrance of the past to all.



Rule 001: Please do favorite the roleplay before commenting and/or applying for your character. Upvotes are definitely not required, but are very much appreciated.

Rule 002: Do keep in mind that this is a very heavily alternate universe rp. We encourage you to cultivate rich backgrounds as well as nurture interesting stories in the modern day of the roleplay. Chatrooms are very highly commonly used, however we do encourage threads to be present during your stay. We want detailed roleplaying!

Rule 003: Activity will not be stressed, but heavily encouraged. This roleplay will have storyline based events, and we do hope for your participation. Keep in mind that your character will be marked inactive after 5 days.

Rule 004: Your character can be any real person of any orientation you please, so long as they are of appropriate age (must be eighteen or above).

Rule 005: Second characters are allowed after an upvote and an active thread. Third characters will be accepted if both of your existing characters have active threads going on. We will not do a point system for this, simply because it is easy to achieve hundreds of points in the chatroom alone.

Rule 006: Marriage, pregnancy (no m-preg or fempreg; keep it real guys), violence, drug abuse, , and in character drama are all allowed. Please make you are keeping mature topics to the designated areas, including trigger warnings as needed, and have the consent of all other parties included.

Rule 007: Out of character drama will not be tolerated whatsoever. We do not condone such behavior in a place meant for writing purposes and in character interaction. Keep that private. If you have been reported to break this rule, you will receive one warning only. Afterwards you will be kicked.

Rule 008: Please interact and roleplay with as many people as you could muster. Help people feel welcomed, instead of keeping to one person or a small group of people.

Rule 009: Set up your profile as soon as possible. Your background should have already been written in the application — if anything, a brief summary of it.

Rule 010: Your person cannot be of direct royal family or the resistance leader. They can, however, be duchesses and dukes, or members of the resistance.

Rule 011:  If you do become a dark soul, keep in mind that your power needs to be reasonable in regards to your death. If you need an example of what you can do, feel free to check an admin’s profile for inspiration.

Rule 012:  If you wish to apply, please comment with the name of your desired faceclaim. an admin will roll the dice to determine if you’re a dark soul or rebon killer before adding your character to the list. if you wish to be an innocent, please state so. 

Rule 013: No godmodding. Since powers are large part of this roleplay, we recommend using a dice to determine the outcome of attacks if the roleplayers involved feel that their characters are equally matched in skill, though it is not required.

Rule 014: Check the information section (rules) for more details on powers and each type of person you may be.



Event 001: The Spring Awakening

Event 002: The Royal Ball

Event 003: A Weakened Nation

Event 004: Heroes Gala

Event 005: The Peace Games


please state which category you fall into at the top of the application and check the rules page for guidelines. Whether you are a dark soul or a reborn killer is determined by a dice roll. You may choose to be an innocent.

『 dark soul 』

♢ character name:
♢age: [must be older than 18 ic and ooc]
♢ profession:
♢ brief background [modern day]:
♢ brief background [past life | please explain how you died]: 
♢ who killed you: if you have plotted with another | if not, you will be paired with a killer and you currently don’t need to worry about this section.
♢ powers [ must be related to death]:
♢ limitations to powers:


『 reborn killer or innocent 』

♢ character name:
♢ age: [must be older than 18 ic and ooc]
♢ profession: 
♢ brief background [modern day]:
♢ brief background [past life]:
♢ did you kill someone in the past [ yes or no? could you have killed more than one person?]:
♢ if yes, who did you kill and why: please state if you have plotted with someone | if not, you will be paired with a dark soul and you don’t worry about filling out this last section.


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