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Considering I have a lot of muse for underrated boys, I figured it was about time to open a non au dedicated to them. So the masterlist is going to be filled with boy groups that I believe are underrated or I rarely see rped on this website. Fight me if you want, but unless the ones I've added have filled up, I will not be taking requests. The list will be pretty extensive so don't worry a whole lot over it!
1.) No facechasing, godmodding, userchasing, etc.
2.) IC drama is welcome if both parties plot it out, but OOC drama is strictly prohibited. Drama should not be dragged into the chatrooms either, please and thank.
3.) Be inclusive to everyone in the rp. No cliques my dudes.
4.) Inactivity set to 8 days. You will get two warnings before you are kicked.
5.) Reservations are made for 24 hours. Let's see some underrated groups out in this bish. PS is Neol Hada.
6.) Respect everyone within the rp, especially the hardworking admin team. This shouldn't have to be said.
7.) No ualizing of minors by any means (these means they must be legal according to their country's minor laws, not American minor laws). Also should be kept to walls, PMs, or private rooms that you earn points for.
8.) Overall, just have a good ol' time and take this as an opportunity to learn about new groups!
Just the Grand Opening!
Name: kang yuchan
Age: December 31, 1997 (21)
Group: A.C.E.
Fav 2018 Comeback: Shoot Out
Password: In the rules.


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kittenonaroll 7 months ago
I was hoping for a revamp.. I loved this place..
but I'm clearing out my inactives :(
leaving Byumgjoo and Yunho
-dulcet 10 months ago
e ue .
psy pls
difficultcheese 1 year ago
minkyun left. thank you for having me as long as I was here
chankyu10 1 year ago
Mingi and sandbae are leaving
WooBear- 1 year ago
Hwanhee left
difficultcheese 1 year ago
left kiseop but keeping minkyun
kittenonaroll 1 year ago
applying for Xeno-t/topp dogg's bjoo~
always 1 year ago
can i apply for block b's minhyuk?
lazy-ssi 1 year ago
can I apply for block b's taeil?
monbebe 1 year ago
can i apply as ace's donghun and knk's jihun?
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