Ethereal Moon |estab. 10.13.019|supernatural au.| literate-semi-lit.| alloritentionswelcome|looking for admins| OPEN & ACCEPTING! | Many Characters Available!

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ethereal moon
ethereal moon
be my moon to brighten up the darkest hours
roleplay description
 In the sleepy city of wonju, there resides the small odd mystical town of haebaek. The town is very traditional almost you've been swept up in a time machine and transported back to the past - expect townfolk of Haebaek dress like you and me, have the latest technology - but the atmosphere and aesthetic is old-timey and alluring. 

Haebaek is home to mythical and supernatural creatures the like - small safe heaven to relish in human customs under their precious ethereal moon. 

How will the town change when humans start to move into their sleepy town with the moon always lurking in the sky? 
rules and regulations
001. favoriting the RP is mandatory. upvoting is optional but very much appreciated. 

002. Reservations will last only 48 hours before that fC is up for taking. you can only have up to 3 characters. you can gain a 2nd character once you have 100 pts & at least one active ongoing thread. the third will be up to the admin depending on how active you are.

How to reserve; please follows this prompt to reserve.

"I would like to reserve face claim as a race under the character name of 'character name'"

please look at rules to see what needs to be included in your application!

003. Inactive status starts after ten days. this should give you enough time to post to stay active - i intend for this rp to be self-paced so that people can properly plot & create stories with your characters! But - if you go past ten days you'll get one warning & two days to get active again. No one likes to be left in the dust when you don't reply to them. if you go inactive on a second character - the second character will simply be deleted. You can gain your second character back if you can prove to any admin you are active enough to have a second again.

if you're going on hiatus - please inform an admin not just post somewhere. if you don't inform an admin then your character will go through regular inactive rules!

004. NO OOC drama will be tolerated at all. Please speak to an admin if you feel this is happening to you! anyone accused or does occ drama will be kicked out. Let's talk to each other like adults & treat everyone with respect. 

Ic drama is fine as long all parties taking part agree.

005. rated m topics will be done only in rated m rooms, character pms/walls. No exceptions. All parties involved in rated M plots need to agree to RP it!

trigger warning topics (ex. abuse, suicide, murder, or other triggering topics) will not be roleplayed here. 

ualization of Minor face claims will not be tolerated. anyone caught doing this will be kicked out!

006. all orientations are welcome! All characters & roleplayers will be respectful of the characters' ual orientation!

007. No face-chasing! Anyone caught doing this will be kicked out.

No god-modding or trying to control another player's character. don't decide things for another character. Anyone caught doing this will be kicked out.

008. This RP is au. this rp will be literate/semi-lit. and detailed 1st/3rd pov. please look at the rules page to see what I mean by this!

009. you can have any face claim you wish! idols, actors/ress, models, etc. your face claim should be 19 years old internationally!

010. there won't' be a dating ban - but don't rush into things. take time to create a fun love story for both of your characters! Marriage & pregnancy will be up to the admins - please look at the rules page for more info on this.

Move-in couples are fine if you not minors! please put in your application that you are part of a move in couple and who that other person is!

011. once your application is accepted, it is mandatory that you set up a dp picture and profile! please look at the rules page to see what your profile should include!

you'll only have four days to get your profile up or you'll be striked and warned - you'll be given two extra days to get it up - past this you'll be kicked out & character will be up for grabs. this is to prevent people from hogging characters.

011. if any admin catches you breaking a rule that doesn't get kicked out straight away then you'll get a strike - once you have three or the admins decide you've disturbed the roleplay too many times then we have the right to kick you out and blacklist you!

I really don't want to do this to anyone so please follow the rules!
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extra info
# humans
# creatures
# females
# males
all ori
playing: song name/artist


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rennuelaw 4 years ago
Han Hyunmin as a Witch/Demon Hybrid under the name Hadrian Maverick pls
seulgae 4 years ago
I would like to reserve Kim Taeyeon as a demon under the character name of Violet Everstone.
loveyloveydovey 4 years ago
I would like to faceclaim BTS Kim Taehyung under the name Skylar Moon as a Vampire, please!
JiwoosGxnshot 4 years ago
I would like to Face Claim NCT Haechan under the name Lee Donghyuck (I can't think of a different name...)... As a Werewolf, please
Pressdeletus 4 years ago
Hi can i have choi san under the name of Nyurgun bootur please! His creature being a elemental ice Dragon
046b1a71f747eee539c7 4 years ago
Is rp basically OC? :)
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