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open & accepting!
hollywood heights。
despite the prestige and glamour surrounding the neighbourhood’s name, hollywood has had its fair share of trouble with the presence of many a-list celebrities among the other elite residents. the flock of tourists and paparazzis waiting to pounce at the sight of their beloved movie stars had been an inconvenience at the very least, and even life threatening at times. many people have exchanged peace for fame, and it was unfortunately deemed by society as a fair and normal price to pay - until the bellevue apartment was built.
the bellevue apartment, located in hollywood heights, is a luxurious apartment building designed with their residents’ privacy and comfort as their main priority. security is much tighter than what the neighbourhood has ever seen, and its unbelievably high price is supposedly only affordable to the wealthiest, most famous stars in present day hollywood. however, that does not mean that the apartment only houses celebrities in need of space away from prying eyes. over time, bellevue apartment has also attracted successful artists and rich politicians among many others.
and with money being the key to the residence, who’s to say that there aren’t any wolves in sheep’s clothing lurking around?
- favorite and read through the roleplay’s description page and room directory before anything else. upvoting isn’t mandatory but appreciated. we will only be accepting accounts that are at least 3 months old. if you are a returning user, please pm your old account to one of the admins. we reserve the rights to reject your application if we consider you a problematic user.
- we accept 19+ (international age) faceclaims of all nationalities from the entertainment industry unless they are 1) deceased, 2) problematic and/or involved in a crime, 3) married, 4) have explicitly stated that they do not wish to be roleplayed. ages may be tweaked by 3 years, but 19 is the absolute minimum. do not ualise minors. you will be immediately removed and blacklisted if you do.
- reservations last for 48 hours with a 24 hour extension upon request. you may only reserve one character at a time. we will ignore your reservation comment if it does not follow the specified format. the requirements for additional characters can be found on the rules page.
- this is an oc rp set in hollywood, los angeles. please make sure that your character's names are ethnically and culturally correct. we do not allow racebending. please consult an admin if you are unsure about this. what is your character doing in hollywood?
- ic drama is allowed with consent from all parties involved. ooc drama, however, is strictly prohibited. no bubble roleplaying and/or facechasing. there is no dating ban and pre-relationships are allowed, but please interact with others as well. pm an admin if you are having issues. with that being said, respect all the admins and roleplay participants. you will be immediately removed and blacklisted if you don't.
- inactivity is set to fourteen (14) days. you are also required to reach 10 points and have at least 1 thread (with at least one post from each party) 14 days after your acceptance. you should also have a basic profile and display picture up within 72 hours. basic info about your muse and bullet points should do as long as we have information about your character. failure to do any of these will result in one strike each. you will be removed from the roleplay once you have reached 3 strikes.
- pm an admin when leaving. failure to do so will result in an immediate addition to the blacklist. do not comment on the roleplay. go to the requests room if you need a hiatus. hiatuses last for a maximum of 4 weeks.
- up to 2 character changes are allowed per user. we ask that you talk to an admin before making major changes to a character's background. you will have to reapply should you choose to do so.
- please be mindful of the conversation topic in the ooc chat, and always trigger warn your posts whenever applicable. ual and sensitive topics should be kept to rated rooms, walls, or pms. the safe word is “baked cookie dough”. all conversations must come to a stop before moving on to a different topic when you see this word. this is not the password for your app.
- we aim to be a semi-literate and self-paced roleplay. do not use text talk, emojis, and kaomojis outside the ooc room and ic sns rooms.
admin name
comment format
fc nameayaka miyoshi
fc groupactress
oc namearisa nagase
fc/oc age24/27
application format
fc nameayaka miyoshi
oc namearisa nagase
oc age27
backgroundmin. 3 sentences
are you claiming a character idea?state idea here if you're claiming one from the character ideas page.
passwordread the rules!
name here
name here
january 13
hollywood heights is now open and accepting! please read through the rules and directory before reserving. pre-reserved characters will be saved until january 16。
january 18
our first event, the housewarming party, will last from january 18 to january 25。
update 003
est 2021


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mikadzuki [A] 6 days ago
✉ ᴄʜᴇᴄᴋᴇᴅ ✉
 ⊱ please read the roleplay’s description page and directory before reserving!
 ⊱ we need more staffs and civilians!
shoganai 6 days ago
lee sungkyung
lydia oh
culinary artist and caterer
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jennie kim
valerie bae
anchorwoman, tmz comin for u
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• im jaebum
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• vasco
• 20
• designer and property developer
-baekby 1 week ago
hi, omfg i accidentally left my character kjfsdf please add me back i am a clown
orangesicle 1 week ago
fc: roh jisun
group: fromis_9
oc name: hana jang
fc/oc age: 22
occupation: asmr youtuber
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fc: seo soojin
group: g-idle
oc name: woo nari
fc age/ oc age: 22/24
occupation: dancer (performer)
dancingflames 1 week ago
fc name: mackenyu Arata
fc group: actor
oc name: dustin aoki
fc/oc age: 24
occupation: pro gamer
spotify 1 week ago
hello! i have a question
angelcode 1 week ago
claiming my reservation of sori!
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