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"it will be the greatest sorrow of my life that i missed out on idolgasm"


 a nonau with a whole lot of...

❝ quote from an idol。

as bashed up and crazy as it is, idolgasm is the only place i can be myself and i aint want it any other way. yeah, we all feel a little washed out from time to time, which is why idolgasm is more important than ever.

"you aint seen nothin yet."



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read the rules








no? leave blank [if yes please include partner's name, date and relationship status]


idols come from all around the world to safely live out their fantasies in this one of a kind world, free of judgement and the ever watchful eye of the paparazzi and fans just looking to catch another glimpse of their favorite stars. come in, unwind and let your mind and your body be free in the safe space known as idolgasm. let us blow your mind and your body in a way you wont soon be able to forget!


rule 001

Favorite the roleplay, upvotes are appreciated but not mandatory. 50 points are needed within the first 48 hours upon joining. reservations are held for 48 hours. 

rule 002

please make sure to keep all rated content on walls, pms or the designated rooms marked rated. please respect that not everyone desires to see rated content. should anyone ever feel uncomfortable in a chat, the safe phrase is 'bubbles'

rule 003

there is a dating ban for 5 days. please make sure to talk to everyone. move in couples are allowed, please let us know when applying or requesting down below.

rule 004

no ooc drama please and thank you. ic drama is fine if both parties agree to it. use brackets when talking ooc.

rule 005

please make sure your face claim is over 20.

rule 006

 all face claims are allowed except for those who are married, deceased, involved in scandals or do not wish to be roleplayed. internationals are loved and very much welcome!

rUle 007.

first character is free, second character requires an upvote, and third requires a blog! 50 points must be achieved within the first 48 hours. the pw is your favorite drink. 

rule 008.

please be kind and welcoming. if you have any problems, make sure to message the admins so we can solve it immediately! we are here to help and make sure you have an enjoyable stay here. 


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1c305d238f3853d01995 2 weeks ago
jimin takin his leave, having a hard time managing time with characters sidfosidjf thank you so much for having me everyone is so darn nice here <3
localfrickboy 2 weeks ago
Kim sunwoo please!
nalgonas 2 weeks ago
kim jennie pretty pls
homebod 2 weeks ago
jung jaehyun please
Babylon 2 weeks ago
wonwoo dipped. thank you for having me!
1c305d238f3853d01995 2 weeks ago
bts' park jimin pls
Greentealesssugar 2 weeks ago
Can I have teentop cap pls
badomens 3 weeks ago
can i have choi yeonjun as my second pls,,
saigon 3 weeks ago
may i have kim hyunjung (seola) pls!
Babylon 3 weeks ago
do you want wonwoo or ladies more? lmao
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