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— opened on:
14 feb 2023
— type of roleplay:
dating app au
— featured on:
— upcoming events:
jung chanwoo
gmt -5
leechaiyakul Chittaphon
admin name
admin name
admin name
— about

welcome to connection! a dating app that is not only used to help you find the person you want to be with, but also to help you find friends, and even more! whatever it is you are looking for, we are sure tht you will be able to find it here at connection! some come join us and build the best connections you'll find! 

— ban
banned faceclaims

deceased idols, idols that wish not to be rped, problematic idols and idols under 21 years of age

banned users

any user who is removed from inactivity twice in a row will be banned from this rp!  and other things, but let's try not and have to be banned. 

— rules

favoriting the rp is a must, upvoting is optional but highly appreciated. 


one character to start off with, you may look in the request room to learn how to get more characters. comment to reserve using the format given in the comment section, reservations last 48hrs! you may get one 24hr extension.


all orientations and nationalities are welcome in the rp! 


ic drama is fine as long as all parties involved consent to it, however, ooc drama will not be tolerated under any circumstances.


activity limit is set to 14 days, if you fall inactive you will get one 48 hour warning to remove the inactive sign or you'll be removed from the rp. two inactives back to back is an automatic removal.  


there is a dating ban of 1 week and 100 posts! please get to know the users before trying to jump into a relationship! 


please refrain from bubble rping and userchasing! please be kind open and friendly to everyone! 


if you are leaving or going on a hiatus please pm the admins to let them know! 


there is a dating app profile you may use only for this rp! please look in the info tab if you wish to use it, it's not mandatory however! the password is what your character is looking for (hookups, friends, short term/long term relationships, etc.)

— application
full name/username
insert here
insert here
insert here
insert here
insert here


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parsley 10 months ago
ㅤㅤ☰ Currently not accepting new applications! We will let you know when we are open and accepting again!
itsBay 11 months ago
ㅤㅤ↳ full name: yook sungjae
ㅤㅤ↳ group/occupation: btob
ㅤㅤ↳ username : yookcandoit
babygirlx_ 11 months ago
ㅤㅤ↳ full name: ning yizhuo
ㅤㅤ↳ group/occupation: aespa
ㅤㅤ↳ username : angelbaby
parsley 11 months ago
ㅤㅤ☰ Activity check has been completed! If any of your characters have been removed from the activity check, you will have to wait 48hours to gain your characters back + 15 posts with them in a week!
ㅤㅤ☰ Please follow the comment format to reserve your character! If you do not follow the format we will not reserve the character! Thank you! ❤️

ㅤㅤ↳ full name: (ex. jung chanwoo)
ㅤㅤ↳ group/occupation: ( ex. ikon)
ㅤㅤ↳ username : (ex. jchan_woo)
pricksosism 11 months ago
↳ full name: min yoongi
ㅤㅤ↳ group/occupation: bts/surgeon
ㅤㅤ↳ username : yoong
quarter-life 11 months ago
↳ full name: park sooyoung
ㅤㅤ↳ group/occupation: red velvet
ㅤㅤ↳ username : yourjoy
yuujify 11 months ago
↳ full name: im nayeon
ㅤㅤ↳ group/occupation: twice / streamer
ㅤㅤ↳ username : bunzpuff
cherryeolie 11 months ago
ㅤㅤ↳ full name: Park Chanyeol
ㅤㅤ↳ group/occupation: exo
ㅤㅤ↳ username : bubblegummies
Zanyzap 11 months ago
ㅤㅤ↳ full name: ok taecyeon
ㅤㅤ↳ group/occupation: 2pm
ㅤㅤ↳ username : taecyeonokay
[comment deleted by owner]
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