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pack elders decided to pass the pack leader role to song mingi following the incident with gikwang. Publicly it was decided that he left peacefully to go with his mate. However there are rumors that Gikwang was very obsessed with his mate.

est. 28 MAr 2023
WOLF pack
city au

About the rp

a HowLing Wolf is trying to communicate with another wolf. No matter the distance he howls at the moon hoping And praying for a response. Will it be his lover? Will it be his brother? Will it be his child? He does not think about this. All he thinks of is to make that connection. To hear someone respond to him. Will you Howl at the moon waiting or will You be the voice that answers?

We have Space in our pack for you. We always need men in the pack. Whether it be for those who want to settle down and start a family or for those who want to protect the pack against those who seek to end us. Join the beasts given human form.

Do not be the wolf waiting. Answer the call brother. We need you.

The pack had grown significantly since Lee Gikwang assumed control. It had been hard for everyone to adjust to the suddenly strict rulings of the new alpha. However, every wolf in the pack was aware of the cost of going it alone. Here within the pack, under the rule of gikwang, there were things they'd never seen before. Children. Families. The pack was becoming like the packs of old.

A community.

Unlike under the old alpha, they did not cower and scurry about wanting for their enemies to attack them. They stood strong together. they are strong together. We are strong together.


The pack leader role was recently handed to song mingi.

rules & guidelines

ONE Favorite the Roleplay. We reserve the right to refuse your application if you've not favorited the roleplay. It doesn't matter if we added your character already.

TWO There’s no character limit, but all characters must remain active. Inactivity is set to 2 weeks. You will only receive 2 of these warnings before your characters are deactivated. If you have been inactivity checked, follow the guidelines set forth in the inactivity check message. If you need a hiatus or semi-hiatus, please reach out to an admin.

THREE No face chasing, no face hogging, group chasing, or user chasing. If you have any question about this rule, please reach out to an admin.

FOUR All face claims must be of legal age in their countries. It does not matter that you aged them up. your face claim must be a legal adult in their country. Also, Please, Do not apply for those who are no longer with us.

FIVE We have a month heat/rut ban. You have to finish out your first month in the roleplay before you can go through your hut/rut. There Is no dating or marriage ban. Password is: summarize 2 different rules.

SIX Your heat/rut will be posted in the room marked for that. PREGNANCIES can only happen during your heat/rut and you will use the baby dice room to determine if you are in fact pregnant. The baby dice room is not a toy to be used indiscriminately.

SEVEN All plots and character types are welcome here. From the fluffy and sweet boys to those ready To break and laugh at others' pain. We do not turn anyone away.

EIGHT If you ever feel uncomfortable, please reach out to an admin. We want to create a safe place to have fun, explore, make memories, and enjoy. Howling Wolf was created for everyone to be themselves without the fear of being judged or limited by expectations.

NINE Please keep IC or OOC drama SEPARATED. You will be temporarily banned from all chatrooms if the rule is broken. A second offense of this rule will lead to Character deactivation without warning.

TEN  We STRIVE TO MAINTAIN a separation between different chat rooms for a reason. We ask you to please use the appropriate rooms. This means if you are chatting ic please use one of the ic rooms. if you want to discuss something ooc then please switch to the correct room. 


Pregnancy plots are not an exception to the rules. You must still make sure that you have been active during your heat/rut to become pregnant.

How to Join & App

ONE read the masterlist to see if your chosen face claim is there.

TWO  If a face claim you want is somone who is not active then please have a back up ready. Anyone marked inactive is in the process of an inactivity check.

THREE When applying, please give us thename of the idol/actor/etc you want AND their rank (alpha/beta/omega)

FOUR note in your app to show you are a move-in couple or joining an established family.


Full Name: Lee Gikwang

Date of Birth: 30 march 1990

Bio: few words on you

Rank&Scent: Alpha & Caramel

password: yes?


Do not comment asking us to tell you if your chosen face claim is there. You have to read the masterlist for a reason.




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direraven 1 week ago
is this place active?
steadymylove 2 months ago
Hi, could I have NCT's Jaehyun as an alpha
Pretty sure he wasn't there in the ml, but if he is, then Svt's Mingyu, also as an alpha.
sugaisbias 2 months ago
Can I reserve Jeong Yunho please?
3a94be82ad0ef90e5141 2 months ago
Do you need more alpha?!
PurpleAnon 2 months ago
Looks tempting ; u ;
broski 2 months ago
ouo how active is this?
moonites 3 months ago
jeon jungkook as an omega, please!
Kaworu 3 months ago
i'm greedy and i'm here to ask for both baekho and akito miyoshi, please
unevenstars 3 months ago
got7s bambam as an alpha please ^^
YouDidWell 3 months ago
can you add Yeo Hwanwoong as an omega for me please OuO
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