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may 11, 2023
supernatural & victorian au
opening and accepting
created by vanitas
orenda is a world filled with extraordinary beings, unique to the other. they once lived in harmony until dark magic ruined their union.

vampires view the witches as an enemy for hurting one of their kind and has come to the decision of living underground from the city illias. but this didn't stop them from crawling up to scavenge for resources for their machines.

if one ever tried dark magic in hurting the other once more, both sides swore that war will rain from the sky。
one ╱ favorite the roleplay before applying for your desired face claim. don't forget to check out our information tabs to get a view of how the roleplay will go along with our lore. reservations last up to 48 hours. if you haven't claimed your character you will still have the chance to reserve them again.
two ╱ we accept international and all orientations who are 20+ ooc as long as they do not fall in these categories: deceased, problematic/involved in a crime, wished to not be roleplayed, instagram models, tiktok artists, youtubers, ulzzangs, and cosplayers.
three ╱ ooc drama is not welcomed. please handle them in pm's or outside of the roleplay. however, ic drama is welcomed as long as both parties agreed upon consent. our safe word is jasminum. please only use it in chatrooms with topics you feel uncomfortable with. strictly no god-modding, user/face chasing, and bullying.
four ╱ inactivity is set to 15 days. if you wish to have a hiatus you can always request it in the rooms available. you are given 48 hours to remove your inactive sign, failure to do so will be given a warning followed by a kick and deactivation of your character the second time you don't remove it. you are always welcomed to comeback to the roleplay any time. p: summarize one rule you think is important.

full hiatus is 1 month, while semi-hiatus is 2 weeks. don't forget to tag any of the admins about your hiatus. if leaving, please send a private message to the main admin. refrain from commenting on the roleplay.
five ╱ our setting for the roleplay will be set in the victorian era. their technology such as the steamships, railways, photography, etc. will be implemented. (majority for the vampires since they rely on the industrial side more than the witches). aside from this, we won't be following their restrictions of women requiring to wear pants, uality, etc.
six ╱ you are allowed to have 3 characters. first is free, second requires you to upvote and post an ad blog about the roleplay, third requires 2 ongoing threads from both your first and second character and your fourth  will need to deduct 100 points from your first, second and third characters.

when requesting for your 2nd, 3rd, ... please post the name of your desired face claim and the necessary links (ad blog, etc.) in the comments section of the roleplay.

seven ╱ there is no dating ban. this is to give everyone the creativity of making your connections and plots. however, mpreg is not allowed.
eight ╱ don't forget to set up a simple background for your character within 2 weeks of joining the roleplay. at least have your basic info up (group, age, occupation, etc.) have fun!
full namejoshua hong
age823 yrs old (27 physical)

grand opening for orenda! thank you to everyone who joined and took an interest to the roleplay!。


20. 05. 23 ― orenda feature. thank you for the feature!。



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witch 17
vampire 23
joshua h.
main admin
junhui w.
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grandemint 1 year ago
this is c
TheHermit 1 year ago
Hey, could I get Yoon Sanha reserved please? Thank you!
-euphoria 1 year ago
just stopping in to say that i think this a lovely roleplay ; i just happened upon it from the "may i have this dance" advert ( the graphics were absolutely stunning ) and i can just tell how much work was put into compiling that notion ( and the rest of this roleplay ). i haven't been on rpr in quite a while, but it's always a pleasure to peak and spot places like this. wishing you the best with this place, darlings.
[comment deleted by owner]
northpaw 1 year ago
hi! may i reserve kim jongin please?
xingqiu 1 year ago
hi! can i reserve kang seulgi please?
kareni 1 year ago
can I get christian as a witch please?
dubudam 1 year ago
hello hello .. may i reserve lee juyeon of the boyz please ? :")
popmycherry 1 year ago
I changed my mind… Kim Chaewon, please~
Alastar 1 year ago
Can I reserve Kim Chanmi please
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