☂ seasons of the seoul | closed.

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sos !
Sos !
sos !
— opened on:
23 nov 3 
— type of roleplay:
city au
— featured on:
— upcoming events:
han jisung
gmt -5/6
lee minho
gmt -4/-5
admin name
admin name
admin name
— about

welcome to Seasons of the seoul! an au city rp, where anytime you are sending out sos signals you can come here and rest you mind! take it easy and move at your own pace! please join us and we hope that you all can find comfort here and express your writing in multiple different ways! 

— ban
banned faceclaims

deceased idols, problematic idols, those that don't wish to be rped, and any idol under the age of 20

banned users


— rules

favoriting the rp is a must upvoting is optional but highly appreciated! will grant you a second character! 


you are allowed up to 6 alts, you can get your first for free, second with an upvote, blog for a third! anything after that please check the request room to get them! you are allowed members of the same group if the group is 7+ members! move in couples are allowed but please refrain from bubble rping. 


please comment below to reserve your character, reservations last 48 hours! all nationalities and orientations are welcome here, but please be aware that this rp does take place in seoul, so try to have a reason why an international is here!


the inactivity limit is set to 14 days! you will be given a 48 hour warning before being removed! please remember to request a hiatus if you need it ! if you fall inactive twice in a row you will be removed without warning! 


please pm the admins for any concerns, especially for leaving. do not leave a comment down below!  


no ooc drama is tolerated, however ic drama is fine as long as all parties involved consent to it! if you have troubles please send both admins a gpm! if you have a problem with one of the admins then pm the other admin seperately adn we will address the concern with each other! 


while we don't mind rated or triggering plots in this rp, this is not a rated rp so please keep that in mind and be extra careful to make any backgrounds or posts as such. especially anything that can potentionally trigger others! keep rated plots in rated rooms, walls or pms! thank you! the password for the app is two rules summerized (can't be the first rule!) 

— application
full name / age
insert here
insert here
insert here
insert here
insert here


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finalcopy 6 months ago
is park jimin(28) from bts still reserved?
DreamlessMaiden 6 months ago
can you please add Ho Hyun Joo for me please
garten 6 months ago
may i pls reserve woo dohwan (actor/31)?
zeriri 6 months ago
may i reserve jin junya (26) please?
tubatu 6 months ago
may i reserve park jimin (28) from bts pls?
moonkitten [A] 6 months ago
☂ to reserve a character, please comment full name and group/why their famous along with their age!
(ex. can i have han jisung (23) from stray kids! )
_PrimRose_ 6 months ago
may i reserve park sooyoung (27) from red velvet please?
chungmyung 6 months ago
may i reserve park wonbin (21) from riize pls?
collision 6 months ago
may i reserve yang jeongin (22) from stray kids please?
jeonha 6 months ago
may i reserve wi hajoon (32) the actor please
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