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"is love truly blind?"
au roleplay
love is blind theme
original characters
set in korea
all orient
scroll right
"love is so blind, I'm not marrying my type"
"I've fallen in love without even seeing them"
"getting to know someone makes them attractive"
Love is Blind revolves around a group of men and women from the same metropolitan area seeking love. They participate in a unique dating experiment where they communicate in isolated "pods" for 10 days, initially in a speed-dating format. After forming connections, they can propose marriage without seeing each other. Only accepted proposals lead to face-to-face meetings. Engaged couples then attend a retreat, followed by living together in an apartment complex. The couples explore each other's lives, addressing various aspects like finances and personal habits. After four weeks, they plan and hold weddings. Throughout these four weeks, the couples can decide against the marriage.

Now, Love is Blind is coming to South Korea with a new format of allowing homoual couples. If you are single and having trouble finding someone who loves you for you, apply to join Love is Blind: South Korea to find that special someone.
1. This rp is based on the Netflix original tv show "Love is Blind" but will not be exactly like the show to make rping easier.
2. There will be rounds after we have at least 10 participants. As the last rounds participants go on their retreats, a new round may start if there are enough characters.
3. Favoriting is a must. upvotes are optional but will be required in order to gain an additional character. Please add a basic profile in 48 hours of being accepted.
4. Characters must be 20+ to join. You can bend age 5+- but must stay above 20 years of age. Internationals are allowed but as this takes place in Souht Korea, you must have a reason your character is in Korea. 
5. You may have 5 characters max. The 2nd requires an upvote, the 3rd requires a blog post and 1 active thread for each character, and the 4th and 5th requiring 2 active threads for each previous character. You cannot have more than 2 non engaged characters at once unless you just declined a marriage from the previous round. Password is why your character joined Love is Blind.
6. Inactivity is set to 14 days, you get three warnings before you are kicked. If you need a hiatus, please tag the admin in the hiatus room! Characters on hiatus can decide whether they want to participate in the current round. 
7. Ooc drama is not allowed. Ic drama is allowed and encouraged as long as both parties agree.
8. Keep rated discussions and rping in rated rooms. The safeword is "RED LIGHT"
9. As the idea of Love is Blind is that identities are unknown, your faceclaim will not be known to the public. If you are applying, be sure to have backup faceclaims in case your character has been chosen. 


Comment below your original character's name to have them added. Do not comment your faceclaim. 

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han jisung?
spiritbox 1 month ago
reserving under the name lucas han please !
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