˚₊‧꒰ა 🌹 ໒꒱ ‧₊˚ 𝙡𝙖 𝙫𝙞𝙚 𝙚𝙣 𝙧𝙤𝙨𝙚。┊ an idol, entertainment au rp。┊ ✮ 𝐧𝐞𝐞𝐝 𝐦𝐨𝐫𝐞 𝐭𝐫𝐚𝐢𝐧𝐞𝐞𝐬, 𝐦𝐨𝐫𝐞 𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐟𝐟! ┊trainee evaluation ongoing! come join our little family ❁

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について about
tucked right in a quaint little corner of the
bustling entertainment street of cheongdam,
la vie en rose entertainment of humble
beginnings seeks to establish a foothold in
the saturated industry, and are doing very well
so with already famous established groups to a
fresh batch of passionate trainees.

life in pink, where celebrities walk a flower path,
or in this case, a street doused in petals of
cherry blossoms, are you ready to dive into a
self-paced, cosy alternate universe for you to
live your idol dreams?

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アドミン admins
name here
name here
name here
melanie martinez - cry baby
たルール rules
one: this is a friends only, self-paced rp. inactivity is
set to 30 days, and it serves as a community to
fall back on whenever your muse is back. 

two: as this is an original character, alternate
universe roleplay, if the background of your
character does not align with our goals and rules,
we reserve the right to reject your application.
reservations are set to 48 hours!

three: characters we currently accept include
celebrities of all nationalities, orientations,
ethnicity and backgrounds of at least age
18+ internationally (born 2005), with the exception
of: (1) deceased, (2) have asked to not be roleplayed, (3) problematic and/or controversial (such as undergoing investigation for serious crimes),
(4) unable to have their age verified by a reputable
source. influencers/models are allowed as long as
they have at least 500k followers on one of their
platforms. do google first before reserving a
character, if not, we are happy to assist you in any
way we can. note that characters aged 18+ to 21
cannot have their ages altered.
characters aged 21+
can have their ages altered up to 3 years, with the
minimum age at 21.

four: mun wise, account must be at least 6 months
old, and mun age must be 21+, this is to avoid any
underaged people from joining. 

five: ooc drama of any kind will not be tolerated.
kindly resolve your issue privately, however, admin
intervention and mediation can be requested if
needed at any point in time. If you feel
uncomfortable at any time, feel free to approach and
tag an admin, and if in a public room, the safe phrase
"c'est la vie" can be used and the current topic must
be changed immediately. ic drama is encouraged and
expected, though it has to be discussed and plotted.
do not mix ic and ooc at any point in time, and
properly distinguish between the faceclaim, the
character, and mun. all parties involved must approve
to the drama before it starts, and failure to comply
with this rule will result in one warning for the

six: nsfw, mature, and triggering content is only allowed in any rooms labeled with an [M]. triggers on profiles and posts/replies must be properly labelled, and failure to comply with this rule will result in one warning for the offender. 

seven: face chasing, user chasing, ship chasing,
metagaming, godmodding, plagiarism, bullying,
making others uncomfortable, or discrimination of
any kind will not be tolerated, and upon investigation,
a strike or a ban will be given if there is an incident of
the above happening. As this roleplay is meant to be
a safe space for writers to connect, create and
interact with like-minded people, we wish to see a
comfortable setting and space filled with respect and
mutual understanding for each and every person that
joins us.

eight: bubble rp-ing is understandably inevitable,
especially if your character is built a little less social
and not outgoing. Hence, all we ask for is to be kind
and welcoming to everyone, and again, treating
others with respect and mutual understanding.

nine: this roleplay utilizes a 1-strike system.
2 warnings (excluding warnings for hiatuses or inactivity) will amount to to 1 strike, resulting in
immediate removal from the roleplay and may
include permanent blocks from the admin team.
warnings and strikes will be privately sent to the
offender along with a full detail of said offence.
these messages cannot be deleted under any
circumstances and failure to comply with this will
result in immediate removal from the roleplay and a
permanent block from the admin team. 

ten: if you are leaving, please PM admin lavieenrose. 

eleven: there is no need for an extensive background
for your character, as we understand that
backgrounds can be built up upon making
connections. however, at least the basics has to be
there (i.e name, age, occupation, etc.). p a s s w o r d:
why do you want to join (don't think too hard about this!)

twelve: characters must stay true to their cis gender
(no g!p, b!p, trans). pregnancy, adoption and
surrogacy are allowed with ooc consent from all
parties involved, and ceos must be notified as well.
do keep in mind that pregnancy and children will
affect your character's career. pregnancy lasts 3
months ooc, and mpreg and fempreg are not

thirteen: all forms of injuries, health and mental
conditions can be represented, but do thorough
research beforehand and use trigger warnings. this
is meant to be a safe space, so please be respectful,
properly label them and provide full disclosure
of your character's condition, at least ooc to prevent

fourteen: time is a concept for plots, but in the ic
chat section, do remember to keep to the current
timezone of this roleplay which is KST (GMT +9) as
the roleplay is set in Seoul, South Korea, unless your
character is not in South Korea at that moment!
応用 application
do read occupations tab, talents + skills
tab before applying for your own

out of character!

faceclaim: full name + group/job
timezone: gmt +/-
password: read the rules.

in character!

full name: oc name.
stage name: optional.
birthdate + age:
occupation: read occupation room.
group: for idols only.
talents: vocal, dance, rap, acting.
max value of each stat is 10.

trainees get 18 total, idols 22 total,
actors 20 total (8 minimum for acting).

not required for other occupations.

skills: 3 maximum.
background: 1-4 sentences.


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preciosa 1 day ago
send help [ pls!! ] newjeans' hanni or dani, illit's minju or aespa's winter? ><
sliceofjade 2 days ago
i want to reserve a member for alpha, but what is needed right now for it? i see that there are 6 out of 7 members right?
emptyhead 3 days ago
could I reserve one pact's lee yedam as a trainee with the oc name kwak eunjae please?
lostinparadise 6 days ago
hello may I reserve Cha Eunwoo as Alpha member with OC name Daniel Kim please?
wonholic 6 days ago
hey do you guys by chance still have my ryu hajoon?
Miseenscene [A] 1 week ago
Total Population: 30 people [ M: 11 - F: 19 ]

currently looking for:
alpha (3 members needed) - lead rapper, lead dancer, lead vocal position.

new idol groups (as trainees first!):
male band (5 members)
male idol group (5 members)
female idol group + band (aoa + aoa black's concept, 4 members for the band unit, whole group undecided, but 8/10/12 members total)

staff position needed badly:
managers (as many as possible!)

thank you for taking the time to check us out, and looking forward to have you here with us!
-jewel 1 week ago
hello hello, may I please have Nakamura Kazuha, from LE SSERAFIM, as a trainee and can go by the name of Sho Hikari stage name of Ari please?
honeypop 1 week ago
hellooo may I add and reserve Choi San as a producer pls?
vearth 1 week ago
May I reserve Kawanishi Takumi as trainee please? With OC name Mizuno Issei

Thank you
kynelope 1 month ago
Can I a&r Shim Youngjoon and Baek Juho please?
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