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TRUCK-KUN is named after the infamous isekai plot device, in which a character is transported to another world after getting hit by a truck.
The premise is simple: one day, you wake up in an unfamiliar modern city that isn’t your own. You still have your memories intact, but all powers/supernatural abilities you once possessed are gone—and most importantly, you have no way of getting back to your own world, forcing you to adapt into this strange city many have referred to as The Afterlife.
There’s no set way for you to be transported into The Afterlife, so by all means get creative (or not)! You can use the Truck-kun trope if you want, change it into a school bus, make your character discover some glowing orb that them into their new world, do a teleportation gone wrong kind of plot, get them zapped by lightning—anything that is possible in your character’s original universe.
No one knows when or how The Afterlife came to be, but the city’s population is a mix between people who have been there for a while (how long exactly? No one knows either—somehow aging is no longer a thing here so no one has really bothered to keep track of time either) and those who have only just woken up randomly in the city five minutes ago. There also seems to be nothing on any other civilization besides this one. As far as you know, you’re all alone, trapped in a borderless city with people coming from all sorts of worlds, just as confused as you are.
1. Read through the description and rules carefully before anything else. Favoriting the RP is required in order to reserve your character. Upvoting is optional, but very much appreciated. The admins reserve the right to reject your application if we receive numerous concerns about you, or if you are known to be a problematic user.
2. We allow fictional characters from all sorts of established media (anime/manga, video games, live action film/TV, western animation/comics, webtoons, etc.), on the condition that they are physically and mentally 18+ when they are brought into the RP’s world. If your character has multiple arcs/interpretations in which they are of different ages (e.g. Jason Todd as Robin vs Jason Todd as Red Hood), you may choose one version to bring into this RP, provided that they satisfy the age requirement. However, you may not age up your character if they have not aged in canon. Lastly, do not ualise minors. You will be removed and blacklisted immediately if you do.
3. You may claim 3 characters off the bat, and add more to your list with a proven activity record. Each additional character warrants 50 points or an active thread from each of your existing characters—there is no limit as to how many you can claim, as long as you are able to handle them. Please notify us if you need to drop one or multiple characters. Alternatively, you can CC as many times as you wish without a cooldown period, but don’t abuse this rule.
4. You can have characters from the same universe/work especially if they have a large ensemble cast, although we would encourage you to diversify your roster as much as possible. We don’t allow twins/duplicate characters for the time being, even if they may have multiple iterations in canon media.
5. IC drama is allowed as long as the involved parties consent to it. OOC drama, however, is strictly prohibited. This goes without saying. You will only receive one warning before being kicked out and blacklisted if we find you causing OOC drama. You are welcome to raise concerns with the admins, but we are not responsible for anything beyond keeping the roleplay a safe space for everyone. We expect you to settle other OOC issues outside the roleplay.
6. With that being said, please be mindful of the conversation topics in the OOC chat. Refrain from bringing in triggering topics (put a warning if you absolutely have to), OOC drama (blogs, other rps, etc.), and/or trauma dumps. It is merely a space to casually mingle with your fellow roleplayers. Rated topics should go into rated rooms and preferably done in moderation, both IC and OOC. We implement a 3 strike system for this—you will be greylisted (meaning you’re kicked out and banned from rejoining for 72 hours), or permanently blacklisted depending on the severity of your actions. The safe phrase is “unicycle sama”. When you see this, all conversations must come to a halt before moving on to a different topic. This is not the password for your app.
7. We heavily encourage you to use our rooms to roleplay in whenever possible. However, and other ually explicit plots are to be done in PMs only. Other non-ual NSFW plots (e.g. violence) are allowed, but make sure to put appropriate trigger warnings. Some IC roleplaying rooms are rated, but only for more lenience on what can be written there. Think of it in age ratings—the [M] sign functions like the Mature rating on AO3, but if your plot goes further than that and might warrant the Explicit category instead, we ask that you keep it away from public spaces. What you’re going to need for entry is a wiki/updated info page of your character.
8. No godmodding, metagaming, making your character OP, or anything that gives you and your characters unreasonable advantage over the others. Unfortunately being isekai-ed into The Afterlife means that your characters no longer have access to their superpowers. Weapons are fine (only if applicable—as a general rule, only items your character normally carries with them are allowed), but note that they lose all magical enhancements upon entering this world. As a general rule of thumb, anything deemed impossible and/or nonexistent in the real world will not carry over into The Afterlife.
9. Activity is set to 30 days. We try not to have too many activity requirements, but you must set up a DP within 48 hours of acceptance and either 1) have an active thread (at least 5 replies in total regardless of participants, one of which must be yours) or 2) put up a basic profile within 2 weeks of joining. We won’t strictly enforce this so just drop us a line if you need more time and/or a hiatus to prevent yourself from getting kicked out. That being said, do not character hog. Your only warning before getting removed will be a check-in message which you’ll have 48 hours to reply to.
10. We don't have a strict ban on dating and/or move-in couples, but we do discourage the latter and do not allow them if they are unrelated in canon i.e. coming from different universes with no known crossovers. The idea of this RP is for your muse to acquaint themselves with characters coming from all walks of life, so we highly encourage you to reach out to as many people as possible. We will reach out to you and possibly issue you with a strike if we have enough reason to suspect you of bubble RPing.
11. This is a chill, self-paced RP so the rules are meant to be lax, but we may make modifications to them as we see fit. While major changes will be communicated, we recommend checking back every now and then to make sure you’re up to date with how things work here. Speak to an admin character for any questions/concerns.
Reservations last for 48 hours, with a 24 hour extension upon request. If you're coming from the pre-reservations blog, we recommend dropping a comment (something like "claiming [character name]" will do) in case there are problems with your application. Otherwise, comment your character's full name and where they're from (e.g. Jason Todd from the DCU) to reserve your place.
—— in character !
╳  CHARACTER NAME — jason todd.
╳  ORIGIN — dc universe.
╳  AGE — 22.
╳  BRIEF SUMMARY — a couple of sentences on how they were isekai-ed and how they’ve been faring in the afterlife will do.
—— out of character !
╳  TIMEZONE — gmt+1.
╳  OOC AGE — 21+.
╳  PASSWORD — read the rules.


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hanabi 1 week ago
hi hello! I’m stuck between mortefi, calcharo, scar and boothill!
mikadzuki [A] 2 weeks ago
★゜・。。・゜UPDATE ゜・。。・゜☆
 ↻ all unclaimed reservations have been cleared!
 ↻ check our wishlist for our most wanted characters!
5469eb780a542bc2181f 2 weeks ago
Kozume kenma from haikyuu please
chanseowoon 4 weeks ago
Hi! can I reserve Wanda Maximoff?
ggallohr 1 month ago
hello! can i have xianming lin?
rennuelaw 1 month ago
I wonder, is it ok to use to ocs?
weishen 1 month ago
hi! can i reserve toya todoroki (dabi) from bnha?
7cd0fde176e45e56da4e 1 month ago
claiming kaneki!
visionary [A] 1 month ago
claiming mayoi, hwei, and aphelios !
gotohellu 1 month ago
Claiming Jill!
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