|| The Secret Door || Needing some hot ♣ Policemen!

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❝ This place is where you need to be


From the outside, The Secret Door is a normal club where you can dance, talk, drink, but inside is another story. it's filled with false hopes, beautiful dreams, forgotten memories mixed with music, dance, smoke, alcohol, drugs, and gangs. You can hide your true self and be whoever you want, wear masks or pretend you are someone else. Be careful 'cause everyone else is pretending, too. You never know which gang someone belongs to. There are two gangs that reside in and around the club, the tigers and the dragons. Everyone is in either one gang or the other. They rule the city, and the two triads are constantly at war with one another. 


Everyone has a dangerous side to them. They could
be an assassin, or maybe they could be  a 
drug dealer.
Who knows, they could be a soccer 
mom.You never
know, so beware. Most of all, 
beware of the leaders
of each gang. The Leader  
of the Tigers are Baekhyun
and Suga, and the 
Leader of the Dragons is Kim Kai.

But, Come in! Have fun!   The Secret Door awaits.













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babypotato 1 year ago
aw i miss this place
Kii-chan10 2 years ago
Hey, I applied as Yixing maybe I mixed up the order thoo. ;;
Brainstorm 2 years ago
EnchantingNightmare 2 years ago
Can you add Ailee as a lounge singer for the Dragons please?
mochinekokun 3 years ago
Marks going on Hiatus
serpents 3 years ago
Hi!! Could you please put Zhou Mi and Nam taehyun in hiatus until august 27th?
QueenHyo 3 years ago
can i apply for hyoyeon?
lizzie345 3 years ago
Name: Lu Han
Group: Exo
Age: 24
Job: Singer
ual Orientation: Biual
Gang: idk
FredFredburger 3 years ago
Put rain on semi hiatus pls
FredFredburger 3 years ago
A&r jung jihoon please
I have a question, are policemen a part of the gang too?
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