✵ student government

student government
student government
activities: discussing overall morale of the student body(are the students happy? have there been any issues seen around campus? would anybody like to bring any particular topics up?), planning future campus events, discussing budgetary requirements for said events(to be passed off to the social events committee)

monday's agenda:
- introducing each other, as a new school year calls for a new council; *the only members who will know each other will be the president and vice president.
- discussing future events for the month: must come up with minimum two events (maximum four).
- setting a budget aside for these events: overall budget is: $100,000
- pass this information off to the social events committee: one of the student council members will need to make a post in the social events comittee asap, can be sent in letter format, passed verbally to the members, any form deemed appropriate.
- secretary will take down notes for the days activities.

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Acrylic 1 year ago
is this place still alive o-o
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Can i reserve Jungkook?
-BabyElf_Fan 2 years ago
Sorry but Hansol is leaving ;-;
Thank you for having me but I haven't been on and I'm just taking up a character which isn't fair but I had fun ^^
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Can i be Youngsaeng of SS501 plz?
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Can I be son chaeyoing from twice?
CelestineWanderer 2 years ago
Kindly and reserve Nichkhun for me and Taecyeon for my friend. :) Thank youuuu ❤
deadlydaydream 2 years ago
Ahyoung's leaving. Thanks for having me.
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Joji/George left
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suzy left tq
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hyunjin left, thanks for having me.
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