✵ events comittee

events committee
events committee
activities: planning social events such as spirit day, school dances, activity checks, etc. making sure that each event is within the budget given by student council, implementing these events and ensuring there is maximum participation

*with events, we'll assume they all fall within the budget

TUESDAY'S agenda:
- introducing each other, as a new school year calls for a new committee
- select a day, time and location of events given by student government
- discuss decorations and overall theme/look for each event

- robyn fenty
- park chanyeol
- jessica jung
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Acrylic 1 year ago
is this place still alive o-o
Bts_jungkookie 2 years ago
Can i reserve Jungkook?
-BabyElf_Fan 2 years ago
Sorry but Hansol is leaving ;-;
Thank you for having me but I haven't been on and I'm just taking up a character which isn't fair but I had fun ^^
ss501fan 2 years ago
Can i be Youngsaeng of SS501 plz?
Jooextra 2 years ago
Can I be son chaeyoing from twice?
CelestineWanderer 2 years ago
Kindly and reserve Nichkhun for me and Taecyeon for my friend. :) Thank youuuu ❤
deadlydaydream 2 years ago
Ahyoung's leaving. Thanks for having me.
TokidokiHelloKitty 2 years ago
Joji/George left
milkywayz 2 years ago
suzy left tq
mileage 2 years ago
hyunjin left, thanks for having me.
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