Alpha Residence

Jongin Kim (Ω) 1 hour ago
@Sehun Oh (∝) Y-yes?
/nuzzles in close, inhaling your scent and I snuggle your chest, smiling warmly as I look into your eyes. I lean up to peck your lips/
I love you so much Sehun ah. I will always love you no matter what.
You’re my whole world.
You would??
/returns the kiss, smiling warmly/
I will be fine~
Sehun Oh (∝) 1 hour ago
@Jongin Kim (Ω) Babe..
*whispers softly as I pull you close in my arms*
I'm sorry for not keeping you safe. I wanna protect you... I don't want anything to happen...
I will call starting tomorrow a family leave so I will spend more time with you and the boys.
Let me help you do the chores at home and look after the kids while you catch up on your rest.
*reaches to cup one side of your cheek so I can plant a kiss on your lips*
I love you Jongin... The thought of losing you pain me... I won't forgive myself if something happened to you or the boys
Jongdae Kim (∝) 12 hours ago
@Doyoung Kim (β) You want to help me ?
/smiles at you before chuckling
I thought I’m supposed to make you dinner
Doyoung Kim (β) 18 hours ago
@Jongdae Kim (∝) Mhm mhm~!
/smiles and waddles back to the kitchen/
What can I help?
Jongdae Kim (∝) 18 hours ago
@Doyoung Kim (β) Of course we would have to visit them love
/nods and then seasons the meat lightly while I go and grab some bread crumbs
Do whatever needs to be done love.
I'm going to be there with you when it happens.
Doyoung Kim (β) 18 hours ago
@Jongdae Kim (∝) Depends too..
We would have to go visit the boys.
Sehunnie or Junmyeon Hyung might know more..
I’m gonna set an appointment with Sehunnie.
/goes to our room, changing into your hoodie, inhaling your scent/
Jongdae Kim (∝) 18 hours ago
@Doyoung Kim (β) Alright so he would be already pretty grown
/smiles and nods at that
We could probbaly just let him pick what kind of room he would like...we can give him his dream room
/takes out some chicken from the fridge and begins to chop it up into bite sized pieces
Alright love, you get comfy
Doyoung Kim (β) 18 hours ago
@Jongdae Kim (∝) /nods excitedly/
Taeyongie Hyung told me there’s a lot of boys around six to eight who need homes..
I really want to adopt now
/following you in I take my shoes off/
I’m gonna wear your hoodie~
Jongdae Kim (∝) 19 hours ago
@Doyoung Kim (β) /smiles as I see how happy you are thinking of this new step for out future
Well the guest room is pretty big...depending how old he would be would be what kind of furniture to get of course.
/heads to the kitchen so that I can prepare our dinner
Doyoung Kim (β) 19 hours ago
@Jongdae Kim (∝) Mhm!
/smiles brightly/
Now we can save up for better things.
Like clothes for our new pup~
Set up his room
/bounces on my feet happily/
Jongdae Kim (∝) 19 hours ago
@Doyoung Kim (β) Alright well when you have time are you're ready...
We can check it out.
/smiles at you while I nod and step inside the apartment
See who fits our family
Doyoung Kim (β) 19 hours ago
@Jongdae Kim (∝) Mhm
We would.
Do the initial paperwork.
Meet the pups.
Jongdae Kim (∝) 19 hours ago
@Doyoung Kim (β) /looks at you when you mention that and nods
Would we go to a orphanage or something for that?
/tilts my head as I look at you once more, the idea being more than okay with me
Doyoung Kim (β) 19 hours ago
@Jongdae Kim (∝) /smiles/
Coming to accept that maybe I’ll never be able to have my own.. But then thinking..
We can adopt pups.
Give a pup a home
/looks down/
I wasn’t sure if you’d want that,
Jongdae Kim (∝) 19 hours ago
@Doyoung Kim (β) /looks at you and chuckles before I pull out my keys as we approach my place
What have you been up to?
I mean...besides work of course
Doyoung Kim (β) 19 hours ago
@Jongdae Kim (∝) /whines cutely/
Jongdae Kim (∝) 19 hours ago
@Doyoung Kim (β) I mean there will be salad...
But that won't be the whole meal baby
Thats too easy.
/shakes my head while I let out a soft snort
Doyoung Kim (β) 20 hours ago
@Jongdae Kim (∝) Yes yes it can~
/smiles, humming before laughing softly/
It won’t~?
Jongdae Kim (∝) 20 hours ago
@Doyoung Kim (β) Well yes it can go both ways I suppose
/ my lips and nods as we walk hand in hand
I’ll tell you right now... it won’t be a salad
Doyoung Kim (β) 20 hours ago
@Jongdae Kim (∝) Mhm~
Or I can be your dessert
/teases you/
/nuzzling in close, I inhale your warm scent, my eyes closing for a second as I enjoy your scent/
Hehe yes
Jongdae Kim (∝) 20 hours ago
@Doyoung Kim (β) Oh am I ?
/laughs and squeezes your hand tightly as I look around while we walk, making sure to keep you close
Alright I’ll make you my specialty
Doyoung Kim (β) 20 hours ago
@Jongdae Kim (∝) Mhm~!
/looks at you with wide eyes, blushing deeply and gently poking your sides. The blush still on my cheeks/
Y-you’re my dessert~
Jongdae Kim (∝) 20 hours ago
@Doyoung Kim (β) Special meal?
/says playfully as I flash you a light smirk, wanting you to know I’m only teasing you
My special meal is just me darling ~
Doyoung Kim (β) 20 hours ago
@Jongdae Kim (∝) /smiles as we walk out, blushing deeply as you kiss my hand/
Surprise me handsome.
I want my hubby’s special meal.
Jongdae Kim (∝) 20 hours ago
@Doyoung Kim (β) /swings our hands gently as we walk, taking them and putting yours to my lips and kissing your hand softly
What should I make you ?
Jongin Kim (Ω) 1 day ago
@Sehun Oh (∝) -clings to your shirt gently and before I know it my eyes were closing, inhaling your warm scent-
M-maybe three weeks...
-opens my eyes-
-looking at you-
Sehun Oh (∝) 3 days ago
@Jongin Kim (Ω) *looks over at you with concern displayed in my eyes, scoots myself closer so I can let you rest against my chest*
You still should have told me jongin... I feel even more terrible because I wasnt around when I should be here protecting you and the kids. How long has this been? When you started being threatened..
*runs my finger along your hair as I brush your bangs back*
Jongin Kim (Ω) 4 days ago
@Sehun Oh (∝) And I feel empty without as well.
You’re my world.
The reason why I’m breathing.
-nuzzles you, just listening to your heartbeat, my eyes flutter closed-
We can talk about it later Hunnie
-mumbles, freezing a bit-
I didn’t wanna worry you.
Sehun Oh (∝) 4 days ago
@Jongin Kim (Ω) You wont lose me Jongin. I feel incomplete without having you around.
*hugs your frame letting my cheek press on the top of your head*
I know.. but I still should be having time with you and go on family dates. I dont want you to be the blame on anything.
*whispers softly letting my finger move over to your hair*
Jongin... how come you didnt tell me... that you were being threatened?
Jongin Kim (Ω) 4 days ago
@Suho Kim - Peacekeeper (β) @Sehun Oh (∝) @Mark Lee (∝) I j-just keep things until I’m ready to burst... Forgive me for not voicing my concerns out.. I just.. Don’t wanna lose you.
-frowns and nuzzles your chest, sniffling quietly before looking into your eyes-
Y-you’re in a profession that requires you there at any given time..
-pecks your neck gently-
-sniffles a bit-
Don’t apologize dork


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