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ʜᴏɴɢ ᴊɪsᴏᴏ {ᴊᴏsʜᴜᴀ}。 1 year ago
*sits at a little table off on the corner of the bar with my strawberry margarita, taking a sip of it as I pull out my phone and browse through it, face emotionless*
ᴋᴡᴏɴ ᴊɪʏᴏɴɢ {ɢ-ᴅʀᴀɢᴏɴ}。 1 year ago
/sits at the bar ordering a drink as I look up to was the tv.
sᴜɴ sᴏᴏɴs。 1 year ago
I sat at the bar with an old fashion in hand. Eyes closed, enjoying the band's live jazz music. The tranquility of the establishment was exactly what the doctor asked for on a rainy day like this. I could hear the gentle taps of the rainfall ascending against the window seals and colliding with streets concrete. It feels in tune with the prattle chatter of the room. The only scent I couldn't account for, that smell. The intoxication of it was an alluring fragrance of a stranger passing near. It was intriguing, light, but ever so inviting. I peeled my eyes open only to see your stunning frame ordering a drink further along the bar. Damn, I wished I could've at least pretended to reframe the smile on my lips the moment you lock eyes with me.

[Open to anyone male or female]


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LonerKei 3 weeks ago
Requesting Kwon BoA
Occupation: VP of a Make Up Brand Company

Please and thank you <3
oogieboogie 11 months ago
I'll give this a try
can I request Iitani Aina please?
ApplePieCrumble 1 year ago
Could I get Qian kun back as my second please
pickles 1 year ago
h-hi ies
cashews 1 year ago
a&r cai xukun please
TokidokiHelloKitty 1 year ago
oh this looks fun
chanseowoon 1 year ago
Can I drop Jungwoo and Xion? I lost muse for them.
hector 1 year ago
Could I get Dove Cameron please?
Yurlocaltacos 1 year ago
Is anyone looking for a lay from exo?
guacamole 1 year ago
could i snatch gun atthaphan as my second? :D
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