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opinionated 2 years ago
Let me in please
I forgot my pencil
hookah 2 years ago
Okay so, this is the hardest rp that I'm leaving, but I have decided to quit rpr and I have to do this lol
This is the rp that I dearly treasured, I loved everyone and it felt home like I have never felt before in a rp. Have in mind that I will keep you guys in my heart for the rest of my days and I truly miss all of you. Well, I don't know if this a farewell or if it's forever, I just know that here I found true people (others not so much lmao) and I'm forever pleased about that. Thank you for all the wonderful memories.
Chaerin/Heejung/Shony is finally leaving. Adios ♡
xicewolf 2 years ago
*blows kisses to Minononono and Jihoonie/JinHittheHwan/allyouroldmuses*
I'll miss you both dearly. Until we meet again ♥
DamnDaehyun 2 years ago
dae is leaving.
unrevealed 2 years ago
rap moniemoniemonie left, see you around fam
ruotianz 2 years ago
Jongdae's leaving-
difficultcheese 2 years ago
Dahye is bouncing. Thank you for having me
dubuwu 2 years ago
yeri or doyeon?
[comment deleted by owner]
1069516efe8cb1773899 2 years ago
lai guanlin's ♡ [A] 7 minutes ago Reply
if rpr wants to see panwink and vkook they should join here
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