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about the roleplay
In South Korea's new dating show real people go on blind dates in a restaurant with a unique twist. There’s someone out there for everyone, and when the First Dates restaurant sets the table, hopeful singles from across the country will have a chance of meeting their dream partner.

Our daters have been brought together according to their likes and dislikes by First Dates’ team of matchmakers. They’ve turned their backs on online dating in the hope of meeting someone special face-to- face, and they’ll meet their potential love match for the very first time in the restaurant. Cameras controlled remotely record the date from start to finish – from first impressions, through all the awkward, heart-warming and funny moments, to the end of the meal and the discussion about whether or not a second date is on the cards. For some pairings, it’ll be their first and last date. For others, it might just be the beginning of a lifelong relationship. What happens next is up to them! First Dates allows us to observe human behaviour in its purest form. This is a series about people’s lives, their stories, the diversity of a country – these factors are played out through the prism of dating and the universal feeling of wanting to love and be loved. The series is warm, kind and generous, and served with a good dollop of humor.

How does the show work?
If you join the roleplay we assume you've signed up to be paired up. The main admin will make pairs as soon the roleplay has enough people. The date last for one night, but in the roleplaying world we give everyone a week time to roleplay this out. The show films at one of the most famous restaurants in South Korea, showing many people on dates, all of whom have not met each other before. At the end of the date, the couples are interviewed and asked whether they would like to see each other again. The restaurant is closed to the public while filming takes place. The restaurant is fitted with 42 cameras and there are at least 70 crew members on set during filming, which lasts 15 hours a day. Each diner is given 25 dollars towards the cost of their meal.


non alternative universe

all orientations

3rd & 1st pov

internationals allowed

no crack

pg 18+

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rules & regulations
Rule 1: You must favorite the roleplay. This is required to support the thread and stay alerted about our latest updates. Upvotes are very much appreciated when you think this place deserves it. Rule 2: This is a non au rp meaning you are idols here. We accept all nationalities no matter their occupation in real life whether this be a youtuber, blogger, vlogger or social media personality. Make sure your desired idol is 18 years or older. Rule 3: Detailed 1st pov is encouraged here. If you do not like one liners make sure you state this on your profile. Don't bash people about their roleplaying style. Don't ignore nice starters on your walls unless indicated on your profile and said person has not followed a rule. Rule 4: We accept all orientations, and & yuri is allowed but limited. You must think of the straight people too. Rule 5: Marriage and pregnancy are allowed after a couple has been together for 2 months or more. Make sure you inform the main admin first! We do not allow mpreg. Rule 6: There is a 1 week dating ban. Do not get into a relationship when you just got here. It's unnatural. Rule 7: You have 10 days until that ugly inactive sign appears next to your name. You will get one warning only. If you're going on hiatus or leaving let us know by commenting below. Rule 8: is allowed on walls, pm, & mrated rooms only. With that being said, do not ualize minors. Rule 9: No violence, no fighting, no suicide, no , no death. If seen or reported, you will be warned one time only! If it continues then you will be removed without warning. Rule 10: You can switch characters twice only for the price of 50 character points. You can have up to two characters when you've reached 100 character points. Make sure they're not from the same group! Rule 11: Name your ultimate bias, and put this in your application "I have read the rules & regulations and I promise not to crack here" Rule 12: make sure you put up a dp in 24 hours, a profile would also be nice. Rule 13: Do not single people out. Talk to new and old people, treat everyone kindly and light up the chat room. If you do not wish to be ignored then don't ignore others. Respect is an important thing here.

application form
How to apply: Firstly, ask one of the admins to reserve a character for you. You'll have 24 hours to apply. Use the application form below and make sure to fill it in correctly.

 Name character
 Age character
 3 likes & 3 dislikes (qualities)


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