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On the outskirts of Seoul, away from the hustle and bustle of humans in the city, lies a special town dedicated towards the creatures nobody knows of - those who practice magic. Humans do not know of their existence; therefore, they reside in the outskirts as to avoid unnecessary conflict. Even so, they still have access to the city and can roam as they please. However, they must always be conscious of their surroundings, as they do not want to out their entire species existence to the humans due to their own careless actions. Vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters, wizards, angels - these beings are rather peaceful, save for those with uncanny tempers and ill-will towards others. All-in-all, they just wish to be respected and treated fairly. In this town, you will find the well-known Hyacinth University. Named after the hyacinth flower, in which its meaning is constancy, this school dedicates its time towards making their staff and students feel safe and content while on campus grounds as well as giving the opportunity to make sure the art of maical performance does not get forgotten due to the dangers of bein exposed to humans. Consisting of devoted staff and students alike, Hyacinth University is a place for you to feel free and be yourself, while also abiding by its rules. At least most of us. Or some.

You as a student have a lot to learn in here, you know. Nobody gets carried to their degree in the magical subjects. You'll have to stand together as one community, maybe you'll have to step over boundaries in order to keep the place secure for everyone. There are always black sheep who'll put rocks on your way, but what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger, huh? Anyway, I'm talking too much. My name's Jinyoung, nice to meet you, new one. I'll think of a better nickname for you for sure, you'll see. A small hint before I'll let you explore everything on your own- check your e-mails a lot. Usually, the profs spam us students with mails a lot. See you around! 

We're waiting for you. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
slowly getting serious, hm?
rules & app
1. Favorite the roleplay. Upvotes are not necessary, but highly appreciated.
2. We allow internationals. However, it’s still a only rp, sorry ladies.
3. Keep the to a minimum in the ic chats. Rated stuff stays in rated rooms. Crack is also to be kept at a minimum. If you think you’re coming here to mess around, you are incorrect.
4. Respect everyone, ooc drama will not be tolerated. Ic drama is allowed, as long as both parties consent to said drama, and you’re not lashing things out in public. Such drama should not be happening in places such as the ic chat. Also, be welcoming to others.
5. First character is free, second is free, and every other requires 200 points. The characters you get after getting your 3rd will be kicked without any notification if they go inactive. There is a maximum of 2 characters of the same species per head, though.
6. Once the inactivity sign appears (after 7 days), you will get two days to become active again. Otherwise, you’ll be out. one warning.
7. Minors are minors, don’t let them do the dirty stuff. The password is hyacinth.
8. If you need a hiatus, comment below. A full hiatus lasts for four weeks, semi for two. If you need more time, talk to one of the admins.
9. Drop a comment or notify an admin beforehand if you’re leaving.
10. Have fun, and please enjoy your stay here! We don’t bite.

(may be changed +/- 5 years)
species: (check here)
major + m-major: (e.g. psych major & fire handler)
personality: (at least 2 - 3 points)
password: found in rules ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
park jinyoung
main admin
kim wonpil
yoo kihyun
admin name
admin name


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Dropped out of Uni.
Forgive me. o n o
_CelestialTouch_ 1 year ago
Hello!Can u please reserve kim doyoung for me?
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Kim Taehyung is leaving
Thank you guys for everything~
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kpop ppl only or any asians?
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Please may I have Ji Changmin as my second character?
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kyungsoo is leaving
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sweats im sorry but i am clearing characters and i never seemed to be able to get back in muse-wise after my hiatus so ill be leaving my boys ;;
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ooc issues and i’m tryna clear up my chara list
add me back in like a few hours
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yeo jin goo please ^^
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