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Amor Omnia Vincit
Amor Omnia Vincit
1st & 3rd pov
Est. 071618
について about

MORE : "Amor Omnia Vincit." Love Conqures all. After a long day of work or school, maybe you just want to have somewhere to relax and take a break. Ranging from everyday people, to heros and gods. Everyone needs a place to come home to and relax. Well, let me be the first to tell you. Welcome home.

Please, come stay for a while. we here at Amor Omnia Vincit know how life can be, how demanding it can be on our time. 

We are a city located in Japan and it is our first priority for those who come; whether staying pernamently or is simply visiting, to have a time to rejunivate before heading back to the hustle. 

アドミン admins
fujimaru ritsuka
main admin
name here
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Nano - Magneta
たルール rules


1. please favorite the rp! Upvotes will be loved and appreciated as well! 

2. please respect everyone and each other. please don't face chase or have any ooc drama. if there are issues that come up, please talk to the admins and we will try to rectify the situation as fair as possible.

3. Activity isn't a must, we are pretty chill with activity here. if life gets in the way or you just don't feel up to it. It's okay. don't worry. We will have the inactivity date set for 30 days. I do hope that everyone comes and talks when they have time or feel like it.

4. This is an anime/manga/ manhwa/visual novel verse. There's probably a few that i forgot, but feel free to ask if you aren't sure! Be sure to say Tadaima!

5.  All orientations are welcome. Move in couples are allowed. But lets not...have kiddies running around yet, pls. Dating ban is five days, ya'll can wait that long, right?

6.  All characters must be over 18, but if they are in like, high school age. feel free to age them up.

7. Four characters are allowed per soul. First and second characters come free, third character - 200 pts on second and first, fourth character - 200 pts min on previous characters. Reservations will last for 5 days

応用 application


Name: Ritsuka Fujimaru
Age: 23
Orgin Series: Fate Grand Order
Password: gotta go find it!~
Occupation: Temporary Head of Active members in Chaldea Security Organization


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alberich 2 years ago
oof senjougahara has gtg! thank you for everything!
kagesyama 2 years ago
wait ok a+r lance from voltron legendary defenders?
kagesyama 2 years ago
oh my god i have no idea who to be
[comment deleted by owner]
480187c80c4f87649c38 2 years ago
Please add Fushimi Saruhiko !
RI0TING 3 years ago
kirishima eijiro please. ive never tried rp republic. only fb and twitter rp any advice?
bucciarati [A] 3 years ago
sungrae 1 day ago Reply Replies All
i'm torn over who to join as
iwonhoyou [A] 3 years ago
i'm torn over who to join as
caprese 3 years ago
Izuku Midoriya para mi por favor UnU
c4a45c15a32d6fba7637 3 years ago
hyakuya mikaela pls.
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