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It was the night of October 29 2018 in Belgate city when it happened. Most of the city was asleep except for those who had to work at that hour or just had trouble sleeping. Only a few number of people had reported what they saw that night while others were even lucky enough to upload a video of it online right after the event occured. At first, people assumed they were meteors, but strangely enough no crash sites were found once the sun came up. So whatever started falling out of the sky that night never actually got to land on the ground. The size of them surely should have left a mark on a field somewhere or at least broke a bunch of buildings on the way down. I mean, how can a bunch of things fall out of the sky like a meteor shower but disappear completely before they hit the ground?

Well, one theory did catch the internet's attention instantly a few days later. As the theory presented, a person claims that those things that fell from the sky were actually angels. Something about how the angels distracted everyone while the demons crawled out from the manholes of the streets. It doesn't mention what their purpose on Earth was since the theorist couldn't pinpoint what. Some people say that Armageddon was soon to befall upon us all, and that God and the Devil have sent their chosen warriors to battle it out on Earth to punish the humans for their sins; just like the great flood in the story of Noah and his ark. The funny thing is that none of those things are true— except for the fact that heaven and hell are indeed at each other's throats and they have sent the angels and the demons to Earth on a quest to settle the feud.

Guardian angels are real and they come in the form of humans to guide those who are morally wrong to be better People. However, not everyone gets a guardian angel. Those people who are morally good in turn are paired with a demon of their own who will try to misguide them so they could go towards the wrong path instead. This is the way heaven and hell will be able to gain more humans to join them once they've passed on and we just hope that the demons and angels do their job right. no mistakes will be tolerated here After all.
who knew a human's morality could be the one thing that stops the real armageddon from happening?
NOTE: This is an AU that involves matchmaking but it isn't in the romantic sense. Each demon and angel will be paired with their own human depending on the human's morals. You get to either be a demon who misguides the morally good, an angel who tries to guide the morally bad towards a better path, or a human who will get paired with either depending on how they are as a person. You are not required to fall in love with your human since this is not a romantic matchmaking au.

001. favorite the rp! if you fail to do this, we won't be accepting your application.
002. be patient when it comes to being paired! we will officially start pairing people off once we get a decent number of angels, demons, and humans. if you aren't part of the previous batch of pairs, then we hope that you will be patient enough till it's your time to get a partner. if you have a problem with your given partner, please forward your concern to one of the admins through PM's.
003. reservations last up to 24 hours. internationals are very much welcomed and we will only be accepting faceclaims that are of legal age, which is 18 and above. please consider the ratio between demons, angels, and humans. we don't want too many demons and angels but little to no humans.
004. there is a dating ban of two weeks. move-in couples are allowed but they can only be humans. however, each person in the couple will still have their own angel/demon. characters can also get married here.
005. this is sort of a supernatural rp, yes, but we are keeping it in a realistic setting. so there will be no mpreg or fempreg. angels don't have wings and neither do demons have horns or tails. they do recall the feeling of having them though.
006. no ooc drama. starting any of that will get you a warning the first time around. doing it again will definitely give you the boot. ic drama, however, is very much appreciated and encouraged even.
007. we encourage creativity here so we hope to see some really interesting backgrounds when it comes to the humans! give us criminals who got out of jail or celebrities who give away their money to charities! just about anything under the sun is yours to use! just remember that this is a modern city au of sorts so please make sure you can fit your background into that.
008. you can obtain a 2nd character by upvoting and a 3rd character requires you to make a blog about the rp. getting a 4th character needs one of your three characters to already have 500 points. we will not be allowing you to apply as a faceclaim from the same group. Please keep in mind that if you will be applying for another set of characters, every soul is only allowed one demon and one angel. you can apply as many humans as you want but everyone only gets to have one demon muse and one angel muse if they apply for more than one character.
009. inactivity is set to ten days. you will be given a warning after an inactive sign appears and if you do not respond in the next 24 hours, we will have to remove you. if you wish to leave the rp or take a hiatus/semi-hiatus, please PM an admin. please don’t leave the rp without telling the admins. it’s rude.
010. it's okay for demons/angels to stalk the rp's that involve their humans since it is technically their job. however, if you are a demon or an angel and you wish to either step into the rp or telepathically communicate with your human within the rp— you need to pm your human first or at least tag them in the ooc room to ask if it's okay to do so.
011. we won't tolerate people sticking to cliques here. we want everyone to enjoy the rp and that means we shouldn't be leaving anyone out of the fun.
012. make sure to read up on the information page located here to get yourself educated on how all this stuff works! we don't want you guys asking us things that are already found in the information page.
013. are you looking for the password? it's actually in the information page. oopsies!
NAME: Ezra Miller
Angel, demon, human: Demon
MORALITY: For humans
OCCUPATION: For humans
PASSWORD: check the rules!
credits for layout. credits for pictures used to their respective owners. 


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