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ex on the beach


anti-matchmaking roleplay
reality tv show based
semi au, sharehouse 


Twelve of the hottest, single celebrities. One sharehouse on the beach. Plenty of chances for romance to blossom between them. These singles were led to believe that this was a matchmaking reality show, and well, it is, sort of. The original twelve are all here to find love because, for some reason or another, it has evaded them in past romances, or so they thought.

It's all fun and games until their exes start showing up to the house, whether it's to try and win back their long lost love, or ruin their chances at finding someone else, or simply to find closure in the end.  Now, they're not only sharing a house with eleven other people all competing for the same thing, but their exes, as well. What could possibly go wrong?

Some of them will find new love, some might give love a second chance, but others? They'll learn to say " love". The only question now is, which one will you be?


 Absolutely no OOC drama or animosity will be tolerated whatsoever. If you are caught causing problems, you're out. Period. There is a big difference between OOC and IC drama. IC drama is expected, and we encourage it.

 This is a semiau roleplay, meaning you are celebrities.

 OOC speak belongs in the OOC rooms, try not to break the fourth wall too much. The admins will be monitoring the IC rooms for this purpose.
 Activity is set to five days, but you will need at least 100 points by the fifth day of being in the roleplay to be counted as initially active and remaining in the roleplay.  You will receive three activity warnings before you are kicked out. 12 hours to rid yourself of the inactive sign.
One character at first. Get your second by upvoting. Your third comes after an ad blog and one of your characters must have at least 300 points. If one of your characters is a single, you must have at least one ex character, to keep the ratio fair. Fourth characters and beyond are discussed with the admins, and may be approved or denied depending on your activity level.
 Use the admin contact room, or the admins' PMs to request hiatuses. Hiatus can last a maximum of two weeks, semi hiatus (assuming you will be active here and there) for three. Comments on the roleplay about leaving or asking for hiatuses are promptly deleted.
 Your exes are selected based on the compatibility of their application to yours, so if for some reason there is an issue with you and your ex (ooc), come to the admins privately and we will adjust what we can to keep everyone comfortable and happy.
  is allowed in rated rooms & walls.
 No relationship waiting period, but for obvious reasons, move ins will not be allowed at this time. Neither will pregnancies.
 All orientations & internationals welcome! Your character must be 18+, though.
 The password is one  negative personality trait your character possesses. You can also specify if this was the reason your character's relationships with some of their exes ended or not.
 Have fun! 

how to join

 Favorite the roleplay before you reserve. It is mandatory.
 Check our wishlist & masterlist before asking for a character.
 Comment the full name of your desired character. Reservations last for 24 hours.
 Apply using the appropriate format. PLEASE TITLE YOUR APP "SINGLE APP" OR "EX APP" If we have all of our singles, then you must apply as an ex.
 Once accepted, you have the next 5 days to reach 100 points and be counted as active. Otherwise, you will be removed. In that time, you must also have a DP up.
 You will be informed promptly of who your ex is, and we highly recommend plotting OOC with them immediately to decide your background.


singles application (f: 7/10 m: 9/10) 

 Character Full Name ;; please do not use any stage names or nicknames.
 Character Age  ;; 18+
 Character Orientation ;; hetero, bi, gay, pan, etc
 Character Occupation ;; remember this is semiau, you are celebrities
 Number of Exes ;; how many exes you are comfortable with your character having in the house at one time. this number can change in the future, but 2-4 is recommended to start with.
 Password ;; try reading our rules again if you can't find it.


ex application

 Character Full Name ;; please do not use any stage names or nicknames.
 Character Age  ;; 18+
 Character Orientation ;; hetero, bi, gay, pan, etc
 Character Occupation ;; remember this is semiau, you are celebrities
 Preferred Single ;; out of the current singles in the rp, which one would you prefer your character be the ex of. of course, this is not a guarantee, and you will be given an ex that is compatible to your application.
 Password ;; try reading our rules again if you can't find it.



Tiki Party // The producers have given the housemates their own little slice of heaven in the form of a tiki party on the beach with plenty of fun, drama, alcohol, and games. Read more about this event here.

Looking Back // The challenge this week is involving Chaeyoung Park & Jungkook Jeon, and the two are trapped in the Shack of Secrets. Their only way out is a key that opens the lock. The key has been hidden behind one of the framed pictures that are on the walls that just so happen to illustrate the reasons why the couple broke up. Track their progress here.



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