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Love is sweet, yet more as fresh fruit than candy or confectionary. Love is colourful, yet more as summer blooms than the neon lights of frenetic city streets. Love is steady and forgiving, yet more as the wise mother than the servant in chains. Love hears and speaks with the wisdom of the heart, with a sense of the soul of the other. In love we have our "forever home" and it gives us the ability to fly so freely, joyfully returning when each heart calls for the other's touch.
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females: 01

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about the roleplay / background
rules & regulations
001 favorites are compulsory (admins will be checking)  upvotes are loved get a second. To get a third, you must post a blog about the rp. And a fourth requires 300 points on all three previous characters as well as three active threads you've participated in. 002 be respectful to the admins and everybody else participating in the roleplay. 003 password is your favorite food. 004 This is a non au, but please keep crack and spamming to a minimum. Actual rping is highly encouraged.005 all orientations and all nationalities are allowed. 006 keep on walls or in PMs or private rooms. No underaged ting or you will immediately be removed from the rp.007 All activity checks are mandatory, but these aren't going to be super extravagant so no need to stress. this rp is more self-paced than anything. 008  detailed dual pov's allowed (talking paragraphs here) no one-liners. 009 three warnings before getting booted, enough said. 010 strictly no ooc drama, godmodding, facechasing, etc. 011 if you've read this far, include your favorite flower. 012 most importantly have fun, messsage any of the admins if you have questions, issues or even a person to rp with!
application form / notes
name: song yuqi
age: 20
orientation: heteroual
group: g-idle
timezone: gmt -6
password: in the rules

+ There are technically two passwords so make sure to read carefully! Also looking for a couple co-admins, so pm me if interested.
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event information / Updates
- Grand opening 010520.

- any event information or roleplay updates will be added here, so be sure to check here regularly. Most updates/events will be put into an announcement, but if you have your notifications turned off, this is where you will need to actively check.

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-lukas 7 months ago
park seonghwa, please?
[comment deleted by owner]
ilomilo 7 months ago
can i reserve huang renjun please~
SpearBin 7 months ago
Hwang Yeji please? ;u:
psycheux 7 months ago
lalisa manoban, please!
soshibutts 7 months ago
please add and reserve jung jaehyun. thanks!
caeldori [A] 7 months ago
♡ Checked and Updated: expired reservations removed
-Jung Jaehyun
-Kim Namjoon
overhaul 7 months ago
can i get lee minhyuk?
piixiedust 7 months ago
Lily collins pls
0eff804e94395d39f830 7 months ago
can i reserve kang seulgi from red velvet? ?
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