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Our Progress

16 June 2018

  • Created the first layouts for the roleplay.

27 June 2018

  • Started major planning for the roleplay and preparing all the details we'd need.

28 June - 28 December 2018

  • Worked on everything off and on.
  • 28 December : revamped layouts and fine-tuned a few details.

05 January - 10 January 2019

  • Put actual colors to the layouts and continued fine-tuning details.
  • 10 January : finished the basics of the new legend

11 January - 06 June 2019

  • Worked on everything off and on so that I can get it ready for June.
  • Didn't get everything ready in time, but still woked toward that.
  • 05 June : put out a blog to find temp admins for the most part.
  • 07 June : officially started working again and hired another admin.

07 June - 20 June 2019

  • Cracked down on a lot of work and started finalizing decisions.
  • Created teaser plan and started preparing them.
  • Updated rules about OOC information.
  • Started working on room layouts for the actual rp.

27 June - 30 June 2019

  • First round of teasers went out and we open on the 5th.
  • 30 June : the soft opening has finally commenced.

05 July 2019

  • Officially opened for business @ 6PM (GMT-7).

Date Here

  • Update information goes here.

Date Here

  • Update information goes here.

Date Here

  • Update information goes here.








About The Roleplay

In a world very similar to our own exists a land below the surface of the sea. A sunken village serving as refuge for people blessed by gods of water but afflicted by war and poverty, struggling to make ends meet. These people go by the name of Thalassans, the spawns of the goddess herself and the disciples of her daughter Galene. And as the goddess of calm seas protected and cared for them, watched over thalassan kind even when her mother had given up on them, early thalassans saw it fit to name this land in her honor, declare her their diety and worship her as thanks. It took them a little time and countless lives, but thalassans have worked their way toward prospering with the help of their goddess, and their counterparts.

Just above it is a land by the name of Paradisi, an island made from lands broken off by tough battles and one that holds a similar purpose to Galini below. Much like with their sea-born brethren, its people were abandoned by their mother goddess Gaia, but so much so she didn't want anything to do with them. Aside from warring with thalassans and being ditched by Gaia and the Horae (sans Eirene), aside from having to abandon their Gaian name to take up being Terrans with slight shame, the Terrans have also come a long way to ensure their own success. They built for themselves a land they could call paradise, a land they let goddess Eirene bless in order to live. And though tension still remains between them and the ones below, everyone seems to be happy for the most part.

Despite all of that, this roleplay is still one where in character conflict and hardship are encouraged for development. It can be one where you can discriminate against people who are different from you out of hurt or envy, it can be one you use to go to war with them, secretly fall in love with them and get banished by your people when you're caught with them. This roleplay is one where you have the creative liberty to twinkle in the sun like a y emo vampire, a roleplay you can oggle at hot beach babes in while or without being called a , one where you can live out your lifeguard fantasies or maybe unleash your inner cult leader/religious enthusiast. This is a roleplay where you have a lot of creative freedom, and one you have the ability to make an interesting character in. Why not make use of that?

Rules & Guidelines

Read this carefully though to prevent any potential mistakes.

general rules!

BEFORE RESERVING ✦ Favorite the rp for entry, upvote (though not mandatory) will earn you your 2nd chara.

MATURE CONTENT ✦ Please keep all rated images and posts in DMs and walls, and refrain from putting rated/ content in public spaces that aren't the rated chat or rated for these things. Rated discussions are not encouraged, but not prohibited. If you ever see something that makes you feel uncomfortable while in this RP, please notify the admins of what happened and make sure you use our safe word "titanic" when needed.

IC & OOC ✦ Keep OOC and IC separate. If the conversation is OOC and will exceed more than 5 posts, use the OOC room. If it is IC, keep it IC. You will be expected to use brackets any time you post OOC in IC spaces. Please also be civil with other participants in the RP and do not speak ill of any roleplays or roleplayers. If you have an issue that directly affects your experience in the roleplay, please approach the admin team directly to voice your concerns.

roleplaying rules!

DISCLAIMER ✦ Absolutely no OOC drama though IC drama is fine with the consent of those involved and in threads (more on that later). We are an easy-going RP filled with laid-back people who wish to only vibe. If you cause trouble to the point where I have to step in, I will take action how I see fit. Whether that means you get a warning or get removed depends on what you did. OOC drama is not tolerated under any circumstance. Please handle your issues among yourselves and involve the admins if needed. We ask that you also provide screenshots of the situation so we can better handle the issue.

PROFILES & INFO ✦ You must set up a DP within your first 24 hours or I'll kick you out. You also have a week from when you're tagged in the welcome room to have at least the basics of a profile up, and two weeks for a full profile. I'm not going to strictly enforce that, tbh. It's more so people have an easier time plotting.

LEAVING & BEING KICKED ✦ If leaving, PM the ADMIN character and only the ADMIN character with a reason why you're leaving. If you PM any non-admin characters, I will ban you and delete your character. I will also delete your character and ban you if I have to remove you for anything other than inactivity. Make sure you save everything you find important.

muse rules!

MUSE NAMES ✦ This RP is an OC (Original Character) RP. Muses in this roleplay are to be given OC names that are not alternate versions of their name or stage names (i.e. "Olivia Hye" instead of Son Hyejoo, "Jennifer Huh" instead of Heo Yunjin, or "RM" instead of Kim Namjoon). OC names must be unrelated to the IRL face claim.

MUSE AGES ✦ You are allowed to modify your muse's physical age by 3 years up or down as long as they remain at least 21 years old internationally. Due to the concept of the roleplay, however, some muses will technically be older than they appear. I encourage you to get creative with your backstories!

RESTRICTIONS ✦ Face claims must be 21 and older internationally. When reserving them, please comment with the comment format. There is a list of already taken face claims located next to the rules. All reservations last for 24 hours. The following are things to note when requesting a face claim:
  • Your FC must be 21+ internationally.
  • Your FC must not have publicly stated they do not want to be RPed.
  • Your FC must not be involved in any significant scandals/crimes.
  • Your FC must not be a cosplayer or an adult entertainer.
  • I don't care what ethnicity your FC is.
  • Also not against FCs that are some kind of influencer or content creator, but they must have at least 1m followers or whatever term applies.
  • If you know your FC is going to be hard to look up, please provide a link to where I can find who you're talking about.
ADDITIONAL MUSES ✦ You may have 3 max at the moment. All you have to do is ask for them with the comment format, or reserve them with the comment format if not in the RP already.

OTHER NOTES ✦ We allow face claims and muses of all orientations, genders, ethnicities, etc. as long as they abide by the restrictions above.

activity rules!

NOTICE ✦ I won't be hounding you about activity tbh. Just make sure you communicate if you're busy and if your muse is low and stuff so I know you still care about being here. I will say, though, if you're inactive at any point, you must still have at least one ongoing thread up so that I know you're not hogging face claims.

POST FREQUENCY ✦ Inactivity is set to 15 days and starts after you start at least 1 public thread or post on your wall at the moment. You probably won't get kicked for having the inactive sign up as long as you communicate with the rest of us why it's there. If you ghost and go MIA without some kind of message or warning, though, I'll kick you out. You can always come back.

NOTE ✦ All points are automatically off unless in IC rooms. This is so you can see how active you actually are as you write.

How to join

Please read through all of the rules and read this part (the How to Join section) very carefully. After that, use the following format to comment. Those who do not will be ignored.

comment format!

“[ Group + Member ] is ready to make waves as the [ Terran / Thalassan ] by the name of [ OC Name ]!”

  1. EX1: “Actress Lee Jooyoung is ready to make waves as the Terran by the name of Aineeda Brayk.”
  2. EX2: “BTS Jungkook is ready to make waves as the Thalassan by the name of Yeetyeet McGeet.”
  3. EX3: “Beyonce is ready to make waves as the Thalassan by the name of Nakmi A'ut.”

You don't actually have to come up with a full last name yet, just an initial. If you have a faceclaim in mind, but you're lazy or can't come up with anything and if interested in premade character, click here before you comment!

The following is what you would put in your official application and submit when you go to apply for your character. Again, make sure you've read over everything clearly, then use the following format to apply. Those who do not will be ignored.

official application!

Muse Portion

  1. OC Name
  2. Group & Faceclaim
  3. IRL Age ; Age in the RP (can be modified by 3 years either way as long as they stay 21+)
  4. Thalassan or Terran?
  5. How do they feel about the other species? (3 sentences minimum)
  6. What kind of upbringing did they have and how does that influence who they are today? (minimum of 3-7 sentences)
  7. What are their top three good habits?
  8. What are their top three bad habits?
  9. Their Moral Alignment (ex: Chaotic Goodl)
  10. Occupation

Mun Portion

  1. Timezone (In GMT format, please.)
  2. Are you claiming a skeleton? If yes, what is their keyword?
  3. OOC Age
  4. Do you have any more questions?

Current Citizens

* NOTE: If bolded with a star, they are an admin. If italicized, they are reserved. If tthey have an asterisk, they are claiming a skeleton. Names and groups are in alphabetical order.

— Ning Yizhuo (Delfina V)

Jung Jinsoul (Linh S) ★

Song Mingi (Emrys L) ★

— Kim Jongin (Erik A)

Huh Yunjin (Yumin J) ★

Ten Chittaphon (Dia) ★

— Liu Ye (Wisteria M)

Lee Taemin (Pending)

Kim Jiwoo (Pending)

Stray Kids
— Hwang Hyunjin (Caspian M)

— Kim Jiyeon (Calypso H)

** Last updated 27 January 2024 (22:32 GMT-7).

current fc wishes!


  • AESPA: Karina, Giselle, Winter, Ningning
  • BLACKPINK: Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, Lisa


  • GROUP: member, member...

key: regular wish, urgent wish

** Last updated 27 January 2024 (22:38 GMT-7).

Event/Announcement Title Here

Information about the event goes here and you can type as much as you want because this scrolls. For the picture, make sure it's a header type photo so it's not too big, but also make sure it isn't too small.

This paragraph exists in case you need another one. You don't need to keep it though.


Featured for something really cool! (Originality, points, threads, etc)


Featured for something really cool! (Originality, points, threads, etc)


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melozennie 1 month ago
ahhhhhh i'm here
but now i'm having trouble deciding between jaemin or haechan as a terran beach volleyball player
themis 1 month ago
can i re-apply for erik and calypso? but can calypso’s fc be changed to kim jiyeon (bona)? ty!
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may i hav chuu -
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oh. this... this is Y
primavera 3 years ago
is my kida also still there ;;u;;
also the layout is so lovely!
levanter 3 years ago
pokes my fingertips together
is caspian still there somewhere and could i perhaps get him back if so
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I know you get these comments a lot but the main layout made me bust a fat one.
kodachrome 3 years ago
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