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back door
back door
you wanna come in?
knock knock
we all know that the world can get a little bit crazy sometimes, and it goes a little too fast for us. so why not take a seat, sit back, and relax here at back door, your friendly and fun non au? we've got everything you could ever need.
rules to follow
01 — favorite the roleplay. upvotes arent necessary unless you want a second character. joining on multiple accounts is not allowed: if you are caught, you will be kicked and blocked.

02 — reservations last 24 hours. second character requires an upvote. third requires 250 points on each of your other characters.

03 — inactive sign pops up in 9 days, and you have 24 hours to clear it. if you're kicked, your faceclaim will not be saved for you, but you're always welcome back!

04 — all orientations are welcome, as well as internationals. however, your faceclaim must be 19+ years old. dating ban of 5 days.

05 — do not, and i repeat do not ualize minors. if you are a minor ooc, do not partake in any ual acts. people can go to jail for roleplaying ual things with a minor. be mindful. if you're caught doing either of these things, you will be kicked and blocked.

06 — pm an admin when leaving. do not leave a comment. if you have any concerns, feel free to bring them to an admin as well.

07  — what's your favorite flower? bonus points if you provide a picture!

08 — keep ooc drama out of here, and if there's going to be ic drama, make sure it is planned. however, please keep ic drama out of the main chat, as it can make some people uncomfortable.

09 — if a room is not rated, do not post rated things in said room. keep to pms and walls. if people express being uncomfortable with the way talks are going, please be respectful of their wishes and change topic (or just tone it down).

10 — lastly, make sure to have fun! we want this to be a nice environment for everyone to gather together and hang out. we're just doing our best! hope you enjoy your stay.
23.12.20 — the roleplay opened to the public! come on down and join the fun.
01 — full name

02 — group/occupation

03 — age

04 — orientation

05 — timezone

06 — password


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Shameless 3 months ago
Jongin please
01642c2441634cd40ff7 3 months ago
SKz' I.N for me please
-gumusservi 3 months ago
park jimin please? uwu
the idol park jimin ofc
b3c1ecaf5675ec275200 3 months ago
can i get lee minho please?
levanter [A] 3 months ago
  »× ᴜᴘᴅᴀᴛᴇᴅ!
expired reservations: choi san, hwang hyunjin, lee minho, lee saerom
pacemaker 3 months ago
peers in slowly
coochiethang 3 months ago
Sana Minatozaki pls, thank you!
boothang 3 months ago
lalisa manoban pls
-fairybread 3 months ago
can i have lee minho/lee know please??
DevilCitrus 3 months ago
Can i reserve for Kim Bora from Dreamcatcher ?
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